I am glad the James Bond 007 Spectre movie is out and I got to see it. I am like a kid waiting for the next Bond movie to come out.

Since my young ages, the James Bond movies were my favorites. I liked to see all the gadgets, cars shootings, bombs, the cool luxury watches and actions from the movie.

My favorite scene back when Pierce Brosnan was the 007 agent, was when he was driving his car with the cellphone pad from the back seat; so cool!

neverdies3As one of the main characteristics of James Bond, his style was once again impeccable with the help of Tom Ford.

This movie was shot in various locations including London, Mexico City and Rome; so you should expect to see different outfits from winter clothing to his classic tuxedos.

The photo of Daniel Craig with a cashmere turtleneck caught my attention so I decided to feature the luxurious piece from NAADAM which is made in a lightweight single thread soft jersey knit.

The turtleneck is definitely one key piece you must have in your wardrobe. Tom Ford is also a fan of turtlenecks and helped to dress Daniel Craig at his best, but he was not the first one to wear the turtleneck at a 007 movie.

source: GQ.com

As you can see Mr Bond always saw potential on the turtleneck look. I think we can learn and maybe copy this James Bond’s turtleneck outfit.

Why You Need a Cashmere Turtleneck?

Like you saw before, the Turtleneck is a unique statement piece and you can not go cheap with this one. The fabric and how it is made is what will make your outfit stands out.

Naadam’s garments are made from the world’s finest fibers and they are also partners of Italian mills to produce a superior quality of Mongolia’s noble fiber.

Their prices are also very competitive. For example, the Funnel Neck Pullover is a pure cashmere and it is priced at $350.00. Very well priced and even better quality than some of the higher priced cashmere.

I do own this piece myself, and unlike other non genuine cashmere, this one does not make me itchy and it is very soft to the touch. I recommend it.

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About James Bond Spectre

The Spectre James Bond Movie was one of the most expensive movies ever made reaching a total of $250 million plus $100 million in marketing and promotion costs.

I also put together some of the most searched items seen on the movie so take a look at it.

Funnel Neck Pullover by NAADAM | Seamaster 300 “SPECTRE” Limited Edition by Omega | Bomber Jacket by Tom Ford | Denim Pants by Tom Ford | Gloves by Mulberry | Ski Sunglasses by Vuarnet | Mountain Boots by Danner | NOIR Perfume by Tom Ford

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<img id="Image-Maps-Com-image-maps-2015-11-09-175342" src="http://mpbatera.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Dress-like-James-Bond-007-on-Spectre1.jpg" border="0" width="696" height="3080" orgWidth="696" orgHeight="3080" usemap="#image-maps-2015-11-09-175342" alt="" /><map name="image-maps-2015-11-09-175342" id="ImageMapsCom-image-maps-2015-11-09-175342"><area  alt="" title="" href="http://rstyle.me/n/bd32az3pme" shape="rect" coords="418,1633,665,2156" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://www.naadamcashmere.com/collections/man-fall-winter-2015/products/funnel-neck-pullover" shape="rect" coords="368,1075,689,1619" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://www.omegawatches.com/watches/seamaster/seamaster-300/master-co-axial-41-mm/23332412101001/" shape="rect" coords="10,1301,319,1571" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://www.harrods.com/product/knitted-sleeve-bomber-jacket/tom-ford/000000000004875957?cid=LS&siteID=DruclYqPxnE-uJMl0YDonBkDJ.AdI11Exw#" shape="rect" coords="32,1580,376,2040" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://rstyle.me/n/bd32k53pme" shape="rect" coords="15,2090,419,2280" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://vuarnet.com/uk/vl1315000-272" shape="rect" coords="114,2315,477,2508" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://www.danner.com/product/hike/mountain-light-ii-5-black.html" shape="rect" coords="8,2549,315,2864" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://rstyle.me/n/bd32n93pme" shape="rect" coords="489,2468,696,2869" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://www.twitter.com/royalfashionist" shape="rect" coords="10,2922,202,2981" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://www.instagram.com/royalfashionist" shape="rect" coords="6,2985,198,3044" style="outline:none;" target="_self"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://mpbatera.wpengine.com" shape="rect" coords="232,2910,427,3070" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://www.facebook.com/officialroyalfashionist" shape="rect" coords="432,2928,695,2972" style="outline:none;" target="_blank"     /><area  alt="" title="" href="http://www.pinterest.com/royalfashionist" shape="rect" coords="461,2988,694,3029" style="outline:none;" target="_self"     /><area shape="rect" coords="694,3078,696,3080" alt="Image Map" style="outline:none;" title="Image Map" href="http://www.image-maps.com/index.php?aff=mapped_users_0" /></map> .This post was first seen on <a href="http://mpbatera.wpengine.com" target="_blank">RoyalFashionist.com</a> at  <a href="http://mpbatera.wpengine.com/copy-james-bonds-turtleneck-outfit-from-spectre-movie" target="_blank">http://mpbatera.wpengine.com/copy-james-bonds-turtleneck-outfit-like-on-spectre-movie</a>
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