8 Tips for a V Cut Six Pack Abs

One of the most desired things for men and women is to have defined abs. If you have a “six pack abs” you are described as sexy, hot and a dedicated person. Why? Because for most people it is one of the hardest body parts to see results. You need to lose body fat percentage while building the core muscles to show the “Six Pack”. The “V Cut Six Pack Abs” is actually a generic name for defined abs. We all have different core structures and some people may have more packs than others, more wide, etc depending on the individual body type.

We all have ab muscles, the only problem is that it may be covered with that extra layer of fat that will make it not visible at all, even if you do 2000 crunches a day.

See my example below, The picture before is from when I thought I could eat anything and I would get “big”. Getting “big” sometimes means, not wanting to sacrifice with a good diet and proper training and just eating whatever. The second picture, believe it or not, is 3 months apart from the first picture. No fat burners and no miracle pills, just straight hard work. Eating healthy + doing daily cardio and working out = being consistent.

8 Tips for a V Cut Six Pack Abs : Fitness  | https://www.royalfashionist.com“But how do you get a six pack abs then?” It is a little more complicated than you think.

Why aren’t my Packs showing?

This answer is pretty simple, it is because you are hiding them. For example, Let’s say you have a lot of muscle and you look ripped as W$%% lol. Then it start snowing and you had to put your snow jacket on. Will someone know or see that you have a six pack? No!

That’s the answer, in order for you to show your abs you need to lose that jacket/extra layer of fat. You need to lower your body fat percentage to 10% or less.

Cardio or Circuit Training?

I personally prefer the circuit training program because you join the exercises with a cardio workout making you lose fat and build muscle at the same time. Or if you prefer doing your regular exercises, do a HIIT cardio.

Don’t do abs workout to lose fat

You probably heard this before ” Abs are made in the kitchen” and this is true. Abs exercises will not make you lose the fat to show your defined abs. The purpose of the core exercises is to strengthen the core muscles. A study made in the University of Virginia reported that you would need to do 250,000 crunches to burn a pound of fat. So if you are overweight, take some time to drop your body fat percentage first and then you will focus on doing the exercises.

When to do abs exercises, before or after the workout?

This is a trick question. In my opinion as long as you do it, it will work. Many trainers say you should do the abs exercises after the workout because you will burn more fat and others say you should do it first because your muscles will be fresh and you will have more energy to work them. I personally prefer to do it before because I like to do a non-stop abs circuit and i will have more energy. Also it is a good way to “pump” and get warmed up.

Don’t spend too much time on your core

You definitely don’t need to spend 1 hour doing abs exercises. Make a plan of three or four exercises and do a circuit. Choose one for upper abs, lower abs and obliques ( See an example here ) . I do my abs workout from 15 to 20 minutes max.

8 Tips for a V Cut Six Pack Abs : Fitness  | https://www.royalfashionist.com

Don’t over do it but do it right

You need to remember that your results will come from dieting (most important), cardio and your abs workout. If you feel your abs sore, don’t kill them by adding more exercises on the next day. Like any other muscle, the abdominal muscles need to rest and time to grow.

But do it right, If you think your 5 minutes floor crunch will make you look abs ripped, it won’t. It is supposed to be hard and if it hasn’t been, you are not working enough or not doing it right. Push yourself, try new exercises, etc. If you love that “Easy new generation 4000 power crunch machine” you should stop doing it.

8 Tips for a V Cut Six Pack Abs : Fitness  | https://www.royalfashionist.com8 Tips for a V Cut Six Pack Abs : Fitness  | https://www.royalfashionist.com

Be consistent

Be consistent with your training and diet. The same way it took you a couple years to put some pounds on, you will not see your six pack overnight. Think about the big picture of being healthy and that you will achieve your goal.

Make a short term plan of not cheating (eating junkie food) for a month or maybe three weeks to start. If doing your plan you cheat, don’t stop, keep doing it!

8 Tips for a V Cut Six Pack Abs : Fitness  | https://www.royalfashionist.com

Motivate Yourself with “Selfies”

You may find this weird but the best way to motivate yourself is to take selfies, that’s right. I can say that it works with my own experience. When you start seen your own results on your pics you will get more motivated to keep pushing yourself. Don’t trust your scale, trust the selfie! 🙂

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