Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World

Do you enjoy traveling to popular spots? So this post is especially for you. I can say I enjoy both going to unexplored places and to more popular ones, where I’ll meet a lot of people.

So, I’ve researched a little and found the five most visited cities in the world. It’s worth checking them out so you can start planning your next trip.


Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel |

      Located in Asia, the capital of Thailand wraps together both tradition and modernity. And it’s no surprise that, after all, there are 9 million inhabitants around the streets in Bangkok and that the number of tourists visiting the city can get to 15 million on a yearly basis. That’s why the streets are bustling, but at the same time, religion is always in evidence.

So much that, just walking around the capital you can see countless just fabulous Buddhist temples. Not to mention gastronomy in Bangkok, which is unbeatable.

Here goes my suggestion: You should walk around the city. This way you’ll be able to feel its hectic pace, as well as enjoy each corner around the city. They are peculiar. I’m not talking about the Buddhist temples here.

Bangkok is packed with great malls, supermarkets and street markets, which sell their typical foods…You must try them. As for your expenses, here’s the greatest thing about Bangkok: it’s pretty cheap for tourists. Transportation fares and admission fees cost at most around 3 dollars.

What to do

Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comYou can start from the Grand Palace: a palace full of history and cultural treasures. After that, you may stop by Chinatown and Kao San Road. Other than touristic, they’re pure history too.

Of course the itinerary includes the Buddhist temples Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho (picture) -, also know as The reclining Buddha. Just make sure you don’t forget that the temples are considered sacred places, and so you must not wear shoes, tanks, shorts or skirts as you enter.

Their currency is called bath (THB) and their official language is Thai. But, stay cool: many people speak English there too. You don’t have to worry, just enjoy its exoticness.


Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comAround 15 million people visit this so popular city in the United Kingdom every year. Well, that’s no wonder. Its environment exhales culture and classiness. Not to mention that London is the headquarters of the British monarchy.

It features the famous Big Ben and the London Tower, the Buckingham Palace, the Westminster Abbey, among other very special places. It’s the trip of a lifetime.

After my researches on London, I suggest you stay at least 4 days in the city. Which is still not much, after all, there’s so much to see there. And so that you understand where everything is located, bare in mind that all the main touristic places are located in zones 1 and 2 (check out their transportation map).

Look for a district called Convent Garden, where you’ll find lots of stores, restaurants, pubs and grocery stores. In Candem Town you’ll find men and women from all tribes. It’s a nice idea to go around there and check its diversity.

Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comBut let’s go on. There’s also Southbank, next to the river Thames. There you’ll find Southbank Center (picture), a complex of artistic venues, just like Queen’s Walk, recommended if you’re visiting the city on foot.


Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel |

      Oh! Did you think I wasn’t going to include it here? The City of Light receives 13 million tourists every year, and is known as one of the most important places when it comes to gastronomy, culture, arts (don’t tell me going to Paris to eat at a Bistro and visit a nice exposition never crossed your mind!).

Can I give you a suggestion, in case you’re visiting Paris for the first time? Here we go: wake up early and full of energy. That’s important. Pick your shoes and clothes carefully. They must be comfortable as you’ll walk to restaurants, districts, landmarks and squares quite a bit.

As it’s essentially touristic, you should stay at least four days in Paris (and that, many times, isn’t enough). All that considering all its artistic richness. Cradle of culture and arts, Paris deserves to be explored in its depth, and so that happens you’ll need a certain period of time.

Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe best part of Paris is that nearly all of its touristic attractions lie next to the river Seine (which is an additional spectacle in Paris): The Eiffel Tower, The Saint-Chapelle, The Louvre, The Museum d’Orsay, The Hotel des Invalides, The Notre Dame Cathedral (picture) and Ponte Neuf.

Don’t forget to snoop around their high-end galleries and designer shops. Not only that, but also the quaint squares, monuments, like the Triumphal Arch and their bohemian district called Montmartre.


Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comOrganized, modern and safe. These are the three top qualities of this city visited by 11 million tourists yearly. It sounds quite exotic to have it as our fourth place, but it turns out that Singapore really does attract lots of tourists due to its original features.

It’s located in the extreme south of the Malay Peninsula and it’s close to countries like Cambodia, Indonesia and Vietnam. The attractions in this 5-million-inhabitant city are just many. Here are a few: Singapore Flyer, the biggest Ferris Wheel in the world and Sands SkyPark, an observation deck located on the 57th floor of the Hotel Marina Bay Sands.

And its cultural diversity is so huge that the two most coveted districts among the tourists are Little India (Indian) and Chinatown (which doesn’t really need to be introduced, I guess). Another just amazing attraction there is the Singapore Botanic Garden. You can’t miss it. It deserves a bunch of pictures too.

Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel |

If you’re into museums, this is my tip to you: The National Musem of Singapore, where you’ll learn about the city and its history. There’s also the ArtScience Museum (picture), whose architecture resembles a flower. It’s located next to the Bay.

A suggestion to get around Singapore is the Singapore Tourist Pass, a ticket that entitles you to unlimited bus and train rides for one, two or three days, depending on your choice.

New York

Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel |

      Our fifth and final choice is the most visited city in the world and needs no introduction. Over 11 million tourists visit New York every year. The city is renewed every single day. There are always new restaurants, musicals, attractions and so on popping up.

It’s hard (or some might say impossible) to get to know the whole city in a single visit. That’s why, in my opinion, it’s a good idea to make a plan taking into account the kinds of things you like the most.

Of course I’ll give you my suggestions. Let’s go. You must (that’s right, you must) visit the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, in Central Park, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, 5th Avenue, Ground Zero and the Empire State.

Cultural visits? Well, you won’t ever run out of museums there. Among the most famous ones we have The MET, The Museum of Natural History, MoMa and Guggenheim. All of them count with fantastic collections.

But if you’re running out of time, I suggest you visit the MET, which features large collections, not to mention their rooftop, that offers an incredible view. Oh! Are you really into museums? So, there’s more: Whitney Museum, Frick Collection, Transit Museum and the 9/11 Memorial Museum (this one is just the best if you ask me).

And now with the parks. Central Park is the most famous park in New York and it’s basically a duty to visit there (more than once, I dare say). No matter the season. The High Line, an elevated park built over an old railway, should be visited on a sunny Saturday, the Hudson River Park and the Brooklyn Bridge Park are perfect to visit at the end of the day and to watch the sunset.

It’s shopping time

Destination Idea!? Discover The 5 Most Visited Cities In The World : Travel | https://www.royalfashionist.comDo you love carrying a bunch of shopping bags? So this one’s for you. The 5th Avenue is the place. Other quite popular spots among tourists who want to spend their dollars is Herald Square and SoHo . And if your idea is to bargain at outlets, head for Jersey Gardens or the Woodbury Premium Outlets, an outlet for those who travel for shopping.

New York is considered a real gastronomic heaven when the topic is meals. That’s because you can find any kind of restaurant there. From the fanciest ones to simple food trucks.

Here’s a hot tip. Check it out: Eataly and Chelsea Market. And when the sun sets and the moon comes, it’s time to enjoy the New York nightlife. Taking a walk around the Times Square (picture) and seeing some musical in Broadway is mandatory. Picking a nice jazz and blues bar is also a rule.

Have You Chosen Your Next Destination?

So, how do you like this list? These are the five most visited spots in the globe. Just pick your next trip and let me know how it goes. Have a nice trip!

Daniel Navas is a Brazilian journalist ( from São Paulo) and a lover of great gastronomy, sports and culture. He has already worked with different media sites like Men's Health and GQ, showing readers the latest news on welfare. As a editor in chief for Dieta Já! magazine, he immersed in the world of nutrition and today he wants to show everyone different ways to have a healthier life.

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