A scarf is nothing more than a huge rectangle of fabric, and yet the possibilities for how to wear it seem limitless! For men that want simple, easy-to-wear fashion, this can make a scarf seem very complicated. But winter is coming, and when the weather turns cold, no fashion-forward man is properly dressed without one!

The classic men’s scarf is approximately 10 inches wide and 70 inches long. Beyond this, the colour, design, and style of your scarf is entirely up to you. Here we will discuss how and why you should wear a scarf, whilst looking effortless and masculine. Here are four different techniques for wearing your scarf with style:

Slick and Sophisticated 

If you want to wear your scarf in a way that looks both sophisticated and comfortable than the slick and sophisticated scarf tie, this is the perfect option for you.

These sees you pull your scarf so that it hangs asymmetrically across your body (with one end slightly longer than the other) and then let it hang loosely against your chest. If you want a chunkier or more practical look then you could wear your scarf this same way whilst wrapping it once around your neck.

This scarf tie is best paired with a fitted single breasted blazer during fall and spring, and a woollen Crombie coat or similarly narrow and slim-fitting coat during the winter months. The key to pulling off this look is to keep things minimalist and sophisticated: this is a style best suited for business or business casual wear, and also lends itself particularly well to a preppy aesthetic.

The Parisian Knot 

The Parisian knot (often also known as the European knot) is an easy and simple way to wear your scarf that looks incredibly effective. Simple take the length of your scarf and fold it in half, then place the end of the scarf through the look you have created to form a stylish knot around your neck.
The thick warm knot created by this scarf tie make it ideal for stopping the wind on a cold winter’s day, and this scarf tie is incredibly versatile: it looks just as good with casual outfits as it does with formal ones.

This style of scarf tie can be worn with all kinds of scarves, but it looks particularly effective with fine knit woollen scarves in bright colours and patterns to help you stand out on a cold winter’s day. Team with a chunky knitted Arran sweat-shirt for true European winter cool, and a chunky duffel coat for crisp weekend mornings.

If you choose to opt for a modern Parisian scarf wrap then we love this look with patterned scarves, especially in rich tartans (which are perfect for fall and easy to coordinate with almost anything). Here are some of our favourites:

The Weekend Wrap

For a casual and fashion-forward weekend look, wrap your scarf around your neck to create a tight, snood-style scarf effect. Although initially getting this look right can be tricky, it’s actually surprisingly easy to tie.

Take one end of your scarf and position it at your collar bone and then wrap your scarf around your neck again and again until you run out of length. When you reach the end of the scarf, tuck the end under the thickness of the scarf to create the illusion of one continuous circle of fabric.

If the end of your scarf falls in an awkward position and is difficult to tuck under then simply start again, and move your starting point slightly until you find the perfect position for you. With a little practice, once you know where to start, this scarf tie can be achieved in seconds.

Its informal nature means that this scarf is perfect for wearing at the weekend and pairing with your most casual clobber. Think jeans, sweaters (either fine knit or chunky) and your favourite overcoat.

Opt for crew neck or roll neck sweaters rather than v-neck or deep v neck sweaters in order to keep a balance between your outfit and your scarf, and avoid revealing an unsightly gap between the two layers.

The Slick Flick

Finally, let’s not forget the most classic of scarf ties, with a retro and incredibly authentic feel, the slick flick! Simply wrap your scarf around your neck once and then flick one (or both) ends over your shoulder with a complete air of nonchalance.

This is the easiest possible way to tie your scarf (with minimal effort required) and will keep your neck warm in a cool breeze whilst still making maximum style impact. Remember the cautionary tale of infamous dancer Isadora Duncan when tying your scarf in this way, and be careful when jumping onto subway cars or changing the oil in your car!

A great all-round scarf tie, this style of scarf knot can be worn for either work or play and is also a great scarf style to wear for all seasons. Choose lightweight fabrics in light colours to add layers, depth and interest to a simple summer outfit.

For a dapper style with a 1940s feel, pair your tossed over scarf with a wide brimmed hat and give your outfit a debonair edge. If you a more interested in a fashion-forward and streamlined look then you can completely modernise this look by choosing dark and muted colours, and teaming your scarf with dark jeans, a fitted leather jacket, and even a slogan-detailed sweatshirt.

We love this style of scarf tie paired with several layers for a look that immediately shows your style credentials in a classic and understated way. Just don’t overthink it: simply throw your scarf over your shoulder and hit the road!


The scarf can be one of the easiest to wear accessories for men, and makes a huge visual impact, but it can also be tricky to get it right. Although scarves are best suited to the cooler winter months, they can also be worn during the spring and summer if you pick a scarf in a lighter fabric.

The key to wearing a scarf with style is to experiment: try scarves in different colours, weights and fabrics, and try each of the ties list above until you find the one that best suits you!

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