Warning! If you get your first tattoo, you may get addicted and get your self fully inked!

I was always a little bit of a chicken when it comes to making changes to my body (especially lifetime changes like a tattoo). It took me a long time to decide to get my first one, but when I did, I already wanted my second one.

I didn’t believe it much when people said that when you get your first tattoo you will want more. Tattooing can hurt pretty bad but there’s something about the pain that makes you want it to continue. Is it just me?

My First Tattoo

I wanted to start with something small. Yes small, but the location of my tattoo was a little shocking for a first tattoo.

FullSizeRender-18 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

I need to admit, I got inspired by Justin Bieber’s tattoo. Even though I don’t like much of his style, I found his neck tattoo pretty sick.

ae1bf1dfd6363a8c3c88fe5fc5111a4c-justin-bieber-neck-tattoo-neck-tattoos Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.comMine is the Salms 23:4 from the bible written in Hebrew. As a Christian man, this verse is always in my heart. Even if you are going through difficulties God is always with you.

I don’t regret it for a second, you know why? Keep on reading…

Are you ready to get inked?

There’s never a perfect time to get a tattoo. You just have to do it.

But how do you know if you are ready to get a new tattoo? Don’t worry you will know it.

Unless you are a very indecisive person, you will know the right tattoo to get. Either it is a theme, a particular image, or something that reminds you of someone or a specific moment that marked you in your life. Here are some points you should pay attention to:

Take your time – Especially with a tattoo, you don’t rush things but you want to get it done as soon as you realize what you want. If you wait for that exact moment, you end up never doing it.

Does it look good on you? – Does your tattoo reflect your style? Get a second opinion or even ask a photoshop designer to edit a photo of yours and place the tattoo idea where you want so you can get a better vision (I always do that).

Get an idea but don’t try to copy – All of the serious Tattoo artists, that are good and have a great reputation, won’t copy from any other artist.

If they do try to copy you better know that he is not professional and you will be super upset with the results.

If you try to compare two tattoos you will definitely find many mistakes, so don’t do that. Trust the professional you chose and let him be creative.

Don’t go cheap but don’t overpay – I don’t think I would have to tell you this but it is incredible how many people try to “get a deal” with a cheap tattoo. Don’t do it!

But also you don’t need to go with the celebrity tattoo artist unless you don’t mind spending 10x more. There are many tattoo artists that won’t cost you a bank for your ink like the one I got from Faces in the Dark Tattoo.

Give directions – The professional should be able to reproduce your ideas but give him/her specific details of what you want.

Think about your skin as a canvas. Will you only do one tattoo or you want to continue doing more? That thought will have them create something with soft flowy edges or a “closed image”.

Don’t Settle For Less – If it is not something you totally adore, don’t do it. Most tattoo artists will create the design on site, so don’t be afraid to ask him to change details, create another one, or if you are not sure, it is better to skip it. Remember, this will stay with you for life.

Forearm Tattoo Ideas For Men

I have done a lot of research to find the perfect tattoo. I saved a couple ones I really like and I will share them with you. Take a look:

IMG_4358-2 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

IMG_0976 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com FullSizeRender-26 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com IMG_1727 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com IMG_1728 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com FullSizeRender-24 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com FullSizeRender-25 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com FullSizeRender-21 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com FullSizeRender-20 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com FullSizeRender-23 Lifestyle  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

Last Comment

Yes, getting a new tattoo is not easy but like everything else in life, the first time is always the hardest, then it is a piece of cake.

What do you think about the ideas I gave you? Would you go for any of these? Let me know in the comment section.

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