Drink Whisky in Style With These 3D Printed Ice Cubes

You would never imagine to drink a whisky in such a cool and artistic style. A Japanese advertising agency based in Tokio, called TBWA/Hakuhodo, created the campaign “3D on the rocks” for Suntory Whisky using 3D printed ice cubes. It looks so amazing that I bet you wouldn’t want to drink it just to see this beautiful piece of art.

From a horse to a batman sculpted ice cube, they were only able to created these pieces with the help of the Autodesk 123D and 3D designs. They also had to keep the temperature at -7 degrees Celsius to keep the ice cubes intact without melting.

I have seen frozen cubes made of plastic used to decorate drinks but nothing like this though. I am sure that if any bar started using this idea they would become really successful but…. the only down part is that, according to the creator, each cube took from 1 to 6 hours to be made depending on how complex the design was. That’s a big “down part” but maybe they could charge more for each drink. Would you pay more for a drink with a 3d ice cube?

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