As we know, every year the fitness world comes with news (and don’t we love that?). In 2017 it isn’t any different. After all, more and more people have been searching for healthier lifestyles.

I’m not only talking about spending hours and hours working out at the gym. On the contrary, actually! Today, there are more and more options of physical activities that can be done at home, in the park, on the beach, in the country, I mean, wherever you are.

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Therefore, I have asked Ricardo Riskalla, a personal trainer for the major modelling agencies in the world to give me a hand, and he’s listed the five fitness trends for this year. Don’t forget: these topics will be much talked about. Take a look:

Boot Camps on a Downturn

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Boot camps are high intensity training programs in a military style performed outdoors. That is the big difference between boot camp and crossfit, which is done indoors. The boot camps focus on resistance, with the use of kettlebells, swiss balls, sandbags, olympic rings, dumbbells as well as the weight of your body.

There’s also the cardiorespiratory training, with circuits, sprints, boxing, among other things. Its goals lie on weight loss, hypertrophy and muscle definition. Now, in the face of all these benefits, the question we pose is: “Why are these modalities going to start fading this year?”

Ricardo explains that “the people who practice them notice, along the time, that the exercise doesn’t have to involve ‘anger’, with the instructor always shouting and so on. There’s a huge Yoga movement in favor of respecting customers.”

bootcamp Fitness and Nutrition Uncategorized  | http://www.royalfashionist.comSo, with the possible reduction of boot camps, what should we expect to take their place? “Yoga, Pilates and meditation will be the trend for some time. People work hard and want to do something relaxing at the end of the day. There are thousands of studies pointing that high intensity exercises could contribute to the increase of body fat when the person is under stress”, the personal trainer alerts.

Well, controversies aside, that is quite a polemic topic today and that will surely lead to more and more discussions. I mean, there are those who love the boot camps, as well as those who think they’re just excessive. Let’s see what 2017 holds.

More and More Runners

Look, there’s no modality like running when the topic is growth. Along time, it only gets new adherents, never fewer. I’m sure you know someone who runs, if not yourself.

Well, that’s no wonder. That’s an easy sport to take up, and you won’t need many accessories. All you need is breathable clothes (there are in fact just tons of brands that make this kind of fabric at actually reasonable prices) and good running shoes, with appropriate cushioning.

Photos-Jake-Gyllenhaal-Jogging-LA-Jake-Reese-Witherspoon-Cuddling-Together-Restaurant Fitness and Nutrition Uncategorized  | http://www.royalfashionist.comA good suggestion I have is that you see a sports doctor or orthopedist before you get started. They’ll ask you for a checkup so you’ll know your limits.

Plus, anyone can run (of course in proper proportions). And if you’re not a fan of running on your own, you know what you could do? You can reach a good Sports Assistance. They get groups together to run in parks or around the city. It’s perfect because you combine doing a sport and meeting new people.Austin_Marathon_Physicians_Sprint_Toward_Greatness Fitness and Nutrition Uncategorized  |

Now, if you’re more of an earphones kind of person, that’s alright too. You just have to find a good spot, where the terrain is mostly plain, and pick the right hours, when it isn’t too hot.

And if it rains, you can always run on a treadmill. After all, every runner needs to do some weight training to keep their muscles strong and avoid injuries. So, you can count on the gym’s treadmill when the weather isn’t the best.

Now, due to this growth in running, it’s really likely that new street races will come up along the year. And that’s just awesome. After all, it gives us a different perspective of the city. Have you ever pictured yourself running on your city’s main avenue? It may sound pretty impossible, but such events can really provide that.

There are also night races. It’s so cool, they play with the light and there’s electronic music on many times. I think it’s worth it to take part in it (even if just once in your lifetime).

Fitness Apps

Well, man, I guess we could really see that coming, right? Technology advances every day and, with it, new options to work out without the need of workout sheets in the gym.

aplicativos-fitness-1200x750 Fitness and Nutrition Uncategorized  |“The apps bring convenience and are just perfect to those people who travel a lot or that would like to work out with a personal trainer but can’t affort to. Or even to those who would like to take up a sport with a specific trainer who lives abroad”, argues Riskalla.

Here are some nice fitness apps I think you’ll enjoy: miCoach, NTC – Nike Training Club, Sworkit and Rawfit (that’s the app created by the Ricardo Riskalla). It’s worth the tryout.

Personally, I have used some of them for quite some time and I really liked that. Some of them even show you videos of the right positions to do the exercises. I think it’s nice to try them out so you can see whether you get used to them, just with the virtual instructor.

Workouts for Men and Women

woman-man-lifting-barbells Fitness and Nutrition Uncategorized  | http://www.royalfashionist.comWe know that the structures of men’s and women’s bodies are quite different. That’s why each of them requires particular exercises. So that’s the reason why, in 2017, a great deal of workouts for men and women will be designed differently.

But that isn’t a way into splitting them. Very much on the contrary! “Women, in general, want to get slim. Now, men really want to get ripped. The workout, in these cases, has to be customized by the personal trainer, as well as a specific diet”, the expert tells me.

So, it’s likely that there will be more detailed studies on men’s and women’s anatomy so that their workouts get more specific and focus, in details, on the strengths and weaknesses of each.

I like this trend because, indeed, sometimes I see women doing particular exercises which are not appropriate for the structure of their bodies and aren’t aligned with their goals.

More Yoga and Pilates Followers

The world we live in is getting more and more stressful each day. That is why there’s a tendency that people will search for activities that relax both their bodies and minds, with the combination of weight loss and hypertrophy.

SandrinePilates_25-1 Fitness and Nutrition Uncategorized  | http://www.royalfashionist.comTwo good alternatives in that case are pilates and yoga. “These techniques focus on the right breathing, mental, physical and spiritual balance. Breathe control reduces cortisol (the hormone associated with stress)”, points Riskallas.

Other than reducing nervousness and anxiety, these two modalities also contribute to flexibility, tone, muscular explosion and controlling your mind. One more technique that can be used with the same objectives is Mahamudra.

It preaches improvement of your mental, bodily and spiritual health. That is everything you need to put an end to your nervousness. “You can only increase the production of vitamin D when you go outdoors. Some researches show that exercising in parks leads to stress reduction, because of the green and blue colors, the birds and, surprising and it may seem, these aspects really do put your mind at ease”, the personal trainer points out.

Let’s Wait and Watch

These are the five fitness trends for this year. I like them a lot. How about you? How do you feel about them?

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