I always loved everything about art, design and decor. If you go to Pinterest and look for decor ideas you will be amazed on how many you will find.

Luckily for us, a design for a modern home is all about keeping it as simple as possible. You don’t want to clutter your space with a lot of furniture and decorations. The key point is to choose the right ones to make your bachelor pad look good.

Let’s see some cool ideas to take your pad to the next level:

Wall Art


One of the best ways to give your space an extra touch of style, is by taking some of the emptiness of the walls.

A rising style in home decor that I love is to cover the entire wall with a modern image. You can either add just one big image or create some kind of collage with different frames.

Bachelor-Pad-6When choosing to fill the walls with art frames, the only problem you may have is to fit it perfect on the wall. You will need to play a little puzzle game, finding the ones that will match each other and fit your wall at the same time.

Have an idea in mind? The website Art.com makes it easy for you to play with different styles and even print your own photos to create a cool design for your wall.

What you need to do is, visit art.com and choose the type of room you would want your frame for. Since you want to cover your wall, I would filter the selections by “giant”.

Art for Living Room at Art.com 2016-02-18 14-39-21You can also change the wall color and see how it will look based on the color you have for the selected ambient.

Lines Hold the Memories Art Print by Agnes Cecile at Art.com 2016-02-18 14-43-46After you measure the space on your wall you want to cover, be creative and find art matches that would look good together and choose the right sizes to fill in the “puzzle”.

See other ideas for your wall:


Wood and Bricks Details

Another way to give your pad a masculine touch, is by adding some rough accents like wood or bricks. Like the option above, you can cover a wall or any other surface.


You can learn how to do a wood wall like the one above using these tips from the website ehow.com.

Also there is an option with the bricks. If you think this will make a mess at your house, you are wrong.

There are many fake stone and wood panels that you can put on your walls that will look amazing and it is not difficult to install.


Low Bed Ideas

modern-master-bedroom-7Forget about those high and heavy beds with wood pillars that your grandpa used to have. If you want to make your bedroom look young and modern, go for low beds.


Entertain Your Guests

When you invite people over your house, you need to have some entertainment for them. It can get a little expensive but there are some ways to make it affordable as well.



Men’s Decoration

0dbcc647ef4ad94d6988c6fbe3ff3e9fTo finish up, find decoration pieces that express your style and things that you like. You can show your personality by choosing the items that represents your personality.


I hope you can have some ideas with the tips above. What decoration you would want to add to your pad?

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