How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL

A Men’s scarf can be a very  simple piece of accessory and also a huge pain if you don’t know how to tie it properly.

You may have different styles of scarfs and with different lengths, but how do you know which one will go better with your outfit?

At least in my case, I only knew one way to tie a scarf, and that was it. The problem is that you wear a scarf, most of the times, in the winter, and to be more specially during holiday season.

While I was looking through my pictures I noticed that I only used one type of knot for all my scarves, and even though they had different textures, they looked pretty much the same. Boring right?

So if you have the same problem, where you use only one type of knot, or you make mistakes of not wearing it the right way, you should follow this guide to learn how celebrity men wear a scarf.

First Let’s Learn Where The Scarf Comes From

I am sure there are many stories of the origin of scarves but for what I researched there are two main ones that seems pretty legit.

Different from what everyone, including myself, always thought the scarves weren’t first made as an accessory for cold days but actually to be used as a sweat cloth. It was originally called sudarium and was used to clean your face on hot days.

The sudarium was either worn around the neck or tied to the belt to use when needed.

Another use of the scarf, but now in Asia by the Chinese, was to rank officers on the ancient reign of the Emperor Cheng.

Below you can see statues of the soldiers from the first emperor called “army of Qin Shih Huang“. The funny thing is that they, just like us, used scarfs folded around the neck and with the ends in front of the chest.

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion |
Terracotta warrior, photo credit – Your Shot National Geographic

And you probably know that the scarves were a big hit in Hollywood by 1930, with actors like Alan Ladd and Gary Cooper.

Knowing the Length

Scarves come in different sizes; some more bulky and some thinner. So you need to know how to use them depending on where you are.

I believe the easiest way to determine which one to use is to first check the weather. Yes, the weather.

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion |
Lenny Kravitz #Fail

For example, if you are in New York on a very cold snowing day, it is ok to wear a more bulky scarf, but you wouldn’t want to wear it on a indoor place for example.

The biggest problem you will have when wearing a scarf, is to actually over do it. You don’t want to look like you are wearing your blanket around the neck.

Use common sense to know when it’s too much, and avoid #Fail the style like Mr Kravitz did.

Let’s start with the simplest form:

Twice Around

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion |

The Twice Around scarf tie is one of the most used ways to wear a scarf and I would say the most versatile too.

This is very easy to use and to tie as well. It is most used with a casual look but as you see, Pierce Brosnan shows that you can wear it with a nice suit too.

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion |
Will Smith #FAIL

If I were to wear an outfit like Will Smith is wearing I would go for a scarf with a light fabric.

This a good example to remind you of what I told you here before about the weather. If its not cold enough for you to wear a big jacket, why use a big heavy scarf?!

Keep it simple and remember that the scarf you use needs to match and look good when paired with your whole outfit.

PS: I don’t know about using burgundy for the whole outfit either, so I will leave this for you guys to decide.

Formal Tucked In

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe Tucked In scarf is a great and formal way to stay warmer without losing the style.

A good thing about the tucked in style is that you can wear it inside the shirt, if you are not wearing a tie, or on the outside as an extra accessory.

Both ways will look nice but since this is a a more formal way of wearing it, avoid using bright colors and stay away from printed scarves.

Silk Scarf Tucked In

I bet you have seen those silk scarf tucked in inside the shirt that looks very elegant. My favorite are the red ones with white polka dots.Similar to the one Ashton Kutcher is wearing – Buy Here

Over Hand Knot

Another great scarf knot to wear with a more formal outfit is the over hand knot. It looks a little big like a “long tie” so I would advise not wearing it with something too casual.

You will get less of the bulkiness you get from other type of knots around your neck, and get a more neat look.

Wearing With Long Coats

If you want to wear it under a over coat you can keep the same idea of wearing it with a suit.

At this time you can choose a thicker scarf like wool or cashmere to make it look fuller and outstand out more.

Going Casual With Your Scarf

I get that many times you don’t want to dress up too much and you don’t have an office job to be wearing fancy suits. Let’s talk a little bit about how to go casual with your scarf.

I am a believer that you should look neat with every outfit you choose to wear. Casual doesn’t mean sloppy so make sure you are dressing the right way.

Scarf With a Motorcycle Jacket

This is a popular one. The leather jacket will make your look more casual and you will still look awesome.

The leather jacket you choose will play a big role on this look. Always choose a high quality real leather jacket and denim is always a good match for it.

A boot or a sneaker will make you look very good. Take a look:

Scarf with a T-Shirt?

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comThis was always a big question I had. In europe I have seen many men wearing a scarf with a t-shirt but not all fashion men think this is something that should be done.

For example, Johannes Huebl on a video for Mr Porter said that he doesn’t believe a men should wear what he calls a “Summer Scarf”.

” I think a scarf should be worn when its cold. Not as a summer accessory.”

I have mixed thoughts about this subject. I think that if you know what kind of knot to use and what type of fabric to choose, you can maybe pull it off.

I wouldn’t wear it with a long end like Ian did on the photo for instance.

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion |

All Around Scarf Style: I think that the all around scarf can be a good choice if you ever want to wear it with a t-shirt. In Italy a saw a lot of young guys rocking this style and it didn’t look bad at all.

Bandana Neck Accessory

The Bandana is not really a scarf but since we are talking about a neck accessory I decided to throw this one in here.

The bandana tied on the neck has been very popular even in fashion shows. Back in 2014 I posted about Bandanas and it was a big trend for the Spring.

Big brands like Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and others used the bandadas to complete their styles on the runway. Even Zayn Malik from One Direction wore it at a big red carpet event.

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion |

Know When Not To Use

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comSome men do the mistake sometimes of over useing something they like a lot; like their favorite t-shirt.

We all have that friend that likes to wear “that one” accessory over and over again, like that is his “touch of style”.

Style is actually about renovating and finding new ways to impress.

Even though you may live in a place where it can be very cold for a couple months, try not to wear a scarf every day because you will make your outfits look boring.

If you are traveling, for example, and you get inside the airport, take that scarf off and let your neck breath a little bit.

Indoor places are not appropriate for scarfs, so as soon as you enter a party or someone else’s house, hang your scarf somewhere.

Don’t #FAIL

Well, I told you guys the most important things about your scarf and how to wear it right, but if you want to avoid the #StyleFail, you also need to know what not to do.

#See My Chest: I believe this is N. 1 Scarf #Fail. The thin scarf showing your chest is very unattractive and you will end up looking like a douche.

Either you wear it with a full knot to cover everything or you button up your shirt and tuck the scarf in. Please don’t do what these two did.

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion | Creative Knot: That time when you thought you were so creative that you could make a real nice unique scarf knot; and you #Fail.

Mr. Bond, Daniel Craig, must not have learned much with Tom Ford after acting in the movie; or maybe this was just one of the bad days. It must have been because this scarf looks awful and I know Mr. Bond knows better.

Remember, what I told you before about looking neat? Make a note of this now so you don’t forget later.

Picked by Me:

How Celebrity Men Wear A Scarf: and See Where They #FAIL : Fashion |


If you want to look your best, you need to know how to wear your accessories.

The same way these accessories give your entire outfit a new look, it can ruin it as well.

The wrong scarf can make a $5.000 suit look bad, so be smart with your choices and have fun with it.

What do you think is the most important detail when choosing a scarf?

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