If there’s something you will always find in common among male models is a squared face. The divine blessing of such strong facial bone structure is the reason for the unique and desirable features.

The bone structures I am referring to includes the strong jawline, facial length, high cheek bones, and of course a very lean face.

There are definitely many other beauty attributes to a model’s face including nice teeth, expressive eyes, etc.

Sounds harder then winning the lottery right? Don’t worry! Even if you don’t have a male model face, there are some tips I can give you to make your face more runway like.

If you deal with photography, you probably understand the basic concepts of lighting and shadows and these are some of the things that affects the whole shape of the face.

For you to understand better let me show you this concept in a woman’s face and you will clearly see what I mean.


Do you see the shadows and highlights used to create a thinner face? That’s an advantage women have when using makeup.

As you can see there are many tricks one can use to look even better!  So what tricks do we have for men?


models hairstyle

1-Ask your barber for a more squared hair style.  This will give the illusion of a leaner face kind of like playing with lights and shadows.


jonkortajarena-tomford22-Trim and not shave your facial hair along your jaw line and then shave all the hair from your jaw line down including the Adam’s apple area.  This will enhance your jaw line and again create a square shape.



Bradd-brad-pitt-34335814-1920-10803-Use teeth whitener.  Models definitely try to keep a perfect smile including perfectly white teeth.  There are many good over-the-counter teeth whiteners.  I use Crest or Colgate whitening tooth paste. I also use Crest 3D White mouth wash daily and some times I use their whitening strips as well.  It adds more time to your grooming routine but it’s definitely worth the time.




4-If you are not within your normal BMI there is a chance you are also accumulating fat around your face so losing weight will definitely make your face leaner.


o-handsome-man-in-mirror-facebook5-Take good care of your skin.  Models tend to have a nice soft baby’s butt skin. Wash your face daily and use a good moisturizer.  If you are hitting your late 20s then invest in a nice anti aging cream as well.  And if you are dealing with acne then get on with your acne treatment.  Clinique and Kate Summerville both have some great anti acne products and also anti aging line.


There are many other things you can do to improve how you look and most importantly how you feel. For more tips keep reading our daily blog.

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