Are you ready for summer? Get your body in shape, get your tan on, and last but no least, get the perfect swimwear to make you look like that movie star that you are.

Remember what I always say about looking the part and fake it till you make it? Well thats true for the swimming pool and the beach environment as well. You never know who you are gonna meet at that yacht party, so you better have your game on and look like you own the place.

IMG_4177 Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comStep one: I want you to check your closet and see the kind of swimwear you have in there.  I bet you, most of you have something that looks old, faded, plain or maybe you are one of those guys who wear the long swim shorts with the floral print on it (note that some florals are great).  If that is you then its time for step two.

Step two: don’t be a cheap ass and through it all away. Make room for the new.

Spet three: let’s buy some stuff that makes you look like a million bucks.

Easy enough right? Trust me this one is not gonna be hard. It’s actually fairly easy to look really good on the beach, because you don’t need lots of layers, or coats and expensive shoes so you just need some key pieces and you are good to go.

Swimwear Options:


STRIKEOUT-TALL-2-copy-2_2048x2048-e1496033972129 Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comI really like the Charlie by MZ brand. I think I first heard about it cause Rihanna was wearing one of their bikinis and then turns out they make men swimwear as well. The stuff is unique and chic, that’s why I love it. So I will share a couple of my favorites from them.

For this style you can also get it in all black or all white which are both super classic.

2- If you want something even shorter and a little more Vegas style, then try this:


MZ2003-WHITE-SPORT-FOIL-TRAINER_2048x2048-e1496028514274 Fashion  |

3- Valentino Camouflage Short Swim Trunk $495.00

NMN4MUU_mu Fashion  |

4- I am going to now hook you up and show you how to get the Valentino look for a lot cheaper.

Buy Similar Valentino Camouflage shorts at ASOS: ASOS Swimwear Camo Print $26

7610252-1-khakiXXLwid513fitconstrain Fashion  |

5- Calvin Klein ID Intense Power Double Waistband Swim Shorts $86

7659989-1-whiteXXLwid513fitconstrain Fashion  |

Can’t go wrong with Calvins right? This looks young and cool.

6- BOSS Shark Swimwear $129

100344307-326x500 Fashion  |

7- Mosaic Tile Swim Trunks JACK SPADE $58.80

This is great if you are looking for something a little longer and more discrete.

100672528-326x500 Fashion  |

8-  For a little pop of color choose something minimalist like these shorts from Lacoste.


8100292_fpx.tif Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comAnd If you must have something with a print, then these 2 shorts below are perfect for you:

9- Polo Ralph Lauren Traveler Paisley Swim Trunks $7504933324_zi_blue_surf__02_ai-e1496034771956 Fashion  |

10- ORLEBAR BROWN Bulldog seaside rapids swim shorts $345

9361190_fpx.tif-1-400x500 Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comTo go with your swim short you will need some sandals, maybe a t-shirt (depending on how comfortable you are being shirt-less), nice sunglasses and some cool beach style jewelry.


For your shirt, I recommend you go with a white t-shirt or tank or even a half-sleeve buttoned white shirt. The top should be plain as you want all the attention to go the shorts and to your shades.

Something like the ones below are perfect: 


9481653_fpx.tifwid800qlt900layercompop_sharpen0resModesharp2op_usm0.71.00-400x500 Fashion  |

T by Alexander Wang $75

8892460_fpx.tif-400x500 Fashion  |

Meden Tailored-Fit Linen Shirt $225

ac7a71ca-a191-df43-9f8e-9ca365ad1ce3-375x500 Fashion  |


You can go very expensive and were something that will make a statement or you can still look great with something more affordable. Here are 2 options:

PRADA LINEA ROSSA Sport Sandal  $190.00

100433198-e1496033642764-500x352 Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comThis is perfect for the beach, boardwalk or barbecue. It’s super comfortable. It’s great to wear with all the shorts with prints to tone the look down a bit. And who doesn’t want to walk around in Prada sandals?
81QAGGnT0kL._UX695_-500x201 Fashion  |

More Accessories Ideas 

MDA™ Black Rope Anklet $115

MarcosdeAndrade-23-10-338x500 Fashion  |

And lastly get some killer shades to finish Your Look 

TOM FORD Dashel 58mm Aviator Sunglasses $475

100888049-2-e1496033791705-500x314 Fashion  |

RAEN Remmy’ 52mm Polarized Sunglasses  $170.00

10770122-e1496033848875-500x276 Fashion  | http://www.royalfashionist.comAlright guys so this is it for your summer beach/pool look. Go kill it.

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