Since last year, thanks to brands like Gucci, the mule slipper took a turn into the High Fashion World and became the coolest shoe to wear. I am talking about slippers like the Gucci Fur Lined that made every celebrity’s closet. Men and women are equally obsessed; the mule slipper became the statement piece of the outfit and I think we should join the trend.

IMG_3008 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.comSlippers are now very embellished and fashionable and are not just a casual shoe to wear at home like your old Uggs. This is a trend that you either love or hate. I personally love it. It’s a lot like the trend of wearing sneakers with a suit.

It’s not for everyone but if you are bold and love fashion you are most likely in! I think its super cool to blend comfort and luxury, so why not?

Mens-Fashion-Flash-Wiz-Khalifas-NBC-Studios-Balmain-Fall-2011-Asymmetrical-Shearling-Long-Coat-And-Gucci-Fur-Detail-Slip-On-Loafers-2 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.comAn Investment Piece

You can find mule slippers from every price range but I always encourage my readers to invest in quality shoes.  High quality shoes will last you a life time.

You might be thinking that such a trend may pass quickly and you will have waisted your money. Trends always come and go, but they eventually return and you can reuse your shoes. Just take a look at fashion pictures from the 80s and you will see a lot of resemblance in todays fashion.

So my advise is: invest in a nice pair of high quality slippers, maybe even buy one from a Luxury brand. It will be well worth your money.

No money, No problem 

If you are on a tight budget, no worries. I can always find shoes that look luxurious but are very affordable.  The key here is to look for quality.  Many great brands make high quality shoes that are not as expensive.

alexander-liang-mens-style-gucci-slippers-03-1 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.comHow to Wear It 

So how should you wear your fancy mule slippers? Honestly there is a million ways you can wear it, from slacks to shorts, you can basically pair it with anything.

One thing to remember is that these slippers are most likely gonna be the statement piece in your outfit, so be careful to not overdo it.

gucci-princetown-Nick-Young-Enfants-Riches-Deprimes-shirt-Gucci-shoes-3 Footwear  |

aziz-ansari-wears-Gucci-horsebit-black-leather-backless-slippers-shoes Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.com759fedb4329ea83976e9aa0cbc1fce79-e1497462702193 Footwear  | http://www.royalfashionist.comWhat about all the designs and embellishments? 

You might be thinking that some of these mule slippers are outright ridiculous, but slow down and take a second look.  Yes, there is a lot of bling, fur, colors, embellishment, but that’s what the trend is all about. If you want a plain pair of slippers then just keep your old Uggs.

By the way, I love Uggs. I have a pair and I am not speaking against it. It’s just that this trend is about luxury high fashion slippers, which is a different category.

So again don’t be turned off by all the extras and take some risk.  This is a statement piece! Every time  I wear something a little out of my comfort zone, I get a huge sense of liberation and confidence, and thats what fashion is all about.

Shop my Best Recommendations

51U1-Pe6l8L._UY600_ Footwear  |

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Can’t go wrong with these classy slippers. It comes in red and black.
7378054-1-blackXXLwid513fitconstrain Footwear  |
Slippers will make you feel stylish and comfortable. You will definitely turn heads and people wont be able to not look at your shoes.  Don’t be afraid to try the more exotic styles and remember…. Have some fun with all this.

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