Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now

Riding a bike can be the most enjoyable experience if you remain safe and add some fun accessories. Safety doesn’t take the adventure and the adrenalin rush away from the cycling experience. It’s quite the opposite, it makes you fearless and free to do the craziest things while cycling. Also, we know that accessories are for true bike lovers.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

Passionate cyclists know what it’s like to feel the freedom that only a bike can give you. Many experienced cyclists say that a bike is an extension of them.

It’s their way of expressing their wild nature. Biking is a way of life, it doesn’t matter if you use bikes for adventures or during a commute to work.

Making your bike safe

Biking can be quite a dangerous activity if you’re careless and unaware of the possible injuries. Impact injuries are most common.

They occur when you hit an object on the road or you collide with another cyclist. These injuries include scratches, broken bones and concussions. These injuries are just the tip of the iceberg of bike injuries, which is why you need bike safety.

Bike safety can vary a lot depending on what you use the bike for. Heavy duty safety equipment is needed for extreme biking. City cyclists have somewhat different safety needs. Of course, there are some universal things that cyclists can do to ensure full bike safety.

Most of us have seen a serious cycling crash, either on TV sports channels or on YouTube. Those occurrences are not as rare as we might think.

Many cyclists remember the viral video Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat where he showed dangers that bikers encounter on city bike lanes where cyclists should be safest. Here are some ways of making your bike safe:

1. Doing a yearly tune-up

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

Most cycling injuries happen because most people don’t take good care of their bikes. You might not even know that a certain part of your bike is not working properly. This is why yearly tune-ups are necessary.

If you’re not an experienced cyclist, it’s best that you visit the place where you bought your bike. Ask the professional to check if all of the parts are performing as they should. If you’re lucky, they will only need to inflate the tires and lube the bike chain.

Yearly tune-ups usually reveal some bigger underlying issues with the bike. Inspecting the brake system is crucial because brakes can wear down over time if they’re not replaced. Also, brake cables can start slacking over time, so you might need to replace it with a new one.

Inspecting the drivetrain is another important part of a yearly tune-up. The drivetrain of a bicycle includes pedals, derailleur, chains, chain ring and rear wheel cassette. If the bike chain came off during the past year, it’s likely that there’s an underlying issue with the drivetrain. These issues can be very dangerous because you can easily lose control of the bike.


2. Having high-quality safety lights

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

Whether you’re riding your bike during the day or during the night, you need to have good safety lights. There are always other traffic participants around you as well as other objects around you that you need to be aware of. This is why you should invest in some good bike lights.

Currently, the most popular bike lights among experienced cyclists are safety lights by HaloBike. These safety lights are perfect for people who love cycling in the evening.

Learn More about HaloBike Light here

HaloBike’s USB-rechargeable and multi-led lights are able to produce many lumens of bright light. Because of the brightness and the quality of these safety lights, they are visible during the day as well.

Because bikes come in various shapes, some bikers have issues with finding lights that fit their bike, so they just give up and go without them. This is extremely dangerous because everyone needs to be visible to other traffic participants. Lights with adjustable Velcro wraps will suit any bike. This is another feature of HaloBike’s lights that cyclists enjoy.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

Many cyclists use modes of their safety lights completely wrong. When you buy HaloBike’s lights you will notice four modes: strong, light, flash and emergency.

The strong mode is very powerful and they should be used when you’re going through very dark areas.

Don’t use it all the time, especially if there are other cyclists on the way.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

Flashing lights are used so that you are very visible to other traffic participants. Careful cyclists find it extremely important that they have warning lights, which is another reason why they prefer HaloBike’s safety lights.


3. Wearing a bike safety helmet

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |
Wearing bike helmets is very important. There are many reasons why every cyclist will tell you to wear one at all times. A bike helmet can save your life. Bike accidents happen more often than you think and bike crashes can be very serious. Wearing a bike helmet can literally be the one number one thing that saves your life during a bike crash.

Bike helmets prevent serious head injuries. Head injuries that happen to bikers who don’t wear helmets include injuries to the neck, face, skull and brain. Even if you don’t reach high speeds on your bike, you can still fall off and hit your head.

Depending on the head injury, people can experience dizziness, nausea, vomiting and mild to severe headache. If a bigger accident happens while the person isn’t wearing a helmet, the person can experience behavior changes, confusion, memory loss, and sleep problems.

It’s very important that you fit the bike helmet right. Firstly, you will need to adjust the fit pads or fit rings. Then you need to adjust the straps. Once you correctly put your helmet on, you should barely see the front part when you look upward. The chin strap should be quite tight. You should be able to freely open up your mouth but you should feel the strap pulling down just a little bit.

4. Following the rules of the road

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |
When you’re on the road, you become one of the traffic participants. This means that you need to follow the same rules as everyone else.

Signal in advance that you’re going to take a turn. Do this by putting down your right or left hand depending on which turn you want to make. Just make sure that all of your moves are predictable. Don’t make sudden turns and don’t suddenly change the speed.

When you’re on the sidewalk, make sure that you use the bike bell. If you’re coming from behind, pedestrians can’t see you. They might move to one side at any point and you can easily hit them.

Just like other drivers, cyclists have to be focused and alert at all times. It’s best that you don’t wear headphones because you won’t be able to hear traffic. Make sure that you’re looking for obstacles such as cracks, drainage gates and railroad tracks. Be very cautious when you’re riding when it’s raining or snowing. This is when you have to drive slowly.

If you know that there’s a bike lane that leads to your desired location, choose to ride in the bike lane rather than a random track. Make sure that there’s enough space between you and other cyclists. Sometimes you will encounter things that shouldn’t be on bike lanes, such as parked cars and construction equipment. Be cautious of that.

5. Bringing a bike backpack on a long ride

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |
When you’re planning on riding a bike for the whole day, you need to pack a backpack. This is an important safety step because you never know what can happen during a longer bike ride. We’re not talking about bulky panniers here, we’re talking about simple bike backpacks.

If you don’t have a water bottle holder on your bike, then you can put a bottle of water in the backpack. It’s extremely important that you are well-hydrated throughout your trip. Dehydration can cause you to feel dizzy and be less alert. People who are dehydrated can even experience fainting, which is especially dangerous for cyclists.

It’s smart that you always carry a snack or a small meal on longer bike rides. You should pack something sweet just in case your blood sugar drops.

Bring wipes to wipe off your sweat. Put some Band-Aids in the backpack just in case you fall off a bike. If you’re going to ride a bike during the night as well, you should carry extra batteries for bike lights. If you have HaloBike’s safety lights, make sure that you charged the lights with the USB-charger. These lights can last up to 6 hours once you fully charge them.

Adding accessories

Now that you made your bike completely safe, it’s time to move on to accessories. Some accessories are just really fun to have, and some of them are extremely useful. Here are just a few.

1. Bike Phone Mounts

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

We definitely don’t recommend texting and riding a bike. However, if you’re going to a new destination you might want to follow the map on your phone. Phone mounts can also be used for hands-free calls and even for listening to music. Just make sure to buy a sturdy phone mount so that your phone doesn’t fall off.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

2. Bike Dog Baskets

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

If you have a dog and you want to bring it to an adventure, then it’s time to buy a bike dog basket. These baskets are well-padded so you won’t have to worry about injuring your dog while driving. For safety reasons, don’t put a dog heavier than 20 lbs in a bike dog basket. Make sure that the basket is placed low enough for you to clearly see the road.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

3. Smart Bike Locks

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

Classic bike locks are not as safe as you might think they are. Thieves can crack the codes quite easily. Having thick and heavy locks can be very hard to carry around. Smaller locks can be snatched easily. This is why people are putting innovation into bike locks.

Smart bike locks are very firm and sturdy but quite lightweight. These models have a smartphone control. Once someone tries to crack the lock, an alarm will be activated and a push notification will be sent to your smartphone. Some of these locks even have fingerprint scanners.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

4. Bluetooth speaker

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

Many cyclists love traveling with their friends. This can be such a fun and adventurous activity especially if the trip is longer. Riding a bike through desolated areas enables you to listen to music without any judgment from people around. It’s a great way to liven up the trip. Make sure that the speaker you choose is waterproof and that it comes with a secure bike cage.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |

5. Bike Cover

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |
Storing a bike on your balcony can expose the bike to various weather conditions which can damage it. Continued exposure to rain and snow can create bike chain rust. Bike covers come in various shapes, sizes and fun colors. You don’t have to grab the first basic cover you see, there are no rules about the color of a bike cover.

There are some things you should look for in a good bike cover. It needs to be waterproof. You should always go for a bike cover that’s much bigger than your bike because you want to cover it completely. A great bike cover has grab handles that make sure that the cover doesn’t slide off.

Top 10 Bike Safety Tips and Accessories You Need Now : Fitness |


Bike safety should be a priority for every cyclist, while accessories are there to make the cycling experience more fun and enjoyable. Bikes should be kept in good shape to ensure safety. Doing a yearly check-up will keep your bike in great condition. The real cycling fun starts when you feel safe. That’s when you can let go and truly enjoy the ride.

If you love getting lost in nature, prepare all necessary equipment and start the adventure. If you enjoy riding a bike with your friends, blast some music and spend some lovely time together. Pets are also allowed to enjoy a good bike ride.

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