Dressing Like a “Successful Man” – Suited Up !


The successful man lives the dream but has to also make a lot of sacrifices.  I woke this Saturday morning and had a million of options of fun relaxing things to do with my day, but guess what? I also had a list of work “tasks” that had to be done.

 I search for balance every day and it can be so daunting. I just take it one day at a time, live in the present and prioritize.

Dressing like the successful man I aspire to get me in the mood.  Suit and tie is not my everyday attire but it’s a must in my closet.  The key here is to make sure it’s fitted and go sockless……so you don’t look like an old-school grandpa lol.

So I did complete some of my work tasks but I also had a nice breakfast in bed, went to the gym and will just relax in the evening. This was a good day!  Not every day is a good day but you have to keep at it and not lose heart. Have a wonderful weekend!


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