Now that I am moving to Austin there is one thing that I keep thinking about… to dress nicely in the Texas heat lol. As much as this may sound like an extremely vain concern, it’s a true concern!

I am used to living in the San Francisco Bay, where most days and nights the weather is pretty chilly, and it’s easy to dress up in layers, suit up and look as sharp as I want. Now in the heat, that can be a challenge, so I’ve done some work and put together a short list of what to wear in the heat.

First some key guiding principles that some of us already know: 
  • Choose light and breathable fabrics.
  • Linen is a great choice if you must wear a suit.
  • 100% cotton clothes are also great.
  • Stick to light colors such as white and pastels.
  • Make your shoes the statement piece and Go sock-less when you can.
  • Wear looser shirts, and try to stay away from skin tight pieces.
Choose Light weight fabrics and If you Need to Wear a Suit then go for Linen

Linen is a wise choice if you have to wear a suit or a blazer in the heat. I would wear a nice short sleeve t-shirt underneath it instead of a proper long sleeve shirt. And yes it’s ok, you will still look very well dressed.    For those of you who are more visual here are some choices:

Massimo Dutti Linen Blazer

On sale now for $150.00

2010301400_2_3_14 Fashion  |


2010301400_1_1_14 Fashion  |


Lighter Colors are Better

Just try wearing black in the heat, it makes you 100 times warmer.  Light fabrics and light colors is key.


100531845 Fashion  |

Cotton is also a great option for Light Weight materials 

If you can’t stand linen then choose a cotton suit. Cotton is a light fabric and you can basically find anything made from cotton.

Here are 2 options made from cotton:

OLIVER SPENCER Theobald Unstructured Herringbone Cotton Blazer $580


882812_mrp_in_l Fashion  |

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Two Button Oxford Weave Blazer

91YNc7Fxm7L._UY879_ Fashion  |

I mentioned wearing a short sleeve shirt with your linen blazer and for that I prefer a nice crewneck shirt. I am not a fan of wearing regular t-shirts or a v-neck.  I think crewneck is super classy. And please no print!

Ribbed Crewneck T-Shirt JOHN VARVATOS COLLECTION $148

101044807 Fashion  |

Another option for the summer is pairing nice slacks with a Polo Shirt

If you know just how to pick the right pieces, you can wear a polo shirt with nice slacks and look super chick.  Just make sure that it is a very nice polo and be careful with what prints and designs you choose.

I am obsessed with this Justin Bieber look and I think he looks dapper here.  Again careful with the prints, he nailed it!

jb1-1 Fashion  |

FullSizeRender-9-e1494358854841 Fashion  |
See Outfit Post Here

A simpler but just as  chick option:

tumblr_n5i83t3LdQ1t5lgeao1_500 Fashion  |


Jersey Polo PAL ZILERI $195

100588306 Fashion  |


Versace Short-Sleeve Polo Shirt, Blue $325.00

NMN3XV9_mu Fashion  |

Noose & Monkey Jersey Polo Shirt with Logo $48.008390293-1-black-2 Fashion  |

 Let Your Sunnies do The Talk

Have you ever felt that even though your outfit seemed on point, something looked off? It is probably your sunglasses’ fault.

This is a critical mistake we see many guys doing. A nice outfit (especially a suit) with a “oakley sports sunglasses” looks terrible. Choose the right sunnies and avoid looking bad guys.

the-amazing-spider-man-2-be-amazing-day-volunteer-day-1 Fashion  |


Don’t Go for Silk 

You may be tempted to buy silk because it feels cool and light on the body but it’s not breathable and thus tend to retain the heat and you end up sweating even more. Even worse than that is the huge sweat stain you get when you sweat in silk.

Again a light weight 100% cotton shirt in a light color will always be the best option.

article-0-1A9CD7D0000005DC-493_634x998 Fashion  |

The only silk item that is good for the summer is a nice silk tie. That can sure add a nice touch to your look.

We talked a lot about blazers and shirts but I don’t want to forget to mention the Chinos! 

Chinos are great for summer and it’s nice when you wear the ones that you can show some ankle and go sockless.

4a72eaf0a01c4a78b287c0e6377d649a-mens-blue-pants-blue-chinos Fashion  |

Going sock-less is also another way to stay a little cooler when it’s 100 degrees outside. And it makes you look really cool, but you do need to have nice shoes.

The backless loafers are really trending this year and it’s a great option for a summer chick look.

Gucci New Kings Slide Loafer $670100916312-e1501100271839 Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comAnd again remember not to wear skin tight clothes…


Summer can be brutal and if you wear tight clothes you are going to make yourself even more miserable. Choose loose more comfortable pieces instead!

3ca56bfe94b58965ea0a5b4e23b54e5a Fashion  |

And last but not least…..the good old Handkerchief May Come in Handy

The handkerchief is such a good accessory for the summer…it’s classy and nothing wipes off sweat quite like it lol!

Geoffrey Beene 5 Pack Handkerchiefs $9.99

65d544c87e34f142f053bb919b2de4b9-linen-jackets-linen-jacket-men Fashion  |

Alright guys, wish me luck! I should be joining the Texas heat in less than 3 weeks lol. Let me know if you have any other tips I didn’t mention, and have a great rest of your week.

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