I have been wanting to share this post with you guys for a while because no matter how much you spend on clothes, if you don’t know the basics of dressing, you will never look sharp.

Different from what many people think, it is not all about spending crazy amounts of money that will make you look good. In fact, some rich dudes that overdo logos and branding, will not only look bad but they will be seen by girls as total douches.

So this post is all about teaching you the basics on how to look sharp so you will look your best when you put on an outfit.

1Tailored Pants

This is one of the biggest mistakes men do. The wrong size or cut of your pants will totally ruin your look.

At least in my opinion, it is very hard to find perfect fitted pants because I work out legs a lot and I am not a tall guy.

It is very rare when I find pants that fit me perfectly both on the waist and leg length. And those that I find are the ones that are properly made for men with thicker legs, like the traveler denim from Banana Republic.

Adjusting: So in the case in which you can’t find pants with the proper fitting for you, you need to take them to your local tailor to get them adjusted.

At least where I live here in California, you normally pay around $15 dollars to adjust the length of your pants.

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The last thing you want is to have an extra fabric of your pants hanging on your shoes. The tailor will make the corrections so the pants will stay between your feet and ankles.

Show Some Ankle: It is not a secret that the Italians were always a source of inspiration to the world of fashion. The sockless look, showing a little more of the ankle, is one of those inspirations by the Italians.

blazer-jeans-cap-doi-rat-duoc-yeu-thich Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comYears ago, the length of your pants should be right above your shoes but the modern ages have changed this style and now the cool thing is to show some of your ankles (even if you need to roll up your pants once or twice).

Also, I would say, try to go with a slim fit pants. The slim fit will most of the times look better than a regular or skinny fit.

2Well Fitted Suit

Like the pants, you should be tailoring your suit jacket as well. The padded shoulders and the loose waste line are killing your outfit.

I can’t stress enough the importance of only wearing a suit that is made to measure to you. There are some key points to check when buying a suit.

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3The Right Tie

If you wear a suit regularly, you need to invest in a good variety of ties. You’re better off buying more ties than a lot of shirts.

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If you are always on a hurry to go to work and don’t have much time to think about a shirt and tie combination, you can have put a white dress shirt and be sure that any tie will go well with it; different from other patterned shirts.

4Shoes Looking New

Your shoe quality should match your whole outfit, so if your shoes suck, your whole outfit sucks.

I always have a shoe care kit with me no matter if I am home or traveling for work. You never know if you will need to give that shoe a shine on the go.

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A good point to always remember is, “know when that old shoe needs to go to the garbage.” Many times a shoe just needs some treatment but when it gets to the point when the cracks are all exposed, you need to replace it with a new one.

5Haircut on Point

When GQ asked two of late-night magnates of New York Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum, on how to do good at night, they were quick to say that “a great haircut is the smartest investment a man can make.”

It is so true, having hair laying over your ears and on your neck is a total no no. People will probably be like “Is he ok? “Did he lose his job?”.

I know it is a pain to go to a barber every week but either you do that or you buy a hair trimmer to maintain the “clean lines” at home.

6Never Wear A Wrinkled Clothe

This has been on my checklist since I can remember. There is no way I am stepping out of home with a t-shirt that has been sitting in the laundry bag for a week.

I believe that if you can’t get this one right, you won’t do any of the rest. Ironing and making sure your clothes are looking good is one of the most basics, but many times forgotten by men.

Looking sharp is not an easy task but nothing that is supposed to improve your looks and self confidence will be easy.

The time you put to make sure your clothes are wrinkle free, shows that you’re not sloppy and you actually care about looking sharp.

Got 90 seconds? It is all it takes to iron that shirt and if still you want more, do like me and get one of the swash machines.

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I will tell you the truth, when I first got my swash machine I didn’t think that I would use it a lot but it actually hasn’t been a week that I haven’t used it.

It doesn’t replace a dry cleaner, but if you stop to think, most of the times your blazer, sweater, pants only need a refresh, and that’s what it does.

Many times I step into a small restaurant where the food smell stays on your clothes, or a friend barbecue party for example, and you just want to get rid of that smell on your shirt without having to drive all the way to the dry cleaner.

I would say, try it out. It works for me and if you end up not liking it, you can always return.

7Learn the Tuck-in Shirt Trick

Well you know, the best fit for your shirt is the slim fit, just like your blazer and pants (Unless you have an extra belly game going on), but you may have a dress shirt on your closet that doesn’t fit properly but that is brand new. Let’s see a trick to make that “regular shirt” look good on you.

Watch 0:27

8Wear a Belt That Actually Fits

You got an old belt in the closet from when you were 20 pounds heavier and you make an extra hole for it to fit. Nobody will see it right? Wrong.

Stop with the madness. Don’t wear a belt that is all hanging and could give two turns around your waist.

Usually in the US if you have a waist 32″, like me for example, you should buy a belt size 34″ or 36″ max. Anything above that will look bad on you.

If you need extra help looking for your perfect fit, you can google for belt sizes for men.


Once you get these points and you use them on daily basis, I am pretty sure it will just become automatically and part of your styling routine.

Which mistake you believe is not acceptable in a men’s style?