How To Wear A Men’s Camel Coat (Top Guide)

The temperatures are beginning to drop and winter is fast approaching, which means that now is the perfect time to invest in that all-important winter coat.

A good winter coat is a wardrobe essential, because it is the one piece that you will be wearing day in and out for the whole season. There is no coat better for this season than a camel overcoat.

The camel coat is the perfect piece to take you through autumn and winter, giving you a classic wardrobe staple that you will be able to wear for season after season.

We love the camel coat because it is bang on trend without being too trendy. The neutral colour will go with almost anything (whilst being more vibrant and interesting than an equally classic black coat) and it looks just as good with a suit as it does with jeans and your favourite tee.

What is a Camel Coat?

It won’t come as much of a surprise that a camel coat is a coat that shares its colour with the coarse hair of a camel. It is a rich beige colour, with overtones of light brown and accents of yellow. The camel overcoat tends to be longer in length, and fastened with a single breasted button.

One of the best things about the camel coat is that it looks great with almost any skin tone, and provides a neutral base for a huge variety of outfits.

A great example of this is the minimalist wool camel coat available in the Royal Fashionist store.

How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  |

This is a slim fit wool coat with button-up fastening and no lining, and it can be worn in a myriad of wonderful ways. Looking to invest in a decent camel coat but not sure how to wear it? Here are our four favourite ways that you can style a camel coat this season:

The Formal Camel Coat

If you’re looking for a winter coat to compliment your formal suiting, then the camel coat is the perfect choice. Offering something durable and transitional that you can wear in the office, the camel coat will look great with suiting in any colour.

How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  |

If you appreciate formal accessories, such as tie pins and cufflinks, or if you prefer to wear a three piece suit then the clean lines and minimalist styling of the camel coat will compliment your more decadent outfit perfectly.

This is a winter overcoat that will tie in effortlessly with your everyday work wear look, injecting style, class and vibrancy into your outfit. However this versatile piece works for so much more than simply formal wear.

The Smart-Casual Camel Coat

Pulling off the smart-casual look is tricky, and doesn’t always come naturally to the average man. But the woolen camel coat is the perfect piece to pull a smart-casual winter look together, and will add a smarter feel to even the most casual of outfit.

How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  |

There are so many different options for smart casual wear. Team a well fitting fine knit sweater with your favourite chinos, or pair a button-down shirt with a pair of black or dark blue jeans. The key here is to choose simple and classic pieces in the highest quality you can afford.

If you naturally favour neutral colours then the camel coat will compliment the tones that you are already working with.

Beige and brown, olive green, and rich autumnal shades such as rust and ochre will all look fantastic teamed with your camel coat to create an eye-catching smart casual look.

If you are more attracted to bright colours, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a camel coat too.

Let your coat serve as a neutral base for eye catching shades that might otherwise seem too bold. Red, electric blue and even acid yellow fine knit sweaters will all look show-stopping paired with simple black or dark wash jeans and dark brogues or Chelsea boots.

The Weekend Camel Coat

Like to look low key at the weekend? Take off your formal office wear and chill out in a simple grey marl hooded top, jersey sweat pants or your favourite slash kneed jeans? Then a camel coat is the statement piece that will pull together your most casual pieces and turn them into an outfit to be proud of!

How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  | https://www.royalfashionist.comMake like Kanye and throw your camel coat over even the sloppiest and most low key of weekend wardrobes to instantly elevate your outfit, creating an on-trend and understated look.

The camel coat oozes quality and luxury, and this luxurious exterior will smarten up even the most tired and ill-thought out ensemble.

It’s important to remember that whilst style is eternal (some might say essential) dressing for the weekend is all about feeling comfortable, relaxed and confident.

Pair your regular casual attire with white sneakers to replicate Kanye’s signature look. Alternatively add vibrant brightly coloured sneakers to create a style statement that will attract attention for all the right reasons, and that is uniquely you.

The Minimalist Camel Coat

Most men have days where throwing on a black sweater and their favourite black jeans or chinos is the easiest and simplest thing to do.

A head to toe black outfit can look incredibly minimalist and chic, but it can also look a little dull. What’s more, black can be a very draining colour, making your skin tone look pale or sallow.

How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  | https://www.royalfashionist.comLiven up your minimalist outfit by injecting some warmth and colour with the addition of the camel coat. When you accent your look with a camel coat you’ll never have to worry about looking drab! Add sunglasses to create a look that is instantly and effortlessly cool.

It’s important to note that there are a lot of different styles and shades of camel coats. You can choose a camel pea coat, or even a camel bomber jacket if you’re looking for something particularly informal. The wide variety is part of their appeal!

But if you want to look as high end and on trend as possible then our preference is for a long length woollen version with slim-line lapels.

This can be either single or double breasted, although it’s important to note that single breasted jackets are more universally flattering and therefore easier to wear.

Choose a warm and relatively light shade to ensure that you won’t blend into the background and so that you can pair your coat with both light and dark pieces without any effort at all!


We love the camel coat so much that we designed and created our own (and you can buy it here)! This is an on trend wardrobe staple that will never go out of style, and that you can wear for any occasion. If you’re looking to have just one versatile coat in your wardrobe then this is the perfect coat to choose.

How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  | https://www.royalfashionist.comWhy not try it, even if it is a little out of your comfort zone? The ability to try something new is one of the most exciting and important aspects of fashion, and the camel coat is universally flattering and appealing, making it a pretty safe bet!

Throw it on top of every outfit all autumn and winter long to instantly elevate your outfit, turn heads, and create a look to be proud of. Don’t forget to add a scarf for extra warmth and extra-added cool, and you’ll be ready for every occasion that comes your way this season!

How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  | How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  | How To Wear A Men's Camel Coat (Top Guide) : Fashion  |

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