For many years Abercrombie & Fitch male models have been one of the #1 motivation for men’s body. Many of you don’t know but this include myself. I first started working out when I was at age 15-16. I saw those ripped guys on the cover of shopping bags, stores banners and I just wanted to be like them. Who doesn’t?

Abercrombie & Fitch changed the mentality of fashion and fitness. It mixed both in one , that’s why it was so desirable. Back on my teen’s most of my friends loved to wear abercrombie and hollister clothing. We used to train hard to get our bodies like their male models but nothing seems to work until I started studying and researching on it. One thing they all have in common are; a nice physique, not too big like bodybuilders and not too small as fashion models.

Sit back because I will show you exactly what you need to do to take your physique to a whole new level.

Attention: This is a guide for guys that are already kind of in shape. But don’t worry, If you got to a place where you are overweight, you will just need to lower your body fat percentage first and then follow these instructions.

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The Diet wasn’t placed here first by coincidence. This will be the hardest task to achieve your goal!

If you want to have a cut body and abs you will need to follow a strict diet regimen. Male models take their diet as it’s their job. If you don’t diet you have no job and you won’t succeed. That means, you will have to eat clean and be concerned with everything you will put in your body.

You will follow a low carb diet. “What does that mean? “.  You should think of carbohydrates as your source of energy. Do you need energy to sleep? Do you need energy to be sitting on your couch watching tv? No. But you do need carbs before you are going to play sports, to the gym and to do your daily activities that involve using a lot of your strength. Your daily consumption of carbs should be based on your Active or not Active lifestyle.

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Sample Diet:

Meal 1

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Oat Bran 1/2 cup

fap-nutrition-banana Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 Banana

fap-nutrition-eggs Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 Egg Yolk

fap-nutrition-eggs Fitness and Nutrition  |

6 Hardboiled Egg Whites

Meal 2

yogurt_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 cup Yogurt

with vanilla extract

cottagecheese_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

Cottage Cheese

1 cup

grapes_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 Red Grapes

flaxseed_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 tbsp. Flaxseed

Meal 3

fap-nutrition-spinach Fitness and Nutrition  |

3 cups Spinach Leaves

turkey_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

2 strips Turkey Bacon

mushrooms_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1/2 cup Mushrooms

carrots_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 cup Chopped Carrots

fap-nutrition-chicken Fitness and Nutrition  |

3 oz Grilled Chicken

oliveoil_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

Balsamic Vinegar


Meal 4

apple_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 Apple

walnut_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1/2 oz Walnuts

optimum-whey_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 scoop Protein

Meal 5

fap-nutrition-salmon Fitness and Nutrition  |

3 oz Grilled Salmon

rice_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1/4 cup Brown Rice

lettuce_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

2 cups Steamed Swiss Chard

Meal 6

cottagecheese_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 cup Cottage Cheese

almonds_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1 oz Roasted Almonds

tomato_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

1/3 cup Cherry Tomatoes

fap-nutrition-spinach Fitness and Nutrition  |

Basil Leaves

oliveoil_50 Fitness and Nutrition  |

Balsamic Vinegar


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Different from what you may think, male models do need to lift heavy weight. But because they are not eating to be big guys, they will also not have as much strength. If you didn’t understand this, let me explain:

I am sure you have seen this guy that lifts a lot of weight in your gym but he seems to be a little more heavy than you, right? Like I mentioned before, Food equals energy that equals strength. The more you eat, the more you will be able to lift and that will make you grow as well. If you are following this article, getting big is certainly not your goal. Your goal is to stay lean and with a ripped body and not to be a power lifter. Let’s get back to the workout subject.

You will be hitting two muscle groups a day non-stop. Just like the fashion models training but not doing the circuit training they do. You should lift as much as you can, with a good form, with low reps. With the two muscle groups you chose to train that day, you will hit each muscle back and forth.

For example; If you choose to do Triceps and Chest. You will do one exercise for triceps and one of chest and then give one minute break.

One Minute break?  Yes, You should train fast to keep your heart rate up. If you are sitting down or texting between sets, say bye bye to your goal body.

The good thing about doing it fast, is that you will finish your workout faster as well. You shouldn’t stay more than 1:00 hours – 1:30 hour in the gym.

Keep sweating… keep sweating…

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The most desired body part of all men and women! That means hard work right here.

The same as your workout, this should be non-stop. Choose three abs exercises and do them for 15 minutes non-stop, giving a break of 30 to 40 seconds. 1—> 2 —-> 3—> Break 1—> 2 —-> 3—> Break

Since your abdominal can take lot of more work,  you can do your abs exercises from 4 to 5 days a week. If they are not starting to show after a month, go back to the diet section, you should be doing that wrong.


You should see your cardio training as that extra push. Do you need it? If you are a little over the weight you want to be, then you need to do more cardio but if you are already skinny there’s no need to do much cardio. If you are already sitting on a low body fat percentage, I would still do cardio a few days a week because of cardiovascular benefits. It’s not all about your exterior physique but your health as well.

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Don’t think that you will have a male model body and you will be able to be a party boy spending much of your nights drinking and having fun. Discipline is key for a body improvement and I can’t stress enough the need of a good night of sleep.

With all the training and dieting you will be doing, if you don’t rest well, you will be signing up for failure. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to go out with friends and have fun, that just mean you need to be committed to what your goal is, and if that means you need to miss some good stuff, well.. then you will need to make this a priority.

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My Supplement Stack:

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Trust me, All this hard work will be worthy it. Your self confidence as your over all body will reach its peak. The hardest part will be the beginning as your body will be trying to get used to your new lifestyle but after that it will get easier and easier. Get ready to be a motivation to others!

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