Black On Black With White Sneakers


Dark colors are my favorites at the moment. I am finding myself buying more and more black pieces… am I addicted?

Black goes with everything, just like white does. But I wouldn’t wear all white even though  it’s a trend this summer and actually most summers . It just doesn’t seem right to my eyes. And a no no would be a white dressy shoe. That’s one of the big fails on the #shoegame.

I talked about the Adidas white sneaker on my #mensmustbuy post and I ended up buying one for me. It is very comfortable, has a great quality and the price is on point. I am very happy with it.

This is my first ripped jeans and I got it from I was looking for one like this for a long time and I couldn’t find one that wasn’t too tight on the legs. They had one on their website but it was a skinny jeans so it definitely wouldn’t fit me. Plus Zara jeans have a European fit and it is very hard to make one of them fit me.

Black on Black is good guys… Should I try the last trend Denim on Denim?

Asos Ripped Jeans ( Similar Here )

Zara Polo ( Similar Here )

Gucci Aviator Sunglasses ( Other seller Here )

Adidas Sneaker ( Black or Red )

Wallet Chain ( Similar Here )

Black and White Bracelet ( Similar Here )

Minus 8 Watch ( Similar Here and Cheaper Here )


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