Everything About Bichectomy and Double Chin Surgery For Men (Explained By Doctors)

Weight training and cardio? Check! Hair and beard on schedule (following our tips, not forgetting about your barber’s expertise)? Check! Well-fitted clothes (always following the trends)? Check!

Still, when you see your reflection in the mirror something doesn’t feel right. I know what it is. It’s your face, which insists on keeping your cheeks chubby and round. Or maybe, that’s a double chin. Yep, my friend, it’s no use. These two issues have nothing to do with working out. The answer here is plastic surgery.

Everything About Bichectomy and Double Chin Surgery For Men (Explained By Doctors) : Grooming  | https://www.royalfashionist.comIf you’re that kind of person who just freaks out when you hear these two little words, calm down. From this point on, you’ll read about two techniques that can make this reflection in the mirror go away once and for all.

“There’s this beauty standard for men in which they strive for a thinner face, but with a strong jaw and chin lines. The increase of the volume in the cheeks impairs the harmony of the face and suggests some weight gain”, points out Henrique Lopes Arantes, a plastic surgeon in São Paulo and an active member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

No More Round Face

Everything About Bichectomy and Double Chin Surgery For Men (Explained By Doctors) : Grooming  | https://www.royalfashionist.comSo, it’s time to solve this problem. And we start with a procedure called bichectomy. “You’ll most likely be weirded out at the term.”

But what it means in fact is the removal of localized fat from your cheeks. It’s also known as ‘Bichat’s fat pad’ or ‘Bichat ball’”, explains Luiz Victor Carneiro Jr, a plastic surgeon from Rio de Janeiro and a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

I also had a chat with Brunna Salvarezza, a plastic surgeon and professor to the resident doctors at Hospital dos Servidores in the state of Rio de Janeiro. She has told me that people who search for this procedure are usually patients who have reached an appropriate body weight. “The problem is that they feel they’re overweight because of the size of their cheeks basically”, she argues.

Besides, Carneiro alerts: “You must be careful when you advise your patients, as many do have a Bichat ball and reach good results after surgery. However, if the patient doesn’t have much fat, removal could create a ditch under the patient’s chin, which can come across as weariness or even flabbiness. That being said, this surgery just isn’t suitable to anyone.

My Recommendation To You

So, if you’ve really got that cheek chubbiness that affects you socially, I’m all for it: go ahead and find your perfect face.

Everything About Bichectomy and Double Chin Surgery For Men (Explained By Doctors) : Grooming  | https://www.royalfashionist.comI say that especially because preop and postop care is really no biggie. Before the procedure, the doctors will require a couple of tests and blood samples.

“I also recommend a facial tomography for a detailed diagnosis of the excess of cheek fat”, states Arantes.

And if you thought postop would mean pain and puffiness, well, you can relax now. “We’re talking about a painless surgery here. It presents a bit of local swelling of the cheeks. The patient is usually recovered in a period of 7 days”, points Arantes.

There’s, though, this alert to the patients about doing any physical activity after the procedure: take at least a week off. Plus, staying at total rest for 48 hours is essential. After such period, you can go out fearlessly.

Straight Talk

Another highly requested surgery for us, men, is the removal of excessive fat (and many times the flabbiness) under our chin. The so-called double chin.

Everything About Bichectomy and Double Chin Surgery For Men (Explained By Doctors) : Grooming  | https://www.royalfashionist.com“Such fat excess can ruin your necklines and therefore cause a lot of aesthetic discomfort for many men. The voluminous look in the cheeks in patients with a normal weight and that are not obese can many times bring about inconvenience for some men”, argues Eduardo Porto Leite, a plastic surgeon and professor at Unigranrio (University of Grande Rio), in Rio de Janeiro.

And still, according to Leite, the surgical procedure is made through a very small concealed incision (up to 0,5cm) under the patient’s chin. Then the surgeon inserts a specific cannula and liposucks (that is, removes the fat) from the double chin, contributing to a much more harmonious, masculine and elegant neckline.

“Now, when it comes to correcting flabbiness, the skin is stretched and an incision is made behind the patient’s ear. We also deal with the flabby neck muscle, which is called platysma, by the use of sutures” Luiz Victor Carneiro Jr. clarifies.

Before and After surgery

Stay cool. Preoperative guidelines include several different examinations in order to evaluate the patient’s conditions. “After the results evaluation and the cardiologist’s go-ahead, the patient is finally ready to go through the procedure”, Leite instructs.

What about the recovery? Well, all the specialists agree that it shouldn’t hurt much (in case there’s any pain, painkillers will do) and that the swelling and hematomas will vary from person to person. They recommend lymphatic drainage during this period.

“Patients should rest from 2 to 3 days, avoid exertion for 15 and sun exposure for 30”, Henrique Lopes Arantes adds.

Watching Your Diet

Everything About Bichectomy and Double Chin Surgery For Men (Explained By Doctors) : Grooming  | https://www.royalfashionist.comFor both the bichectomy and the double chin removal, a 1-2 week low fluid retention diet is recommended after the surgery. Therefore, one of the strategies is eating as little salt as possible.

“Plus, along the first days, patients should avoid hot dishes and any chewy foods. Warm soups, creams, yogurts etc are good choices”, Carneiro suggests.

Bichectomy VS Double Chin Surgery

If we were to compare the two of them, Carneiro says that the double chin procedure is more thorough than the bichectomy, once it involves not only fat, but also muscle tissues and skin.

“It makes the patient look younger and is more widely recommended: patients presenting neck flabbiness can solve their problem through the same procedure. Many times, double chin treatment must be associated with the face because when the neck skin needs surgery, the face is usually flabby too and, consequently, needs a procedure. Doing the neck alone could emphasize the patient’s face and its flaws”, he wraps up.

So, do you think you should consider one of the surgeries?

If so, search for a good plastic surgeon and talk the procedure over with them so you can get the best of the bunch. Feeling good about yourself is what matters.

Daniel Navas is a Brazilian journalist ( from São Paulo) and a lover of great gastronomy, sports and culture. He has already worked with different media sites like Men's Health and GQ, showing readers the latest news on welfare. As a editor in chief for Dieta Já! magazine, he immersed in the world of nutrition and today he wants to show everyone different ways to have a healthier life.

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