We continue on our mission to find where the most beautiful women come from. This time we want to show you the most beautiful Russian women on Instagram.

Russian is also known for having one of the most beautiful women on the planet. If you talk about models, most of the times you will think about Russian models that are tall, blonde and with blue eyes.

Even though they are beautiful, fashion on point and can make you run miles for them, they can be very tough.

If you had a Russian girlfriend you know that they are really strong women and they like power.

Different from many countries where most women that enters a police force or military can be a little manly and not care much about their looks, Russian women are the total opposite.

34044_3881403_724604Most Russian women are very feminine but you will never know if that sweet model looking girl is part of Russia Special forces or not.



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  • Rus

    these are all ugly dolls, these are NOT most beautiful fur sure. Believe me, im russian. these ones are joke.

    • who is the most beautiful russian girl in your opinion?

      • asd

        diana melison

      • adityasinggih

        natalia poklonskaya

  • Danny

    What about Lara Leito??!! She is Russian too.

    half of these are not even close to being beautiful. Just fake.

    • I just googled Lara Leito, i found her a little plain lol. Well if we all had the same taste, many girls would be single :p

      • Alessandra

        Woah, Are you kidding me? plain? google shows dumb pictures of papparazi that like to post bad or controversial ones most of the time. Look up her instagram. She is gorgeous! Believe me, most of those girls you chose used to look nothing like what they do now. Google Alena Shishkova, Svetlana Belyalova before and after pics at very least.

  • suzy

    rate their beauty w/o make up

    • Fuzzypiglet

      Viki odintcova (scroll up) is actually very natural. There’s nothing fake about her – including her boobs. I’d rate her 10/10 physically. Inner beauty however is a different thing.

  • Gheorghe Ot Moldova

    on the cover, the girls are from Romanian Army!

  • HH

    These girls are FAKE. Lips, boobs, etc…faaake. Please find a natural beauty, that’s harder to do, someone who doesn’t have a ton of work done, and someone who doesn’t distort the idea of beautiful. The fact that they got a lot of followers (they paid for) doesn’t mean they are the most beautiful girls. I have a friend, she is Ukrainian, one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, not gonna say her name – she’ll get mad, she doesn’t have lots of followers, cause she doesn’t care.

    • Fuzzypiglet

      Viki Odintcova is all natural