How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle

One of the most famous and popular members of the boy band One Direction, and arguably one of the most famous and immediately recognizable men in the world, Harry Styles has a distinctive sense of style.

He is well known for his love of fashion, and he often chooses to wear bright colors, bold patterns, and high fashion shapes. Harry knows that what you wear should reflect your personality, and he never misses an opportunity to inject his trademark cheeky nature and sense of fun into his wardrobe.

Here are our top tips for stealing some of Harry Style’s famous sense of fashion:

The Style Evolution

Since he left One Direction to forge a solo career and break into the world of acting, Harry Styles has undergone something of a style evolution.

The teen-friendly coordinating outfits, slimline tracksuits, and sportswear that were his trademark during his boy band days have been abandoned in favor of a more grown-up and unique style.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe change started slowly. He started wearing skinny jeans and Chelsea boots in lieu of his former favorite sneakers. Before long his style had morphed completely, and he was the floral-suit wearing, silk shirt promoting fashionista that we know and love.

It is this modern, updated sense of style that is so desirable, and that you should seek to replicate. Unless you want to look like a teenybopper from a boy band, of course! We won’t judge.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

Since he transformed from a typical boy band heart throb into a certified fashionista, it isn’t just the teenage girls who are drooling over Harry Styles! Grown men are desperate to recreate his coveted sartorial style as well.

The good news is that this is surprisingly easy to achieve, and you don’t even have to hit the shops and invest in any new pieces to pull off Harry’s trademark look. Here’s the key to Harry’s look in five simple steps, using pieces that you already have in your closet:

  1. Undo Your Button
    One of the trademarks of Harry’s style is that it’s so laid back. If you want to recreate this laid-back look then undo your top shirt buttons and let your shirt swing open!Harry is famous for letting his shirt open so far down that you can see a glimpse of the tattoo on his torso (often leaving four or five buttons open).If you’re not so keen on flashing quite that much flesh then two open buttons would have just the same effect.You can do this with any shirt, but if you really want to capture the essence of Harry then pick a shirt with a bold print. Floral, Hawaiian and oven seventies-style paisley print are all firm favorites for Harry.He also enjoys a more traditional striped shirt, but only if the stripes are bold and bright. Look for block primary colors paired with a sharp and crisp white base. Don’t over starch your collar: this should be as soft and loose as possible, to match the rest of the laid back and unbuttoned look.
    How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion |
  2. Plain White Tee
    The plain white tee is a piece that every man has in his closet. The good news is that this simple and understated piece is something that Harry wears regularly and that you can reclaim and make an integral part of your own distinctive style.If you want to wear your white tee like Harry then pair it with a pair of skinny black jeans (the tighter the better) and your favorite Chelsea boots. If you want to really elevate your outfit and add a touch of Harry’s flamboyant style then why not consider adding a necklace or leather bracelet too?This is the perfect way to turn a very simple and understated outfit into a high fashion look with a distinctively rock and roll edge.
    How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion |
  3. Embrace the Jacket

Harry Styles embraces the jacket in its many incarnations. It would be hard to choose the kind of jacket he favors, because he owns and wears them all! We have seen Harry wearing leather biker jackets, bomber jackets, and blazers in a whole array of styles and patterns.

This is good news if you are trying to recreate his look on a budget because you can recreate one of Harry’s iconic looks with whatever jacket you already have in your wardrobe! The key is to style it with skinny pants and a loose-fitting tee or shirt to play so that you are playing with proportions.

Because Harry is famed for his love of color, if you don’t have color in your jacket then consider injecting it with the shirt or tee that you choose instead.
How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.com4. Wear it Well 

One of the most important things that you will need if you want to dress like Harry Styles is confidence. No one wears high-end fashion without the same sartorial standards and all-round panache as Harry: and that is because he carries himself with total confidence.

He has the ability to style everything he wears like it was made just for him. I think the word that best sums up the way Harry wears his clothes is swagger: he pushes the boundaries of menswear without being swamped in outfits that overwhelm his natural good looks.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

Hold yourself tall, be proud of the outfit that you have put together, and know that no one looks as great as you do today: it’s the Harry Styles Way!How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

Be Bold With Pattern

One of the aspects of his style that Harry is most famous for is his use of color and pattern. Harry is bold and fearless when it comes to his use of unusual fabrics: he doesn’t shy away from even the most flamboyant of prints.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comHarry isn’t afraid to step outside of conventional gender norms with it comes to the fabrics he wears either: super soft silk shirts and long rock-star silk scarves regularly form the base of his outfits.

Thanks to Gucci’s bold pattern 1970s inspired collections of Summer 2017, Harry developed a keen passion for high octane seventies silhouettes. He even abandoned his trademark skinny jeans in favor of wider legged pants in homage to the brand and their vision for the season.

That doesn’t mean that Harry is simply a clotheshorse for high-end brands, however. He has established his own distinctive brand and he knows what does and doesn’t work within the confines of his look.

Fantastic Footwear

When it comes to his footwear, Harry Styles is a big fan of boots no matter what the weather. Chelsea boots, biker boots and cowboy boots all regularly appear in his style armory.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

Harry often chooses boots with Cuban heels. This is a great tip if you are more diminutive in height. Harry stands at 6 feet tall, but he often uses gently heeled boots to add extra height to his frame and elongate is already slender legs.

If you are on the shorter side, or conscious about your height then adopting a Cuban heel is a great way to add those much needed extra inches whilst still looking chic and masculine.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

His tan Saint Laurent Chelsea boots are a firm favorite for Harry, sparking their own Twitter feed. When they had been worn so often they had holes in the soles, Harry even tweeted to say goodbye to them before changing his mind, having them resoled, and resurrecting them.

His beautiful black leather Burberry boots (shown above) have also received plenty of wear, and are one of the front-runners in his armory of regular boots. And if you’re looking for another brand to seek out, he wears get another pair of Chelsea boots from Gucci, no less, in his latest music video.

Don’t have the budget to stretch to these high-end designer Chelsea boots, which can often cost several hundreds of dollars? You’re not alone. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear high-quality Chelsea boots without breaking the bank.

The stunning tan suede Chelsea boots from our very own Royal Fashionist range look just like Harry’s favorite tan boots. They’re durable, easy to wear and ooze laid-back cool.

Harry often uses his boots to cement his trademark rock star style: let’s not forget that the Chelsea boot was originally brought into the public eye by the Beatles. The original boy band and one of Harry’s inspirations. If you only buy one new Harry Styles -inspired boot this year, make it a Chelsea boot!

A Scrapbook of Tattoos

Having a sleeve full of tattoos isn’t particularly unusual in today’s society, and we are big fans of a well positioned and well thought out tattoo when it is worn with style and confidence.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

But what makes Harry Style’s tattoos so notable and interesting is the amount of personality that is included in them. They are reminiscent of an old-school sailor, with each of the black and white tattoos (many of them sketchy in style) telling a story.

Harry’s tattoo collection includes a naval anchor, a naked mermaid, a skeleton wearing a fedora on his forearm, and a huge butterfly across his torso. Other notable designs include a very intricate pirate ship and a very petite letter ‘A’ as a tribute to his mother, Anne.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhilst we’re not suggesting you go out and get tattooed just so that you can look like your favorite celebrity, if you were thinking of adding a tattoo or two to your collection then what you can learn from Harry’s collection is to be true to yourself and reflect your personality.

Choose tattoos that make you happy and don’t second guess what others might think of the decisions you make. Harry has been very vocal about the fact that some of his fans don’t like his tattoos. But this hasn’t stopped him from choosing the ink that makes him happy.

Don’t Forget the Pants

When talking about Harry Style’s distinctive sense of style, it would be impossible not to mention his pants, particularly his obsession with black skinny jeans.

When he isn’t heading out for the evening in pants as flamboyant and attention seeking as his shirts and jackets, you can be sure that he will be wearing his trademark black skinny jeans. They are his go to daytime look and the one piece that he simply couldn’t live without.How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion | If you’re a big fan of blue denim and you want to channel Harry Styles then it’s time to rethink: Harry almost exclusively only wears black and grey skinny jeans. In fact, we challenge you to find a photo of him wearing blue jeans because it’s almost impossible!

Wearing black jeans for every occasion might not seem particularly exciting, but it’s easy to see why Harry chooses to do so: they make a great foil for his wonderful flamboyant shirts, and you can wear them for anything.

They’re definitely a piece that every man should have in his wardrobe. Whether you’re heading out on a date (and Harry goes on a lot of dates!), heading to the supermarket, or rocking out at a concert in the park, your black skinny jeans will get you there.

All About the Hair

Finally, it would be impossible to talk about Harry Style’s style without talking about his crowning glory: his hair. There are blogs and Twitter feeds dedicated to Harry Style’s hair, with fans obsessed with discussing its length and texture.

Most celeb spotters struggle to agree whether Harry looks best with long or short hair, which is a testament to the fact that, in reality, his hair looks iconic however he chooses to wear it.
How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhen he first unveiled his long hair, Harry caused huge ripples in the worlds of both fashion and music, but fans quickly got used to the now iconic look. Certainly, with his long hair, Harry looked just like the rockstar he is and it certainly suits his new fashion aesthetic.

As a perfectionist though, I was never a huge fan of Harry Styles with long hair: the style doesn’t suit his hairline and the texture of his hair is just too thin to look great long. Compare Styles to other iconically long hair celebrities (I’m thinking of Jared Leto) and I think you’ll agree that his version is severely lacking.

How to Dress Like: Harry Styles #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comBy contrast, I love Harry with mid-length hair. His hair looks fantastic with volume at the roots and the medium length can be swept to one side to hide the recession that Harry is clearly experiencing at the sides.

In terms of the texture, I love Harry’s curls (which is what earnt him his legion of fans during the boy band days) and curly haired guys can learn a lot from how he handles his. Work with the texture of your hair, rather than against it, and embrace its natural style and shape.


Because he is such a versatile style chameleon, there is something for everyone when examining Harry Style’s style. Whether you seek a rock aesthetic, a fashion-focused high fashion feel, or you want to channel the seventies inspired feel, you can take your inspiration from the wardrobe of Harry Styles.

His sense of style is best suited for casual and weekend wear (you won’t often find Harry wearing an office-friendly three-piece suit because let’s face it, he’s never had to have an office job in his life!) but if you’re looking for an attention seeking and eye-catching new look for a Saturday night then there is no one we would rather channel.

In our eyes, Harry can do no wrong. If you’re looking for a celebrity to use as inspiration when getting dressed every morning then we can’t think of anyone better!

Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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