5 Of The Best Facial Scrubs For Men, That All Male Models Use

We blog a lot about grooming and how to look your best.  From hair products to lip balms, we got you covered with some good tips, and now it is time to talk about facial scrub products.

Do you think Male models are just born with perfect skin and they don’t even worry about it? Wrong.

As you know, models are all about the looks so even though photographers can do some touch on their photos, their skin still needs to be looking good.

Other than their routine of eating healthy, they follow a grooming routine of using facial products every day. One of the products they use is the facial scrub.

Who Is It For?

It is basically for everyone but what will change is how often you use it based on your skin sensitivity.

Surprisingly, there are many men who don’t even know about facial scrubs. They think that the dollar soap they use to take a shower will get the job done.

Your facial skin is totally different from your body skin, and way more sensitive. You need to use the proper facial product in order to keep your skin looking healthy and young.

Think about all the dirt and toxins from the city going into your skin everyday. You probably don’t even realize that until you start getting pimples and acne, and even then you might not make the connection.

You can prevent a lot of trouble by adding the facial scrub to your daily routine.  It will help you get rid of all those dead cells on your face.

How Often Should I Use It?

There is not a specific way to know how often you should be using the facial scrub other than trying it yourself. It will be based on how sensitive your facial skin is and how strong the product is.

Ideally, you could be using it every other day and maybe twice a week if you feel that your skin is getting dry. To be sure, follow the recommended usage. Also not all scrubs are made equally, some are for daily usage and others for weekly.

You should feel the difference and freshness on your face after the first process. So let me show you some men’s facial scrubs I believe are the top in the market today.

Sisley Paris – Buff and Wash Facial Gel

5 Of The Best Facial Scrubs For Men, That All Male Models Use : Grooming | https://www.royalfashionist.comI have been using this one for quite some time and it is one of my favorites. What I like about this products is that it has micro beads that buffs away dead skin without hurting your face.

This one in particular can be used daily if you want, and you will definitely feel fresher after a single wash because of the essential oils it contains. Buy Here

Kiehl’s Since 1851 – ‘Facial Fuel’ Energizing Scrub

5 Of The Best Facial Scrubs For Men, That All Male Models Use : Grooming | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe Facial Fuel is another great facial scrub made with particles derived from apricot kernels to re-energize and give the facial skin a refreshed appearance. Kiehl’s also describes this product as a way to minimize ingrown hair, so the best time to use should be prior to shaving.

Make sure to always use the facial scrubs onto skin in a upward and outward circular motions. Avoid contact with the eyelid area. Buy Here

Kate Somerville – ‘ExfoliKate®

5 Of The Best Facial Scrubs For Men, That All Male Models Use : Grooming | https://www.royalfashionist.com“Exfoliation is such an important step in maintaining healthy skin, no matter what the weather is. Oils and impurities become trapped under the skin and exfoliation is key.” -Kate Somerville, founder

The best selling exfoliator from Kater Sommerville, the “Exfolikate” is made with Lactic acid and papaya, pineapple and pumpkin enzymes.

Research done using this product showed a 75% reduction in skin roughness and 75% brighter complexion after a single usage. Buy Here

La Prairie – ‘Cellular Mineral’ Face Exfoliator

5 Of The Best Facial Scrubs For Men, That All Male Models Use : Grooming | https://www.royalfashionist.comLa Prairie has an impressive skin line with the top luxurious products on the market today, and the Cellular Mineral couldn’t be different.

It is formulated with a translucent gel with mineral-rich gem powders, rosa centifola and, of course, the exclusive Cellular Complex from La Prairie to enhance immediate and long term benefits. Buy Here

Bulldog Original Face Scrub

5 Of The Best Facial Scrubs For Men, That All Male Models Use : Grooming | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe Original Face Scrub by Bulldog was developed not only to remove dead and dry skin but also to promote new cell growth. It was made with a blend of eight essential oils, plus pumice, coconut shell, rosehip oil and Shea butter. Buy Here


Rougher is not always better. If you see that an exfoliator is causing a lot of irritation and sensitiveness to your facial skin, you should stop with that product and see why it is happening and try other options.

Like I mentioned before, your facial skin is very sensitive, even more under your eye area, so make sure you don’t over “scrub” your face thinking that it will look better. Always follow the recommended usage.

How many times a week you use your facial scrub?

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