Ryan Gosling has always been an inspiration for me. He is one of the guys that always inspired me since the beginning when I didn’t know much about style.

One of his best movies was definitely Crazy Stupid Love. He plays the elegant guy who knows how to attract woman, has style and knows how to talk. Just imagine James Bond meets Hitch kind of guy.

Worst than having a bad style is to be a jerk. You can wear your best outfit but if you don’t know how to talk to a woman like a gent, at your best luck if you have money, you end up with a gold digger.

All fiction aside, Ryan Gosling keeps his cool style on his daily basis too. I have shared here in the blog many of his best styles like the time he was coming off a flight and when he wore a cool texturized sweater.

So in this post I will show you one of his best styles from daily life and the ones from his movies as well. Check it out:

1Worry About Details

I couldn’t help but to notice that in most outfits Ryan Gosling wears in the movies, specially when he is wearing suits, he always wears a ring on. Did you notice it?

This outfit is one of my favorites. I was always kind of skeptical about wearing a burgundy suit, but look at this, the suit looks very young and cool.

crazystupidlove_onsetfeat_hdAgain, the ring changed the whole outfit. A suit can look very “serious” and very like an work outfit depending on how you wear it. Just by wearing your suit without a tie, putting some jewelry and accessories on, your suit becomes appropriate for a night out with friends.


2Mixing Up Things

I had to repost this. This airport outfit is just classic and comfortable. Not only that but everything here is appropriate for a long flight and the pain of going through security.

Here is why: The buttoned long sleeve is very thin and light, and it mixes well with the trouser, which gives the look a little elegant feel. The loafers makes it very easy to go through Us security scans, because you don’t have to worry about laces, just slide in and out.


Ryan is a expert when talking about mixing casual and elegant pieces. You will often see him wearing a suit trouser with a t-shirt or a leather jacket.

3The Sexy Nerd

For many growing up teens, wearing glasses can be a nightmare. Everyone at school will call you four eyes or a nerd. But not if you look like a “sexy nerd” lol.

Glasses don’t need to be boring anymore. There are many designs nowadays that will make you look hot as hell. You just need to find the one that fits your face shape.

goslingThe same goes for your sunglasses. Not any sunglasses will fit your face and make you look good.

Tip: First, don’t always go with the hype. Having the same sunglasses as everybody else doesn’t make you cool. Being unique with your accessories does. You want people to ask “where did you buy those?”.

Second thing is. In my personal opinion, sunglasses on your head is a “no.. no”. Something throws me off when I see people wearing their sunglasses like its a head accessory, but that it just my opinion.

If you want to put your sunglasses away, use your jacket left front pocket. That will look much better, trust me.

4Gym Meets Sunny Day

I have said many times here in the blog, comfort doesn’t mean sloppy. You can dress comfortably but with style.

If you are confused, meet in the middle: I bet you have seen both type of men, those who dress up like they are going to sleep (like the guy on the left above) and those who over do it and put on gym gear to look cool.

If you ever feel confused like that, take a look at my gym style ideas I wrote couple months ago.

But be careful, you don’t want to look like your going to the beach. So no board shorts and surf tanks.

5Beat Up Shoes

Is this even a trend? I don’t know about that but if Ryan is backing it up, I think many of you can gain from this.

Who doesn’t have an old shoe in the closet? I do, so instead of throwing them away you can start wearing them again, specially those boots.

1339531355_ryan-gosling-lgIf you can’t believe “the trend” what if I told you that there are luxury brands making “beat up” shoes.

If you haven’t heard about Golden Goose you better start doing some research because this brand is booming. They create luxury clothing and sneakers with a worn out look. I am talking about dirt marks, ripped fabric and stains. They look super cool.

6Fun T-Shirts

Let’s all admit the guy has style. If you walk in to one of the most important talk shows in the US wearing a suit with a Rock T-shirt and your dog is there with a red sock, you have done it all in life.

This is one of my favorites, such a cool outfit for a night with friends. Choose a cool lounge, order a classic bourbon and enjoy.

He doesn’t stop there, he wears funny t-shirts all the time. The one that got the most buzz was when he wore a t-shirt with Macaulay culkin on it.

To complete the “trip” Macaulay culkin made a t-shirt of Ryan wearing a t-shirt with his photo.


Last Comment

Well, now you got it. Ryan Gosling has a very nice style and seems like a cool guy. I caught myself inspiring in his outfits endless times. What do you think about him?