All The Traveling Gear You Should Buy To Travel In Style

Yes, we have come a long way when talking about men’s fashion. These past four years we have seen a big increase in men’s fashion buying, and in 2016 you should expect even more. What about men starting to outspend women?

The more I travel, the more I see that men are listening to the fashion market and getting educated about what they wear. Of course there are still men walking around the airport in their flip flops but hopefully that will be extinct soon.

It is funny to remember my early ages when I thought that in order to be stylish you had to be wearing expensive stuff and suited up.

You can definitely wear a casual look and look stylish at the same time. Your accessories will play a big role in your whole look.

Comfort and Style

The question always remains the same, is there a way to mix comfort and style? The answer is: Of Course!

You need to be smart about it though. If you dress down too much you will look sloppy and if you overdress, you will look out of place.

Like I said, with the increase in new brands and shopping choices there are no excuses for you to not dress well. Nowadays you can get a complete and good quality outfit for less than $200.

The Donts

Well well, I have been to too many flights and I couldn’t write this post without mentioning some etiquette issues I have noticed.

All The Traveling Gear You Should Buy To Travel In Style : Fashion Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comBefore you think about being stylish, you should think about manners and how to act like a true gentleman. No one will care about your Italian shoes with you step on their toe with them.

Perfume: You mean showering?! Remember that you will be sitting a couple inches away from another person, so use a fragrance light to none when you will be in a flight. In my opinion, showering with a nice body wash (My choice) should be good enough.

Food: Maybe this is the worst part of all. There is nothing wrong about packing a few snacks on your personal bag, but bringing in a full meal that will make the whole plane smell is some next level shit.

See our full list of airplane etiquette here.

Traveling Comfortably Sharp

All The Traveling Gear You Should Buy To Travel In Style : Fashion Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhite Shirt by Vince | Traveler Jean by Banana Republic | Slim Grey Herringbone Cotton Sport Coat by Banana Republic | Easy Care Merino Sweater by Banana Republic | Grandioso Bit Leather Loafers by Salvatore Ferragamo | Cotton No Show Socks by Hugo Boss | Pebbled Leather Belt by Canali

Many brands are focusing on creating “travel collections” which provide a comfortable fitting without compromising the looks.

For me one of the things that I feel most uncomfortable with while traveling is if my pants are feeling tight. That’s why I like the traveler jean from Banana Republic.

It looks very good and it has an excellent elasticity that makes it perfect to wear while traveling.

The top: You don’t need to go crazy over your outfit. Keeping it simple will always be your best bet.

You should layer them based on the weather. If it is hot just wear the shirt or put on the jacket if it gets a little cooler. And keep the sweater in your carry-on because if the airplane gets colder, which is normally the case, you can just add one more layer in.

Shoes: I didn’t choose the loafers with no purpose. The loafers are the most airport friendly shoes you can wear. They’re easy to take off and put them back on while going through security. Plus it is more comfortable than other lace up shoes.

The Right Bag For You

If you want to travel in style, you need a bag that will be both elegant and easy to carry. The CAVALIER I No. 96 by Ghurka is my number one choice as a carry-on bag.

All The Traveling Gear You Should Buy To Travel In Style : Fashion Travel |
CAVALIER I No. 96 | Black Twill by Ghurka

I always thought that the rolling bag was a better choice for traveling until I tried a duffel bag. Have you thought about how many times you need to unzip your bag to take out stuff you need while traveling? At least a dozen times.

You won’t have this problem with a duffel bag though. You can carry everything you need with your Cavalier bag including passports, a jacket, a camera, a toiletry bag, a snack and many other things within easy reach.

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My Essentials

There are a couple of items that I can’t travel without and I call them “My Essentials”. These are the ones I have inside my Ghurka Holdall Dopp Kit every time I travel. Take a look:

All The Traveling Gear You Should Buy To Travel In Style : Fashion Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comMELATONIN 5MG: Fall asleep without feeling groggy the next day.

URSA MAJOR FACIAL WIPES: If you have been in an overnight flight, you know all too well that look like you just got out of a box lol. These facial wipes will refresh your face so you can walk out of the airplane with your head up.

DYNAMIC NOURISHING FACE CREAM | by RETROUVE: Do you skip your grooming routine when traveling? You shouldn’t. I always carry my favorite facial creams with me to keep my skin looking its best.

ISSA | ELECTRONIC SONIC TOOTHBRUSH: Yes, this is needed, especially if you are taking long flights.

Hear Nothing

All The Traveling Gear You Should Buy To Travel In Style : Fashion Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comDo you ever have problems sleeping during the flight because of all the noise?

I am one of these people that wake up if I hear any noise. This Beoplay H8 Wireless headphones were a life saver on my last trip. They’re very comfortable and when you turn on the noise cancelling mode, you won’t hear a heartbeat.

Plus, if you like to listen to a song while you sleep, these headphones also provide one of the best sound qualities you will ever hear in a wireless headphone.

Last Comment

Choose carefully your airport outfit. In my opinion your outfit tells a lot about who you are. Most men I know that dress well are also very detail-oriented people when it comes to other things they do in their daily tasks. Let me know your thoughts below.


All The Traveling Gear You Should Buy To Travel In Style : Fashion Travel |

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