Greetings people!! This week I am getting ready for an exciting trip! My first time going to Asia and I will be going to Hong Kong.

I haven’t been this excited for a trip for a long time. Btw if you have any tips for me, please comment below. I will be recording my trip to my youtube page.

Want to know what my favorite jacket is? It is definitely the Double breasted jacket. In my opinion, it is a step up from the single breasted.

You usually see someone wearing it in a full suit but as you can see, you can dress it down a bit and pair it with chinos and sneakers.

By the way, these chino pants I got from the Banana Republic and it is skinny fit. Since it has elastane it gives you a nice fitting without looking too tight. I also wore it here

What do you guys think about these pieces? See some of my recommendations below on where to buy similar items:


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