I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the following words: “this guy’s success is sheer luck”. I guess whoever came up with this one is a pretty lazy or resigned guy.

As I – and you, I’m sure – am not that kind of guy, I have been trying to put my finger on whatever is behind the success of the wealthiest men in the world. Alright, you can say many were born millionaires. But, still, they did have to manage it all afterwards, didn’t they? And certainly some of them have tripled their wealth.

gatesposeSo, there must be something these guys have in common. And so that we can figure what these things in common are I have done quite a research on that and have found everything we need to do exactly like the most successful men on the globe in order to, who knows, turn out to be successful ourselves. Check this out!

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

dinheiro-homens-bem-sucedidosAmong the men who got wealthy along the way, I’ve realized they got it because they really did want to get money, a lot of it. How: hard work, planning of methods and means to get it and, of course, putting it all into practice and never giving up, even if things go wrong. And most importantly: never ever consider failure. Think positive at all times.

Emotionally ready

20150925212738-fail-pitch-employee-failuresMany people believe success comes from intelligence (and a bit of luck). But it isn’t always like that. More important than being intelligent, the successful man has to be emotionally prepared in order to resist any kind of stumble and more: they have to love what they do.

Bit off more than you can chew

The successful man does not settle for his job in a company only. He also seeks to take on new projects other than those he was hired for.

This way he is looked upon favorably by everyone, which contribute to the career ladder in a natural and quick way. Plus, the successful man has no restrictions against taking on jobs no one wants to do so that his staff can make good use of the benefits.

A good specialization matters

Yeah, my dear reader, taking a number of courses in your field is imperative if you want to be a successful man. After all, being competent isn’t always enough – you should always seek growth. That’s why you should pick interesting specialization courses that may enrich your resumè and your routine at work.

Care less about what others may think of you

I know this may sound a bit selfish, but that is the path to success and consequently wealth. That is why you shouldn’t listen to what others think so much. Put social networks aside for a while and focus on your goals, no matter what others may think of that. The focus now is on yourself and your bank account (which should be filled with dollars eventually).

You have to fail in order to succeed

walt-disneyEvery successful man has tattooed his mind with the sayings that effort is necessary in order to get there and that nothing comes for free.

These millionaires have always been prepared for failure and to learn from his mistakes. I mean, taking lessons from mistakes makes our future decisions more assertive, leading in turn to success. So now you know: perseverance is key.

Know when to switch off your phone

With the advances of technology and the boom of smartphones, it is almost inevitable that people lose their concentration easily.

20160108224006-guy-beard-hairy-hipster-focus-concentrateThat is the reason why the best thing you can do so you can focus on what is important is turning off your phone. That’s right!

It may sound crazy, but if you’re in the middle of an important project, your phone could divert your concentration and some things could go overlooked leading to inferior results to those expected by you and everyone else.

So bare this in mind: forget the world outside a little and focus on your own work and success.

Know how to adapt to changes in the labor market

Worldwide nowadays many things can happen, even in the most stable departments of all. So, if you’re aiming at success, you should be ready to face new challenges and that includes knowing how to adjust to changes.

image-1-_cr081340762_Many times what happens is that successful men understand that being stagnant or ignoring trends could hold you back. So, working your mind, coming up with new ideas and developing new skills is mandatory.

Forget your past achievements

Of course it is relevant to collect “trophies” along the way. But you can’t talk big forever because if you settle down with your past achievements, you may get into a comfort zone and not be able to achieve anything else.

Challenge is crucial. Setting goals every year or term in your life. And reaching them, naturally! This way you’re always climbing the ladder, making new accomplishments until you reach success.

Think positive and join the optimists

Like I said: don’t be negative. Always keep in mind everything will work out. And, in case something goes wrong, that’s what I said: get up and keep walking towards your goals. Don’t let any defeats and failures frustrate you. That happens to anyone, but the successful people remain strong and leave their defeats behind.

6c51825ce250825bcaf7b38bf4b3bbe8Plus, remember we always absorb the ideas of those around us, and we consequently learn from them. So always try to learn as much as you can from each friend or relative so that you can add up to your experience.

The ball is in your court

Well, these are some of the most important lessons successful men can teach you, which I’ve found in my search. From now on, I count on you. Read carefully each point I’ve talked about here and watch your step all the way. Best of luck and I’m sure you have a bright future ahead of you with the wealthiest men in the world.

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