Men’s Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends)

Most women love to have brunch with their friends. It is like a ritual that happens every week.

This is one of the times that girls gather to gossip, talk about boys, other girls and if you are lucky enough, your girl will invite you into one of these gatherings.

Not only friends brunch gathering, but most women, specially if they just got to know you a little more, will prefer you to take her to a brunch date than to a romantic dinner, because a brunch seems more appropriate for the stage you guys are in, got it?

The worst thing that can happen is for you to show up dressed like you just picked up your dirty clothes from the day before.

Lucky you, I have studied and researched on what most men usually do wrong on Brunch days, so you don’t make the same mistakes others once did.

Understanding the Environment

Not all Brunch meetings are the same. Sometimes you will be invited to a brunch in a fancy place or a more casual one. Failing to choose the right outfit for that specific environment can be just as bad as not preparing at all.

Men's Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends) : Fashion |
Yardbird Restaurant in Miami

That’s something I always do before choosing my outfit for any restaurant. Either I check the restaurant’s website or I go to yelp/tripadvisor. Most pages have quite a few pictures and you can see the outfits.

So do your homework and visit the restaurant’s website to see what the crowd looks like. The majority of the times you will get a sense of what you should wear.

What Is She Wearing?

Unless you have been with the person for quite sometime and it is not your first date, you shouldn’t call to ask her “What are you wearing?”.

If the girl is into fashion and she thought you were too, she might think that you know how to dress.

Be creative but keep the basics: The key for not “getting it wrong” is to keep the basics. You can be creative with some key pieces like a jewelry, belts, etc but the more you get creative with some pieces, you should keep the others as more “simple” as possible.

The Best Outfits To Make a Good Impression

Here it is, I separate some cool ideas so you can look your best at your brunch. No matter if its a date or just a get together with your friends, you need to look good, right?

I am not going to get into the grooming part as I believe you should have this covered. But in any case you don’t, check out our grooming page and take a look at everything from beard to perfume selections.

Men's Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comSlim Fit Navy Jacket by H&M | Striped T-Shirt by Comme des Garçons | Slim Low Jeans by H&M | White Sneakers by Common Projects | Brown Leather Watch by Burberry

Stripe t-shirts are booming now, specially this one from Comme des Garçons. The striped shirt is a very cool piece to make your outfit more fun.

Remember what I said about been creative? This is a good example. Since the striped long sleeve is more flashy, the blazer should have a solid color. If you prefer not to use the blazer, it is ok too, but it is a good add for this outfit.

#tip: Roll up the sleeve and raise the blazer collar for a more sporty look. It does make the difference.

Men's Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comLinen Light Grey Suit by BONOBOS* | White Polo by Lacoste | Monogrammed Canvas Wallet by Gucci | Tan/Brown Watch by Timex | Sand Suede Monk Strap by Calibrate

If you are taking one step up to go to a nice and fancy restaurant, this should be the outfit for it. Stylish, fancy and modern… the perfect blend!

Did you think that a suit was just to be worn at night? You thought wrong. You just need to choose the right one for the day.

It is true though, if you don’t know how to choose the right suit most of them will make you look too serious and older than you really are. Specially during the day, I want to wear an outfit that is appropriate for any environment and a suit that will fit perfectly for my body type.

Browsing for a suit I was lucky enough to find this one from Bonobos. They have a great collection of suits from casual to tuxedos.

This suit is made of a lighter cotton fabric and is more breathable. You won’t feel hot wearing it, not even in closed environments.

Here comes another plus about buying at Bonobos. Most suits are available in Slim and Standard so you can choose which fitting you prefer. I personally like the slim fit and I tried this suit myself and it is does not feel tight at all. It is actually way more comfortable than I expected. Thumbs up for this one!

Men's Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comMilitary Jacket by Zara | Long Sleeve by Selected Homme | Black Jeans by Gap | Chelsea Boot by Selected Homme | Silver Necklace by David Yurman

The typical bad boy outfit lol. I am a big fan of military jackets and chelsea boots, so you would see me wearing an outfit like this many times. In fact, I just posted a picture on my personal IG with a very similar outfit.

Men's Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comWomen love a man that wears this type of long sleeve. It is very “muscle friendly”, so if you have been working hard on your body, this long sleeve will be the best to show off your muscles.

Men's Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comBlack Sweatshirt by Fendi | Biker Jeans by Hudson Jeans | Silver Signet Ring by John Hardy | White High Top Sneaker by Givenchy | Spinel Beads Bracelet by David Yurman

Feeling more like a pop star? You never go wrong with black and white. This outfit is total made with designer items.

I found this new sweatshirt by Fendi at the Neiman Marcus store and I fell in love. The sweaters with prints are totally trending now. The Givenchy sneaker, even though it is a not a new release, has been my favorite from the brand for a long time.

Btw, if you are not dived into the men’s jewelry world yet, you should start as soon as possible. Your outfit completely changes when you put on a luxury jewelry. Don’t forget to sign up at to get notified when the collection becomes available.

Men's Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends) : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comBlack Wayfarer Sunglasses by Givenchy | Floral Shirt by 7 Diamonds | Leather Strap Watch by MVMT | Beige Shorts by Massimo Dutti | Striped Espadrille by Soludos

I told you I was going to give all outfit ideas. So if you thought about “What should I wear for a Summer hot day?”, this is it. No matter where you are, the floral shirt is always a good option.

Also, although you don’t see many men wearing it the espadrille is a great shoe for hot days. It is very comfortable and light weight, I love it.

#TO SHAREMen's Brunch Outfit Guide (For a Date or Meeting With Friends) : Fashion |

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There you have, good options of outfits for different occasions. These are basically great looks for the day that you can wear not only for a brunch but also picnics, day at the park and even at the beach. What do you think? Share your comment below.

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