How “Spending Too Much Money on Clothes” Could Make You Richer?

For many years I wondered why business men were always looking very sharp with their suits, wrinkle free shirts and impeccable shoes. Do they get bored of wearing a tie every day?

I bet, just like you and me, many of these business men prefer to wear a more relaxed outfit and would rather enjoy their day on pajamas instead of a suit and tie.

What many of these men won’t tell you is that one of their ways of making more money and getting more business deals is actually by dressing up. If you stop to think for a second you will realize that this makes more sense than you ever thought.

If you show up to a meeting with a hoody jacket on, sandals and a dirty t-shirt, do you think you will get the same attention that the client would give to a guy with a $1.000 suit smelling like an Italian cologne that costs more than your pay day?

It is all about the first impression

How "Spending Too Much Money on Clothes" Could Make You Richer? : Fashion  |

Unfortunately in our society you need to play with their rules and how you look is a big part of this game just as the way you introduce yourself, your gestures, eye contact, etc… if you are able to show credibility to the person next to you, you can make a lot of money.

If you want to make more money in business or grow in the company that you work for, you need to show that you are not sloppy. A well groomed men shows trust without even saying a word.

It is not Easy for Anyone

If you don’t know much about me, I started working hard in my early teens. I moved to San Francisco, CA when I was 16 years old and unfortunately my parents didn’t have much money to spend with me and my other two sisters.

If you have any friend, or if you immigrated with your family to the United States, you know that getting your life together and start from the 0 is not an easy task.

We were never poor but spending money on extra clothes and shoes was something that my parents couldn’t afford. That made me start working right after I finished high school.

Building Up my life

How "Spending Too Much Money on Clothes" Could Make You Richer? : Fashion  |

After almost two years of working on low paying jobs I decided to open my own business to take my life to the next level. I started a Green cleaning company here in the Bay area.

I am not going to get much further about my days of hustling to make my company grow, but I will tell you that in less than I year I was making close to 10x more than I was before.

On my early days of doing business I didn’t care too much about style and clothing because I was just not used to dressing up.

One day I showed up at a Mercedes dealership to buy a new car for me and my wife, I approached a seller’s desk and I asked if I could take a look at one of the new cars that they had. She quickly responded to me “Do you know how much that car costs?”. I knew that she meant that I didn’t ‘look’ like someone that could buy a new Mercedes at her store.

I just realized why that was the motivate when my wife mentioned to me ” If we came in here dressed up all nice, she would have treated us different.’

Long story short, I left the place with a car sold by another seller.

How "Spending Too Much Money on Clothes" Could Make You Richer? : Fashion  |

My point here is, I can blame the seller as much as I want for not treating me well because of the way I was dressed; but in a way it is “not really her fault”, the society is built like this so we need to play with their rules if we want to succeed.

Notice I said “play with their rules” and not by their rules, meaning sure if dressing up will make me profit then why not? That won’t change who I am as a person or my character.  Whether we like it or not, we are judged by the way we look, for what we own, for our physical appearance, etc.

My Growth in Business and Life

How "Spending Too Much Money on Clothes" Could Make You Richer? : Fashion  |

That was my wake up call and I started testing what difference would the way I dress make in my life; the result was success.

I showed up at business interviews dressed up better and I presented myself like a big company instead of a small business from town. I changed the way my employees presented themselves as well; I made them wear uniforms, drive the company’s cars which had the company’s logo on it etc, and I started to see a growth on my business right away.

Even though most of the times I priced my jobs higher then most companies, my customers felt more secure using my company because their first impression of me and the company was better than the other guys.

How much do you need to spend?

How "Spending Too Much Money on Clothes" Could Make You Richer? : Fashion  |

I won’t lie to you, if you have the money to spend/invest on yourself, you should do so. If you once heard that “marketing is the key to success“, you should believe in that and be a walking truth of that saying.

Although it is good to spend more money buying nicer clothing, it is not required. It is definitely not an excuse for you if you don’t have a lot of money to spend with clothes. If you are on a budget you can still dress up nice and with some key pieces you won’t spend much money.

You need to remember that the money you spend with nice clothes, shoes and accessories is an investment on your financial life.

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Important Conclusion

I am sure that through out this post you have been thinking about a lot of men who are very rich and don’t care a bit about the way they dress.

My response to you is;

1. Guys like Mark Zuckerberg and other tech guys that don’t dress up at all for example, are extreme rare cases of brilliant men that built their success very rapidly and they didn’t need to follow the step by step rule.

2.  If someone is already successful and everyone knows that, they don’t need to think about clothes. And if they did, they could just pay someone to do that for them.

I am not a billionaire myself so I don’t spent crazy money on clothing. The point is more about showing that you have sense of style, that you take care of yourself and you care about nice things rather than trying to show off your ‘new acquisitions’.

So what do you think; will you be using this new strategy for your life as well? #DressUpToSucceed

Marcos Paulo de Andrade is the founder/writer for the blog Royal Fashionist, a men’s guide for the modern and sophisticated men, including a variety of current issues such as fashion, health, and fitness.  Marcos Paulo is also the fitness guru who has close to 5 million hits on youtube.

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