If you are like me, you love going to the gym and you are always forgetting your stuff behind 🙂 ! Why not stop and make a list of everything you need to have on hand when going to the gym ? I will show you my gym bag essentials.

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1) Personal Towel: You should carry your own personal towel to you don’t have to use paper to clean your sweat. Also it is a nice thing to cover the area where you place your head on a gym bench.

2) Cologne ( Polo Red): I like this cologne because it has a more sweet scent so it is a good thing to give a little spray on the body.

3) Shake and supplements : check my last post about supplementsdavid-gandy_sport4 Fitness and Nutrition  | http://www.royalfashionist.com

4) Jack 3d: Get your pump to workout

5) Energy Blasts:  “Haven’t eaten for couple hours but you are afraid you are going to get bloated if you have a big meal? “Get an extra boost with these gummies

6) Free Run Nike Shoes: Awesome shoes for training and running

7) Gym Gloves: If you don’t want calluses on your hand , give this a try. Make sure you change them often

8) OLe Henriksen Muscle Comfort Lotion: Greaseless, minty lotion that soothes your soreness

9) Amenity Foot Spray: Prevent wetness and odor on your feet

10) Redken for Men Mint Fix Sweat-Resist Gel: Keep your hair looking good while working out



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