All The Reasons Why Gianluca Vacchi’s Age Is Just a Number (Wait Till You See His Wife)

If you like to follow the social networks, I’m sure you have heard about this Italian millionaire. At 49, Gianluca Vacchi became famous after appearing on a video dancing with his girlfriend. Today the sample of his dancing skills has been viewed over nine million times.

That’s when Gianluca started flauting his rich status on Instagram. What’s more, Gianluca, who’s in finance, has over five million followers on the web. That’s where he ostentatiously posts his pictures.

All The Reasons Why Gianluca Vacchi's Age Is Just a Number (Wait Till You See His Wife) : Fashion |

His private jets, hydro pools, five-star hotels and walks accompanied by his girlfriend, the model Giorgia Gabriele. Needless to say, he’s got it all. He’s the man of the hour, to put it mildly. That’s why he’ll post a shirtless pic every now and then. I gotta give it to him: he’s doing much better than a lot of 20 or 30-something guys I know.

The World of Business

Don’t you think that this is all  about ostentation. On the contrary, I’d say! Vacchi has a major in business and economics at the University of Bologna. This isn’t about inheritance. His bank account started bulking up due to the manufacturing and sale of furniture.

All The Reasons Why Gianluca Vacchi's Age Is Just a Number (Wait Till You See His Wife) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comToday, Vacchi is the president of RV SEA, Società Europea autocaravan, which belongs to the council of many Italian companies. And that’s not all. He also owns over 30 companies on the planet and is the present director of a corporation specialized in the production of pharmaceutical supplies, cosmetics, foods, tea and coffee.

New on Instagram

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Rides your life.. #gvlifestyle

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In fact, the social network thing is quite recent in his life. Not so long ago, he only focused on his career and businesses. However, there came a day when neither pleased him anymore. He felt the need to change (radically).

And how did he do that? Exploring the social networks, which used to be completely unfamiliar to him. And then what? A radical change in his lifestyle and looks. After all, he used to be a typical traditional businessman.

After his boom on the social networks, he’s become this muscular tanned guy who’s got tons of tattoos. Not to mention, of course, the many videos he shoots with his wife. Always dancing to Rick Martin, Pitbull and even samba.

Head Over Hills

Speaking of his wife, Vacchi is not ashamed to admit his love for Giorgia. It has grown more and more explicit on the social networks (we couldn’t expect less, could we? After all, he’s nothing less than the king of Instagram). They always post their trips and, I have to say, you can tell they do love each other.

In recent interviews, Vacchi said he had never given anyone an engagement ring. He says he was, for a long time, quite a lonesome and selfish guy. But, once Giorgia came into his life, everything changed. For him, keeping her smiling is his top priority.

Luxury Knows no Limits

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Today flying lunch.. #gvlifestyle

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Back to Gianluca Vacchi ostentatious life. It’s not rare to see a picture of him having lunch on his private jet or, maybe, speaking on the phone in his gorgeous (and super expensive) car.

In his free time, he’ll post a picture sunbathing on his boat. Plus, he’ll always mingle with celebrities, like the ex soccer player of the Italian club, Christian Veri and the actor Zac Efron, who, by the way, introduced Vacchi to the social network world. In 2014, Zac Efron spent some time with Vacchi in Sardegna and shared everything with his Instagram followers. It didn’t take much for Zac’s followers to become Vacchi’s as well.


All The Reasons Why Gianluca Vacchi's Age Is Just a Number (Wait Till You See His Wife) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comAs we know, the Italian businessman has a great fashion sense. And he shares that with his followers. Wanna know how? On this website GV Lifestyle. Just by glancing at the pictures we can tell Vacchi is quite eccentric, original and creative.

Why did I just describe him that way? Well, his pieces are always colorful with unusual blending and shapes. When he puts something on, he creates an opportunity to show his tan, tattoos and accessories. And, well, isn’t he right? He can do so!

His swimming suits are also something. They’re always quite high cut and have, sometimes, flashy colors. He really likes to show he’s (very) stylish.

Viva la Vida

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Happy birthday to me😄 #gvlifestyle

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When asked about all that, Gianluca Vacchi says that, at the moment, enjoying life is his priority. So much that he’s released a book called “Enjoy”. In the bestseller, there’s a chapter on seduction, other than tips on elegance and sports.

And there’s more. He also likes to spend some time drawing his next boat. According to the businessman, “that one will be huge and revolutionary”. And the hottest piece of news: Vacchi will be a dad. To him, this will be his biggest project. “I’m so curious to see what the explosive effects of my genes in the baby will bring”, says the businessman and king of the social networks during the interview.

So, let’s hope all Vacchi’s projects will come true. After all, he’s living the dream (to us, poor mortals).

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