Netflix is doing such a good job with their series. I watched all the episodes of the two series of “Orange is the New Black” and now I am addicted to Marco Polo :p.

It’s a very entertaining show that talks about an Italian young man called Marco Polo, named by his mom because of the Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo. The young Marco Polo, his father and uncle starts on a journey to the desert until they land in the court of Kublai Kha in what is now Beijing. He then become a trusted companion to the Mongolian Emperor in a fight to conquest all the Asian kingdoms and soon the World.

I watched the whole 1st season in three days over the weekend; that’s how good it is. You will see a lot of culture, battles, drama and naked women lol. This is a exclusive series from Netflix so you will only be able to watch it if you have an account with them. Give me your feedback when you watch it.

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