If you are over 15 years old or maybe even younger (I have no idea at what age people start hooking up nowadays lol), I am sure most of you have dated, or are married or are maybe trying to hook up with someone. But after you got the girl to go out with you, which sometimes can be a difficult task, how do you keep her interested?

Some guys are very good looking and are able to get that first date easily just because of looks (think Brad Pitt). Others have money or are famous and the list goes on.

Those things can get you a first date but won’t keep a girl around if everything else about you sucks, unless she is a gold digger or fame digger lol. I might be exaggerating a bit but you get the point.

stock-girl-guy-kitchen-cooking-9i3zSo how do you keep her interested? I am gonna share 10 things that you can do, which by the way won’t turn you into another person but will make a girl happy and interested.

10 things You Can do to keep a Girl Interested:

Workout and try to Stay Fit

906cb569This one can be scary for a lot of people I know. So I don’t mean you have to turn into The Rock to keep a girl interested but stay fit.

Realize that as much as you are into girls with hot bodies, girls are into guys with a good physique.

They may not externalize it as much as we do, but they sure like a fit guy better then a couch potato.

It’s the beginning of the year so renew your commitment to a fit lifestyle. Join a gym; if you can’t, then go running every morning or find something that you like and create a routine.

P90X is another good option to workout at home. I also have lots of videos on YouTube that you can follow. Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

Keep Your Hair on Point

david-and-victoriaYour appearance matters! Notice I said your appearance matters and not your looks. So I am not talking about looking like a model, but about appearing your best. One easy way to look clean and presentable is with a nice signature hairstyle.

First, find a good barber and pay a visit at least monthly. Buy good hair products that will make your routine painless.

The brand Old Spice sent me some products to tryout recently and I have to say the products are really good and perfect for your everyday grooming.

One basic staple product to buy is the Old Spice Spiffy Pomade. It’s one product. It won’t break the bank and you can use for MANY styles. It’s pomade with medium hold and matte finish. It gives you that well-groomed and clean hairstyle.

15023822wid450hei450fmtpjpegBUY HERE

I really like this pomade because it truly works for EVERY hair type. So if you are unsure of what is best for your hair just go with the Old Spice SPIFFY Pomade and you can’t go wrong. It also does not make your hair greasy.

One signature hairstyle I recommend you do with this pomade is the pompadour. It will really make you stand out and look super sharp.

In full disclosure, I received this product complimentary for testing purposes, but the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

Smell good without trying Too Hard

Again some basic stuff but some of us forget, so here it is: shower everyday lol, wear deodorant and have a signature scent. People remember scents. That’s why I want to highlight the signature scent.

Invest in a good perfume that will make her think of you, even when someone else is wearing that same cologne.

tomford2Now, when I say smell good without trying too hard, I mean don’t use too much perfume. If you do you will smell like someone who desperately wants to be noticed. Apply it when you leave the house, except when going to workout.

I was at the gym the other day and this guy got on the bike next to me and man was he trying hard lol. It made no sense! Lots of perfume and sweating hard at the gym is not a good idea.

Here is a list of my favorite fragrances.

Keep Your Teeth white and Clean

Going for a dental check up should be part of your yearly health check. Get your teeth cleaned professionally twice per year if you can afford it.

Do your part at home, meaning brush your teeth twice per day at least, floss and use whitening dental paste. Also I use whitening rinse. I like the one from Crest White. I also do whitening treatments at home. And sure you can always have your teeth whitened professionally.

No one wants to kiss someone who has dirty and yellow teeth or bad breath right? So keep your oral hygiene on point.

Dress Up Well

tumblr_myqxfc5cf11qjq4yvo1_500You can never be too dressed up. Wear a suit if the occasion allows. Also wear clothes that fit well. Pay attention to fashion and what’s trending. It’s easy to do. I always share looks that you can easily copy or you can also go to GQ for looks. I personally like slim fit for everything.

Having style attracts attention. It shows your personality, so have fun with it. Also looking nice does not have to be expensive. If you can buy a Tom Ford suit great, but you can also look dapper in a suit from Zara for example.

Pay Attention to Your Underwear

mgidaoimagemtv-com47129quality0-8formatjpgwidth1440height810Please don’t wear your favorite old pair of boxers when going out with a girl. Wear something nice just in case……

Calvins are a good sexy choice for male underwear.

Have Good manners

kimkanyeleavelavillarestaurante-3t4o4pee_xThere is nothing worth then a guy who is impolite, rude and misinformed about life in general. You don’t have to be “cultured” to be polite. In case you don’t know what cultured means, it means to have a refined taste and manners and good education.

Being cultured is something I believe you acquire through out life and it’s a never-ending process.

Now, politeness is something you must have if you are going to interact well in the society and especially with a girl.

This includes having good manners when you are eating out with a girl, in how you talk to her, in your choice of words and so on.

Show her you have Ambition and Goals

Girls don’t want to date losers. There are a lot of bros out there, with no drive or ambition to become anything in life, and let me tell you: that is not attractive.

Most girls want some amount of safety and the feeling of being taken care of. If you can’t keep a job and share your vision and goals for the future, you are going to have to work on that.

You need to be able to show that you are an independent man who can take care of yourself and potentially take care of her.

That might sound a little old school but still true. And it doesn’t mean you will be paying all the bills, it’s more of a psychological feeling of safety for her then a real thing that you need to do.

There are girls who want no gender difference and that is a whole other post in itself. Remember you don’t have to a millionaire.

You can be 18 years old with no current job, but you can share with her how you are planning your business and what you are going to do; or even share about starting college. Just give her something that shows where your head is at with your professional life.

Have an Open Mind

complimentsBe spontaneous. Have an open mind to try out new things. Remember that in this world there are so many different realities and people believe and enjoy different things.

Ask lots of questions so you can get to know her and get to know what she likes to do. Then take her out for something that she wouldn’t expect you would do.

Have a Life

May sound weird but it’s the best advise. Have a life! Don’t make your life revolve around her. You end up losing your coolness, which was probably the reason she went out with you in the first place.

4a93953f7f23bb44cec6b236baec932aDon’t forget about your friends. Hang out with them without her. Keep doing the things you like to do. Be committed and faithful to her but don’t be a prisoner or don’t act like you are an old married couple. It’s not attractive!

Hope you use these tips and let me know how it goes.

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