Dressing for the Holidays: Thanksgiving


When dressing for Thanksgiving there are some simple thoughts that will make your life easier.  First question is where is the party/dinner? Is it a family’s house or is it an office party or church party?

If you are going to family’s house you can definitely keep your outfit casual and comfortable. If you are going out to someone else’s party, like girlfriend’s work party, then you wan to look a little nicer but still comfortable.Dressing for the Holidays: Thanksgiving : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.com

Secondly, keep in mind that you might be forced to be in lots of pictures.  It is the age of Instagram and Facebook .  And this might be the one day your entire family gets together.

So considering the picture factor, another thought is to dress in colors that make you look good.  For instance don’t wear beige.  It’s not a very good color for pictures.  Wear colors like blue, brown and red.  Those colors are festive but not overpowering.

So if you are going to family’s house then wear some casual denim or chinos, a nice t-shirt or polo, loafers and maybe a nice sweater depending on the weather.  Don’t wear pajamas just because it’s you mom’s house lol.

If you are going out like to a party at your work then add a blazer instead of a sweater or depending on where you work even dress in a suit.  You always want to make a good impression at work because you never know when your boss might want to talk about that promotion you have been waiting for.

Thanksgiving is about being thankful and about giving back to the community and to your family so make it a special day.

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Happy Thanksgiving guys!!


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