If you want to dress up but comfortably, there is not a better way to do it than to wear a t-shirt underneath. The blazer and loafers will give you that elegant look while the t-shirt and denim will give you that casual look.

Talking about denim, I love my new one from AllSaints. The thing I look for when shopping for denim pants is the fitted cut, especially on the ankles.

I personally hate the loose/straight kind of pants. It makes you look sloppy. But there’s a fine line between slim fit and too tight though. Not all pants will fit the same.

For example, when I buy affordable denim pants at Zara, I usually go for the skinny fit look because of the stretchy fabric and the slim cut on the calves/ankle area.

I hope you noticed my accessories lol! Versace belt and MDA Jewelry. What do you think?


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