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Summer is fully upon us, and stylish wardrobes, lavish pool parties, and exotic getaway travel plans are once again the best ingredients for a ‘Life Well Lived.’

It’s time for radiant expression, for making a ‘wow’ statement across every room we walk in, and for falling in love with the balmy, blissful life side of life all over again.

For those of us who draw our summer inspiration from Fashion, one luxury accessory and jewelry line that’s making waves for all these reasons is Marcos De Andrade (, the eponymous line of the debonnair men’s fashion blogger who takes the stage name The Royal Fashionist.

Distinguished by its stunning, artisan designs and ultra confident masculine aura, Marcos De Andrade has exploded onto the national scene earning high praise as the most bold and brazen luxury jewelry line for men.

Marcos designed the line with the intent to convert modern masculine style into personal power which could transport each man who wore the line to his height of mood and charm.

Marcos elaborates: “Style is Power and Self Expression. I want men to feel confident when they wear my designs.”
The Brand’s Founder, Marcos De Andrade, Also Writes One of Today’s Most Successful Fashion Blogs, The Royal Fashionist

Leading it’s rapid sweep across culture are some of today’s most recognizable celebrities and style icons- from Edward Zo to Jonny Edlind to Tommy Tran- who are taking  to social media in droves to share their infatuation and proclaim Marcos De Andrade their new go-to jewelry line for summer.

Men’s Fashion Icon Edward Zo Enjoying His Onyx Bracelet From Marcos De Andrade Jewelry
Menswear Trendsetter @matthiasgeerts joins the growing coalition of top influencers touting @marcosdeandradeofficial as the 2017 men’s jewelry brand of choice

Product wise, Marcos De Andrade offers a wide selection of jewelry consisting of handcrafted gold, silver, and onyx bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, and wallets.

 Each piece originates from a sketch design, goes through a lengthy and meticulously detailed molding process, and is materialized with the finest quality precious metals. Although catering predominantly to the worldly gentlemen, most Marcos De Andrade designs can be worn unisex and serve as perfect gifts for couples who enjoy sharing jewelry.
Perhaps most conspicuously, Marcos De Andrade’s signature Oynx bracelets have been seen popping up everywhere and capturing the spotlight. Suitable for both low key days as well as more extravagant settings, these bracelets epitomize the versatile luxury quality of Marcos De Andrade and dovetail with the modern trend to wear versatile jewelry that’s suitable for any occasion.


Men’s Star Influencer Johnny Edlind Showing off the Versatility of Marcos De Andrade Designs

It’s not just the products however which have been drawing in today’s top tastemakers and creating such a stir. The real capital of Marcos De Andrade is that it’s a line of products which are becoming a symbol of the aspirational self, in essence a gateway ticket to the feeling each of us seeks to find within and express outwardly.

Men’s Fashion Icon @chezrust hailing @marcosdeandradeofficial as the hottest luxury jewelry brand of Summer 2017
I Love this Luxurious and stylish Athena Noctua Ring With 18K✨ Gold from @Marcosdeandradeofficial by @stylebytommy

This is the magnetic draw that’s been ricocheting the brand across culture, on many of today’s most prominent fashion icons, and the reason why Marcos De Andrade is the perfect gateway to the summer feeling you’re craving.

So check out the current sale they’re hosting at and see for yourself if the brand resonates with that side of you that’s ready to come out shining for summer.

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