Christmas Gift Idea for Him

I will start off saying that  this is my top list of the year, with some other little things here and there 🙂 . i tried not too add so many things to make it easier for you. I know when you have too many options you end up not knowing exactly what you want to buy , I understand … i am the same way! I am going to start from the top. The Jawbone Big jambox is a awesome portable speaker for when you cooking , out in a park doing some barbecue or even :0 at night ( if you know what i am saying ). The Tom Ford sunglasses is the one Daniel Craig use at the James Bond movie, no more comments , Get it ! You definitely need a nice watch to match your classy clothes , so nothing better than the Apollo Rose Gold Versace ( On Sale ). For the Game lover, the New Fifa 2014 ps3/ps4. Believe it or not i just sold my last old Ipad 2 on Ebay and bought this New Ipad Air (On Sale) and seriously i couldn’t be happier. It is lighter, better to carry and way faster. Nike Orange Flyknit Lunar +1 because you need a nice shoes for your running and workout. The Executive Headphones by Dr. Dre is one of the highest quality headphones you can find on the market. Not mentioning that it looks super classy and stylish. Burberry Scarf , be careful because your girl may want to steal from you :s. Please throw away your bulky, old, stinky wallet and buy something you won’t feel embarrassed when you take it out of your pocket to pay the check lol Gucci Bi-Fold Wallet. I have had this cruZer 6 Face Trimmer (On Sale) for a long time and i really love it.

How you like my list ? 🙂



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