The Brazilian national team airplane will have a new face now for the world cup. The famous Brazilian graffiti artists Os Gêmeos , Otávio e Gustavo Pandolfo, had the job to make the airplane that will fly the national team turn into a piece of art , and that’s what they did. They covered the whole airplane with their signature graffit and the work got completed in one week with 1.200 used spray cans. The project was first introduced to the airline company Gol that accepted it and will keep the art on the Boeing 737 for two years.

The twin brother said that their first motivation was to make the public identify themselves with the characters embossed on the airplane. “Everyone have thought about walking on the clouds. This is only possible on an airplane with the faces painted on it”.

The painting is already finished and will make it’s first flight on May 27, 2014 and after the world cup ends, the airplane will join the fleet of airplanes from Gol airline.


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