When we talk about fashion and celebrities, all eyes are turned to NY and especially Los Angeles. It is the town of big celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kanye West, David Beckham and others.

Californians have their own way of dressing and there are some pieces of clothes that you will always see one of these celebs wearing.

The good thing about the Californian style is that because California is normally hot most of the year, these celebs have some good casual outfit ideas. And for the night a light jacket is always a good choice too.Take a look:

Plaid Cotton Shirt

kylie-jenner-and-scott The plaid cotton shirt is a great way to up your casual style. Anyone can pull it off and it is very versatile. It is also more fun to use during the day than a plain shirt.

Scott Disick is a fan of this style an you often see him wearing a plaid shirt during the day. You may see him wearing it either by itself, with one or two open buttons, or over a black/white t-shirt.


Biker Leather Jacket

The Leather jacket is loved by all men, but LA celebs have a special admiration for it. It couldn’t be different though, the leather jacket is an iconic statement piece of any alpha man.

Justin Bieber here is rocking a very cool style, one that reminds me of Saint Laurent’s runway.

You must be tired of hearing me tell you how important is to purchase a nice leather jacket. I just really can’t stress that enough. Faux leather may save you a few dollars but it can break your whole game. It is easy to differ good from bad leather.

david leather jacketsI personally like to shop and review all the clothing I buy. As you may already know, leather jackets can be a little pricey, but not if you take some time to shop around.

I recently found this very cool brand called GooseCraft. This company was born in Amsterdam and you got to trust a company that has as their only focus leather jackets and leather accessories.

TIP3 Goosecraftsource: http://goosecraft.com/leather-tips

What I like about this brand is that they keep the classic biker designs that we would see many years ago but adding their touch to it. It is the perfect idea of what the company stands for “Like it was then, Like it is now”.

goosecraft-biker921-black-noos-1000x1000BUY HERE

The Biker921.Black-n is one of my favorites from the brand and you can choose from different colors on their website. You can also find some of their designs at the Asos.com store.

Chelsea Boot

Kanye-WestThe Chelsea Boot became even more popular after Kanye West started wearing it all the time. Now you see guys in LA wearing it with anything, t-shirt, shirt, hoodies, jacket, etc.

It’s a good thing though. The Chelsea is both good for the day and night, and even with an all white outfit, like the one above, it still looks fresh.


Kanye West’s favorite Chelsea boots are the ones from Common Projects and Saint Laurent. The one from Common Projects is a little pricey but most people can afford it, now the Saint Laurent’s one, you may have to take some money from your rent lol.



Luxury Italian Suits

lAs you all know LA/Hollywood is the place where all stars gather to party and they do it in style. Most parties are in the hottest and most exclusive spots of the city so they need to dress accordingly, right?

When we talk about high quality tailor-made men’s suit, these celebs most of the times have a preference for Italian brands. Well, it is not a mystery that the Italians “know their suit” and they have one of the best highly skilled craftsmen in the market.

Matthew Zorpas for Canali

One good example is Canali, a worldwide known brand in the tradition of fine tailoring. This brand has created fine tailored suits since 1934 and every collection is created by Canali-owned production centers in Italy to ensure the highest quality of their products.

They have a whole collection of suits, blazers and tuxedos, and a variety of brilliants colors, specially blue, which is my favorite and you won’t find in any regular store.



Hooded Jackets

zac-efron-768“How do these guys wear hooded jackets in Summer?” For most of you who haven’t been to Cali yet, yes it is hot in here for most of the year but not as much as you think. It also gets pretty windy so a light jacket is always handy.

At the end of the day it is all about the style too. You will see guys wearing it by itself, or under another jacket, and most of the times a bomber jacket, which we will talk about next.




kim-kardashian-kanye-west-celebrate-khloes-birthday-03Another statement piece from LA boys. The bomber jacket is another great buy because, like I mentioned above, since it is not overly hot in most areas of California, it is a great wind breaker. Very light and easy to use.

A cool way of wearing it, is to put a longer shirt/t-shirt underneath it. Since the bomber tends to be shorter, it adds a cool look to it.

“Too bright, too colored?” Not anymore. The souvenir bomber jackets are still trending. Pink, embroided, etc… Be creative and have fun with it.



I personally love these styles and I think it’s so cool how different places and countries influence how we dress today. We get a little from NY,  LA, Italy and then blend to create a cool outfit. Which one is your favorite piece?

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