“Life is Made of moments…”

We have all heard this saying before and if there is something you need to believe in, this will be it.

If you ask any one who has a lot of money, “tell me about one happy day you had this year”, he will probably tell you about a day he spent traveling with friends or family.

I will go even further, If you see someone who is very stressed out with work and different problems, the first thing he will tell you is that he needs a vacation, not a new shoe or a new TV.

A vacation is humans’ remedy for a lot of physical and psychological diseases. Studies have shown that “An annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50 percent”. source: ustravel.org

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In my case, just by getting my luggage ready and entering the airport to go on a vacation I already feel more relaxed and there is this sense of pleasure that I don’t get from anything else.

Shopping and Traveling: I see shopping as a long term benefit because it will develop a better self esteem on the long run, just like fitness, grooming,etc does.

On the other hand, traveling works as an instant remedy and you see the change of mood and pleasure right away. There is nothing like it.

Figuring Out The Best Time To Travel

You might have experienced the headache of trying to find a good and affordable airplane ticket.

Most of the traveling websites you will visit, when you choose to enter dates and the location of traveling it will pop-up so many screens with options that will make you go crazy.

Also the airlines companies are very smart and they know when they can overcharge you for a ticket because they know you need it.

That’s where they get us because most of us are not experts in figuring out the best time and date to buy the tickets.

I might have hit a home-run, because after Apple released their top apps of the year I found this traveling app called Hooper that will make your traveling life so much easier from now on.

It works by searching millions of flight data to give you the best deals and predict changes, so you don’t have to.

For example; let’s say you are trying to book a trip to the beautiful city Rio de Janeiro. All you need to do is get in the app and type where you want to go.

After you select where you want to go, the app will use their data to give you a selection of dates, here is the best thing, filtered by a colored tag price range so you can easily see what the most affordable days in that month are.

The app also makes it easy to keep track of that specific search by giving you predictions for a change of the flight prices in the coming days.

The lowest price sometimes might not be the best fit for you because it can have many stops or longer waiting period, so the app will also give other options on top of that with good deals slightly higher priced.

Giving a Life Time Gift to “The Traveler”

That been said, if you know someone in your family or have a friend who loves traveling, I am putting together a list of things you can buy to make them happy.

You probably can’t afford to give them a vacation from this top 25 best destinations in the World but you can make them remember you by giving something they will take on their next trip.

See the List

1Rimowa Carry-On Case

If you want to fly in style you need the right carry-on. I understand that you don’t want to spend money on a luggage that you are going to check in and then get trashed in the back rooms but the carry-on stays with you so it should be good.

This is the perfect case for the stylish man who dresses up nice for the airport and needs a good companion with him.


2Phantom 3 Executive Kit *BEST DEAL*

I believe this will be the most unforgettable gift someone can get. I am pretty sure you know that the Drones are trending right now and anyone would love to “play” with these beautiful machines.

If you want to buy the best drone in the market today, the DJI Phantom 3 is the one. It shoots 4K and has a long range system.

Some of these gadgets can be very pricey but I just found one of the best deals in the internet so far. Drone World is offering a heck of a deal.

lenscap_onPhantomPro3-700x467 Food and Travel  | http://www.royalfashionist.comThis Bundle include:

  • DJI Phantom 3 Professional that shoots in 4K video
  • Long Range System
  • Nanuk 950 Black Wheeled Hard Case
  • Extra Batteries
  • 4X faster THOR(tm) SuperCharging charging station.


They are also offering a Free Backpack + Free Mini Drone + $50 OFF using the coupon code: EXTRA50

See this cool video about their promotion!


For the travelers who always lose their stuff, attach one of the “Tile” to your key chain, bag, or any other belonging, and find it using the phone GPS.

Buy 1 Pack $

Buy 4 Packs $$

4Baxter of California Deluxe Travel Kit

One of the best set of men’s grooming you can give someone. I have personally tried all of these products and I tell you, they are amazing.


5BeoPlay H6 Over-Ear Headphones


“Crafted in luxurious lambskin leather and lightweight aluminum” ; you can’t get more luxurious than this. Remember that your wireless headphone won’t be handy if you plan to watch movies during the flight, so this is your perfect option.



This camera is great for any trip, both for indoor and outdoor. With a 4k resolution you will be able to get stunning footage, even if inside the water.


7Ghurka Blazer Backpack

if you don’t like to use a carry on, this backpack will be a good fit for you. It has enough room for your personal stuff and a luxurious look. I never choose comfort over style.


8Memory Foam “Evolution Pillow”

I use a memory foam at home and I want to get the same comfort during the flight. I am tired of buying the pillows filled with Styrofoam that hurts my neck every time, and my pocket because it costs double at the airport. See the cellphone pocket? very nice!


9Travel Kit Adapter

For almost every different country you go to, there will be a different wall socket. Instead of buying a kit with 10 types of adapters, buy one that fits all. This is very handy when you travel frequently overseas.


10Mophie Powerstation

The worst thing that can happen during a trip is to stay without battery for your phone. This is a very needed accessory to charge your devices on the go.



11Fuji X100 Camera

I am sure you have been impressed by the quality of the Leica camera, but not too impressed with the price I bet. The Fujifilm X100T is one of the Leica’s competitor but for a way better value. If you want a high quality compact camera to take on your next trip, this is it.



I am a firm believer that traveling expands your whole universe and makes you wiser and more open to the world.

There’s no price to put on creating moments with people who you care for and on enjoying life with them. Be smart with your money and make good savings so you don’t end up dying before knowing what is truly out there.

Hope you enjoy this post. What is the best memory you have from a trip you made?