How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory

Whether you’re a man or a woman, discovering that you’re losing your hair can be very difficult to process. So many of us, often unintentionally, depend on our hair as a measure of our looks, our strength, our virility. This means that losing your hair can leave you feeling unattractive, anxious, and depressed.

The fact is that people can be cruel about hair loss, particularly when it affects women or younger men. The follicly challenged are an easy target, often used as the butt of lazy jokes.  Men and women who are losing their hair are called names, laughed at, and attention is often drawn to the area of their body that they are most conscious of.

Whilst the criticism of others can leave you feeling self-conscious, it isn’t the only reason that many people decide to tackle their hair loss. With so many options available to you, it is now possible to reverse the hands of time.

You can focus on self-improvement. You can look the way you want to look, without the judgment of others. You can be so much more than just the way your hair makes you feel.

Suffering from hair loss? Looking for a solution to that bald spot or receding hairline? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some of our tried and tested hair loss solutions:

Best Solution: Hair Building Fibers

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

Hair building fibers are a new and innovative product that will help to add thickness and strength to fine and thinning hair in no time at all. They’re also incredibly easy to use.

All you do is wash your hair, and then dry and style it as usual, before shaking the hair building fibers into the thinning areas of your hair and then pat your hair to disperse the fibers and ensure they are held in place: it really is that easy!

These fibers work best if you have a small patch of thinning or hair loss: they are not intended as a widespread hair replacement. However, if you have a small patch of thinning hair or a receding hairline, this is one of the best solutions on this list for you!

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

The fibers are available in nine different colors, and it’s important to match the bottle you choose to your natural hair color as closely as you can: the better the match, the more natural and realistic your end result will be.

Because the application is so quick and easy, you can apply hair building fibers every day, and even top up your hair throughout the day (or before you head out for after work drinks). If you use it consistently, no one will ever need to know that you’re even losing your hair!

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming | https://www.royalfashionist.comHow To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

Want to see the difference that hair building fibers will make to your thinning hair?  Why not order yours and give it a try today?

Available in the Royal Fashionist store for just $19.99.

Please note: Because this product is so popular and demand levels are high, this product will take between 14-28 days to arrive from ordering.

Sensible Styling Tips

The way that you cut your hair will have a huge impact on how thick it looks, and how obvious your thinning hair or receding hairline is.

Many men opt to disguise a bald patch in the center of their hair by combing the rest of their hair over it (think Donald Trump, but less ridiculously severe) and this can look great, provided you don’t use too much hair to create the style. (The problem with Donald Trump’s hair is that it has been folded and combed over more times that a puff pastry pie!).

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

Looking for something a little more modern than the comb over? Here are some of our favorite hairstyling tips for men with balding or thinning hair:

Cool Guy Quiff

Working in much the same way as a comb over, adding a cool, 1950’s-style quiff is a great way of disguising a central bald spot. Work the hair from the front of your head up and over into a quiff shape, using the hair to cover as much of the bald spot as possible.

Be sure to hold the quiff in place using a strong hold hairspray  – you don’t want your quiff to be flapping in the wind (or you’ll end up looking like Trump getting out of a helicopter!)

Callum Best is a great example of this hairstyle, having had extensive experience of suffering from hair loss since he was in his early 20s:

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

This is a great hair style to choose if you want something fun and fashion-forward, and if you have a small central bald spot but the rest of your hair is still relatively thick.

Ryan Gosling’s hair is a great example of this, showing that using a quiff and moving your parting can act as a great disguise and add extra thickness to your hair.

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

Note: Don’t opt for a 1950’s style quiff if you were actually born in the 1950’s. Instead of looking modern and retro, you’ll just look old fashioned.

Crop it Short

If you’re experiencing widespread hair thinning or hair loss then one of the very best things you can do for your hair is crop it short. This is the advice you would be given by almost every hairdresser in the land, and it is the advice that we would give you too.

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

You might feel nervous of cutting off more hair when you are already losing so much of it, but the reality is that the shorter your hair is cut, the thicker it will look.

Depending on the extent of your hair loss, you should have your hair cut as short as possible without being able to see your scalp.

Ask your hairdresser for a blunt cut without any layers, to ensure that what hair you do have looks as thick as possible. Finally, use a saltwater spray, rather than a hair spray, to add extra texture and thickness to your locks.

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

Jude Law is a great example of this: when he accepted that he was losing his hair and had it cropped short, his hair loss actually became less noticeable. Instead of looking at his hair, attention was drawn to his symmetrical face and his chiseled jawline, proving that you don’t need a full head of hair to be a Hollywood leading man.

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

If your hair loss is extensive and a short crop like Jude Law’s would still leave you with overwhelming bald patches then don’t worry: there is another Hollywood icon you can replicate.

Billy Zane has suffered from hair loss for more than a decade. He now deals with the issue by cropping his remaining hair as short as possible. The result is a look that is masculine, no-nonsense, and that really suits him.

Brilliant Blow Dry

Finally, if you don’t want to lose the length of your hair then why not consider investing in a blow dryer instead? When you blow dry your hair you instantly make it look thicker and fuller.

Blow drying your hair also allows you to control the angle at which the hair emerges from the follicle, helping you to make your hair look taller, which can also be helpful in covering up bald spots.

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

If you do decide to blow dry your hair regularly then opt for a medium heat setting: anything too hot will actually damage your hair, and could result in it looking thinner and more unhealthy.

Use the heat from the dryer to manipulate your hair into place, creating a shape that will cover up any spots you want to disguise. To prevent the wind revealing your clever work, fix hair in place with a little hair spray, and then you’re ready to hit the town!

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

David Beckham is a good example of this. He has stopped cropping his hair short as a solution to his thinning hair, and instead blow dries it in place. It looks fuller, thicker, and more healthy, and is a great option for the modern man who still has all his hair, but it is looking much thinner than it used to.

Tattoo For You

Tattoos are a huge style statement right now, and more people than ever are adorning their skin with beautiful designs.

Whether your a fan of the look, and sport a full sleeve of sailor tats, or you have virgin skin and have never thought about getting a tattoo before, tattooing could actually be the solution to your hair loss problems.

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

Tattooing the scalp is the latest hair loss solution for men that are struggling to find anything else that works to cover their balding or receding hairlines. No, that doesn’t mean that you will have anchors, love hearts, and other traditional tattoos all over your head!

Instead, scalp tattooing works by using a specialized pigment and a digital permanent makeup machine equipped with a very fine needle to create tiny follicles all over the scalp.

Effectively, you will have thousands of tiny tattoos that look just like stubble all over your head. Scalp tattooing can’t suddenly give you luscious long locks.

How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory : Grooming |

But it can make it look like you are choosing to wear your hair short, rather than losing your hair altogether. It’s painful, it’s expensive…but it really works!


Hair loss is no laughing matter. It can make you feel self-conscious, undesirable, and leave you the butt of your friends jokes too. But the good news is, you don’t just have to stand back and accept hair loss anymore.

Thanks to many of the hair loss products on the market, a good hair cut, and a change in attitude, you can still look and feel great.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable temporary solution, such as hair building fibers, or a pricier but more permanent one, such as scalp tattooing, you don’t have to accept that your hair is gone forever. Take control of your own destiny. Take control of your own hair. And you’ll soon be looking, and feeling, better than ever in no time.

Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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