It really sucks to step out of your house on a cold day to go to the gym wearing shorts. I am here to give you tips on how to look good while staying warm for your training. I hope you are not using your pajama pants to go to the gym, please don’t.

Men’s Leggings and tights is what’s trending today.  Some men feel uncomfortable wearing just leggings by itself because your junk may show a little more than you may want. Gym apparel is also all about feeling comfortable, so another option you have is to wear your shorts on top of the leggings.

These pants will not only improve your looks in the gym and get you warm but it will help you function more efficiently and recover faster during training. Some NFL players even sleep with them on to help recover faster from high intensity training.

Here are some ideas for you to wear at the gym:

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My Favorite:

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  • Brendan Fitzgerald

    Men’s compression tights are functional, effective and very comfortable when working out in a gym or out running. I find wearing shorts over the top of them to be much less comfortable – as well as looking dreadful. I think shorts over compression tights looks down right stupid! I wear Skins or Nike Pro-Combat tights with no shorts over them for all my running and my Pilates classes. The latter are mixed, but the instructor said she prefers participants to wear tighter clothing so she can see the muscle groups working. The only place where I succumb to wearing shorts over the top is for my sessions with a male personal trainer in a privately run gym. If it was the just the two of us, I would not give it a thought. But there are a bunch of other blokes all wearing shorts over tights and I don’t want to be the first!

    Overall, the social pressures against men wearing form-fitting sports clothing are ridiculous and over the top. I get criticised for wearing speedos on the beach rather than long, baggy board shorts. Articles and social comment abound about form-fitting clothing for men being enough to make people run away screaming! I do not see why sports clothing that shows a bulge should cause such reaction. I am not talking about clothing that is so thin and tight that every vein on the genitalia is plain to see. Clothing with a comfortably contained and held package that displays a bulge should not be a problem. In any case, as women have said in the past about their own bodies, don’t look at the bulge – look at the face.

    • Kyle

      I am with you there. I also wear them all the time and I am not showing everything. If it is does show I make sure I am wearing a longer top.