Hey guys, I am just now experiencing what the hot days in Texas are all about. It has been around 95 to 110 degrees almost every day.

With that been said, I also had to work on my summer outfits which is totally the opposite of San Francisco. SF is usually on the colder side and foggy most of the days. We had some pretty cold days here in Austin but definitely, this is more of a hot temperature city.

I wore a blue Polo Ralph Lauren shirt, white shorts, and loafers. White and cream color shorts are two good options.

By the way, I am really happy to announce the launch of our new jewelry the Arrow Cuff Bracelet. It is made of sterling silver and has some 18 karat gold details. What do you think about it?

It took many months to come up with this final piece but it is finally here. Let me know your thoughts on the section below and don’t forget that we are having a 4th of July sale week.

Thank You. Download Now