It’s finally time to plan your vacation. Your budget, though, shows you’re very much in the red, so picking an expensive destination is totally out of question. The solution to that? Finding a nice place that is also affordable for young people.

I did a very detailed research on that and have found 10 places you can travel to without spending too much. And the best part of that is that you’ll find people your age in any of them. Just check the options here and pick your favorite.

  1. Thailand

TailandiaWell, you can’t miss this one. It’s gorgeous, features idyllic beaches and quite exotic cuisine. If you’re the adventurer kind and don’t mind backpacking, I’m sure Thailand is for you.

Located in Southeast Asia, it’s population is about 67 million people, and its capital is Bangkok. Not only the beaches are remarkable there. The temples, sanctuaries and street markets are also popular in terms of Thai culture. Additionally, there’s the Thai Elephant Home, a place where you can actually ride elephants.

TailandiaAnd if temperature is an issue for you, you should know that in Thailand it’s hot all year long. Just watch for the periods called monsoons, that consist of storms, tropical cyclones and floods.

In fact, the best time to visit Thailand ranges from January to April. The last two months are the hottest ones. So, if you enjoy scorching weather, that’s a good time for you to plan your trip. As for expenses, according to my researches, this is what I’ve found: meals, accommodation, transportation and shopping will add up to about US$ 35 a day.

  1. South Africa

Africa do sulIt may sound unheard of, but South Africa has become quite a popular destination. The good part is that it is not as expensive as many people might think. The problem is picking the kind of trip you want to make. Because, in the south, you can hit the road and enjoy the breathtaking coastal vegetation, the Garden Route.


In the border with Moçambique, you may go in for the woods and savannas with animals running wild. In the east, you can choose to go to a Safari, which I really do recommend. On the other hand, though, I have to say the country still lives the remainders of racial segregation, extinct in 1994.

Of course the scars of such process (the Apartheid, interrupted in n1994 after the first multiracial elections) are still visible. But gradually these scars start clearing up and opening doors to the so many things the country has to offer. In terms of expenses: an average of US$ 30 a day.

  1. Greece

GréciaYeah, buddy. We’re talking about a cheap destination here. That’s due to the financial crises the country has been facing. So, unfortunately, we end up taking an advantage of it. But let’s forget about that and focus on tourism here.

There are many rivers in Greece, known all over Europe and Asia. Here they are: Ionian, Mediterranean and Aegean. Due to the rivers and some amazing islands, the Greek natural beauties can’t be described.


Well, I had to mention the beaches of Mykonos, which are gorgeous and a tourist spot for 10 our of 10 people visiting Greece. Plus, you have to go to Athens, the cradle of the Greek culture. Just so you get the picture: eight days in Greece is about US$ 1.189,00.

  1. Indonesia

IndonésiaAn island chain comprised by over 17 thousand islands (that is right!) which is a place that offers a great variety of tourist options. But three of the islands are probably the most popular: Sumatra, Komodo and Bali.

Considering that the last one is the most famous one. And that’s no coincidence, after all, when you travel to Bali you can visit the villages where people live, you can learn about their local arts and crafts, visit museums, galleries, palaces and spas.

IndonesiaIt’s true that you can find very luxurious hotels in Indonesia, but cheap accommodation as well as low-cost flights are also an option. A young tourist will spend about US$ 40 daily.

  1. Honduras

HondurasA country in Central America, surrounded by the Caribbean sea (a good reason to visit). If you’re into beaches, mountains and woods, well, you have to see Honduras. Located in Central America, with a population of 7 million people, its mild climate is the most inviting feature of Honduras, the reason why many people come see its greatest attractions (which are many).


One of them is a city called Copán, the biggest archaeological site of the Maya civilization. Do you want to know how much you will spend daily? Around US$ 35.

  1. Bolívia

BoliviaOne of the cheapest destinations in America, Bolívia is perfect for those who enjoy learning about culture.. Their colonial cities are really something. Plus, they represent the history of their nation.

One of the most popular places there is Potosí, whose historic center has also been declared a historic heritage of the humanity by Unesco. Another very interesting spot is the Atacama desert, next to Chile.

Mercado de Las Brujas
Mercado de Las Brujas

There’s also another place that can’t stay out, which is La Paz, their capital. La Paz is really close to important archaeological sites, like the Titicaca lake and Tiahuanaco. There’s also the Mercado de Las Brujas, Museu da Coca, among others. The daily cost for those going to Bolívia is around US$ 25.

  1. Peru

LimaI won’t talk about Machu Picchu. Well, by the way, if you want to learn more about there, take a look at this post I wrote when I traveled to Peru. Today I want to talk about Lima, its capital. I was also there the other time and made some comments. But I really want to give you a more detailed description here.

Lima is the typical capital, packed with culture and gastronomy. You can taste the best ceviche of your life at reasonable prices. And, of course, you have to go to Peru’s big marker, which sells typical foods and crafts. There are just so many museums there, and nightlife brings about several bars and night clubs. It’s really worth visiting, and the average daily cost is US$ 30.

  1. Nicarágua

NicaraguaNow this is unusual. If you’re an adventurer who’s not really into partying, I guess you’ll love Nicarágua. There you can enjoy the beaches without seeing too many tourists.

vulcão nicaraguaThings you can do there. Here we go: you can slide down the volcano on a sled, explore the idyllic islands, waterfalls, canyons and jungles. Plus, their cuisine is really something. Another place worth the visit. Average cost: US$ 40.

  1. Florianópolis

FlorianopolisI just had to mention a Brazilian city. Well, I think Florianópolis is a great pick. The city is a synonym of lightheartedness. There’s also the wonder views of the Ilha da Magia (“Magic Island”), as it’s affectionately called.

There you can take several tracks and participate in some extreme sports. Other interesting outings are also very interesting, like the Campeche Island, considered to be one of FLorianópolis’ most beautiful spots. It’s beach is really amazing, where you can take walks or just simply sit down and enjoy the sand and the sea.

Ilha do Campeche
Ilha do Campeche

Oh, and there is the Lagoa da Conceição. The place is perfect for hanging out and enjoy the nightlife, because there are lots of restaurants and bars around the city where tourists and locals meet. How much will you spend daily? US$ 55.

  1. Riviera da Antalya

AntalyaLocated in the South of Turkey, Antalya is a city that received a lot of Greek and Roman influence, which attracts tourists the most because of its cultural background. Besides, it’s filled with wonder beaches, volcanic mountains and forests.

AntalyaAnother very interesting thing about Antalya is that it’s really safe to get around. Public transportation is all over the city. Or, if you want to, you can rent a car or take a cab. Average cost: US$ 17.

So what is it gonna be?

It’s your call, brother. Choose one of these cities (or more than one) for your next vacation. I’m sure you’ll stay in the budget and you’ll be amazed by the views.

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