Make Payments On the Go with Your Power Suit


MJ Bale has partnered up with Heritage Bank and Visa to bring to the tech business man a whole new payment experience that will make the payments you make with your phone look just “cute”.

The Power Suit or “Samurai” is made with the highest quality of Australian merino wool and it lets you make payments using a Visa’s payWave system, which runs a NFC Near Field Communications (NFC) to make contact less payments.

The microchip, which is the same used for smartphones, is installed inside the suit sleeve and you just need to flick your wrist in front of the payment machine and it’s done.

Make Payments On the Go with Your Power Suit : Fashion  |

The company had a great vision when they created the suit. They wanted to make something easier and at the same time keep the style of the suit. You need to agree that a wallet on your back pocket just makes your suit look terrible.

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“The prototype means the wearer doesn’t need to ruin the cut of their trousers or jacket with a bulky wallet. It allows individuals to be ahead of the technology game and look top notch,” CEO of MJ Bale Matt Jenson


The suit is linked to your online bank account so you can always check your balances after your make the payment.

So far 11 prototypes of the suit have been made and one is been auctioned on Ebay to help the 4 ASD Kids charity.

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