How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle

Ryan Reynolds style has evolved a lot since his Van Wilder days. No longer likely to appear as the scruffy college drop out on the red carpet, Reynolds is now one half of a Hollywood power couple. And he has the covetable sense of style to match!

Let’s face it, his move from comedy actor to action hero, and the inevitable buff body and toned torso that comes with such a transition, has certainly helped increased Ryan’s appeal to male and female audiences around the world.

And it is this physical change that triggered the change to his sense of style too.

Ryan Reynolds makes both his laid back off duty and his red carpet styles look thrown on and effortless, but the reality is that it takes a lot of effort to look that good. And the fact is that Ryan Reynolds always looks good. Here’s how you can too:

Invest in a Blue Suit

Unlike so many Hollywood stars, when it comes to formal events Ryan prefers to wear navy or blue tailoring over black. This is a refreshing difference that ensures he always attracts attention for all the right reasons on the red carpet.How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

Ryan’s blue suits are sure to stand out in the sea of black; especially when he has Blake Liveley on his arm! Blue suits are great for adding warmth to your skin tone, showing off a distinctive pattern, and they look much less harsh and severe than their black equivalents.

This is a guy who can teach us a thing or two about sharp tailoring. Thanks to his buff and toned physique, he always opts for a slim fitting suit that is tight fitting across his chest. As well as drawing attention to his gym honed torso, this also makes him look leaner, and less boxy. A simple trick to follow if you’re also a gym junkie that wants to look sharp!

How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhen choosing a blue suit, Reynolds almost always opts for a three piece version, and often mixes things up by pairing a waistcoat in a different shade of blue or with a check, hounsdtooth or pinstripe design with a plain navy suit. Another clever trick to draw attention to his chest!

The beauty of the blue suit is that it’s incredibly versatile. It will look just as good in the office as it will at a party or to attend a wedding. You could even pair the blue suit jacket with your favourite jeans to create a fashion-forward smart casual style.

Here are some of our favourite blue suits for you to choose from:

How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

Consider Your Jacket Carefully

Ryan Reynolds has an incredible simple and classic casual style. He’s found a formula that works for him, so he sticks with it! When he’s not on the red carpet you will almost always find him wearing blue jeans and a plain coloured crew neck or v neck tee.How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion |

Easy to replicate, but not exactly the work of a style icon, right? This is where things get clever! He then elevates each outfit and gives it a fashion-forward and covetable feel by pairing it with the right jacket.

Ryan has a huge number of different jacket styles and designs. Whether he is rocking a traditional denim jacket, introducing an unexpected pop of colour with a vibrant red suede bomber, or wearing one of his many trademark leather jackets

No matter what the season, surprisingly few photos of Ryan Reynolds are taken when he isn’t wearing a jacket! If you want to steal his style, then, this is one of the most important and essential tips you should follow!

How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhat do all of these jackets have in common? They are all slim fitting, fit on or just above his natural waist, and are designed to be worn open. Just like is suit style, Ryan Reynold’s jacket style of choice is carefully considered to ensure it delivers maximum attention to his buff body whilst making the smallest amount of perceived effort.

Pick a jacket that is tight around your arms (ideal for showing off honed biceps), sits perfectly on your shoulder, and doesn’t swamp your body. The right jacket should accentuate your frame rather than hide it.

It’s OK to be Pattern Shy

Ryan Reynolds is fast earning a reputation for being a style icon, despite his relatively simple and straight forward sense of style. Clean, neat, minimalist and easy to wear are all terms that would definitely apply to the Ryan Reynolds style.

He very rarely wears patterns, and when he did they are in an understated heritage style. No bold stripes, Hawaiian prints or masculine florals here!

How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comThe good thing about choosing a pattern shy style icon is that their style is relatively easy to imitate, and relatively difficult to get wrong! When you pick garments in block colours shopping from a muted colour pallette, everything in your wardrobe will match and compliment each other.

This could be called a cheaters guide to styling yourself famous, and it is one Ryan follows to the letter: if everything in your wardrobe coordinates with everything else then you can never put together a bad outfit.

This is an ideal choice if you like to look stylish and well put together, but are too time poor to spend much time focusing on choosing outfits each morning.

Add Accessories

Although he has a simple and understated style, that doesn’t mean that Reynolds shies away from adding accessories. During the colder months he frequently dons a flat cap in the style of an old-school country gent, and he also owns several pairs of vintage-style sunglasses.

These only add to the old-school Hollywood feel of many of Ryan’s most iconic outfits.

How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhen it comes to his beloved blue suits, Ryan definitely has a ‘more is more’ approach to accessorising. When wearing a three piece suit he almost always wears a tie (a blue one, of course) and he also likes to add extra accessories such as cufflinks and tie clips. This only adds to the old school vintage feel of his evening wear.

Finally, let’s talk about shoes! It is here that Reynolds really lets his creative juices flow, and he doesn’t have just one type of shoe that he religiously sticks to.

From preppy Sperry boat shoes to chunky biker boots, via Converse (the everyday shoe so often favoured by the everyman) Reynolds regular wears a wide range of casual shoes when he is opting for a trademark blue jeans.

How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhen he is dressed in formal wear or reaching for a more smart casual feel, the shoes are equally elevated. Like his flat cap, he nods to the heritage style of the English country gent with brown brogues and he also enjoys a highly polished black dress shoe.

If you need to decide between black or brown shoes then it is worth noting that when you wear blue (Reynolds’ signature shade) a brown tone will create warmth and richness, and is generally a much more versatile choice. We are big fans of the versatile brown brogue, which can be worn for literally everything!

Go For Grooming

Finally, we need to talk about grooming, which is an important part of Ryan Reynolds style. Although he rarely slips into full beard territory, he has a near constant five o ‘clock shadow. This may look effortless, but it does take regular maintenance to ensure it is constantly on point.

Achieve this look without having to be clean shaven every third day in order to grow back the stubble you crave by trimming your beard carefully. Apply a rich beard balm to keep the remaining hair soft, and to help hold it in place.

How to Dress Like Ryan Reynolds #StealHisStyle : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhen it comes to his hair, Ryan often opts for a soft side parting, but in recent months he has also worn his hair in a slightly shorter buzz cut style, whilst still keeping enough length on top to allow movement.

The key to getting this look right is to use either wax or paste to hold your hair in place in order to ensure your hair doesn’t look fluffy!


Ryan Reynolds might not be an obvious choice of style icon, but his style is fashion-forward, easy to wear, and would suit almost anyone.

If you have a gym honed body and are struggling to find a look that will show it off to its full potential whilst still showing that you have an interest in style then let Ryan Reynolds show you the way!

Simple follow his simple, tried and tested approach to putting together clean and minimalist outfits, then sit back and wait for the compliments, second glances and admiration to roll in!

Tor Brierley is a writer and editor from the UK whose love of writing about fashion has taken her all over the world. With a passion for tailoring, Tor often looks to menswear for inspiration, and believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Tor has three main obsessions: red lipstick, her kids, and finding the perfect leather jacket.

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