Men’s Jewelry Designers Of The Decade

This decade was marked by the rise to fame of various men’s jewelry designers. Some of them have been creating wonderful pieces of masculine jewelry for years. Some have just started and their careers sky-rocketed. Men who are fascinated with those creative jewelry pieces are now exploring what kind of jewelry suits them the most.

Jewelry is now becoming one of the most popular types of gifts for family members, husbands, fathers, colleagues, etc. A gift like this is very thoughtful and it will make them feel appreciated. Since Father’s day is approaching, you should get to know which men’s jewelry designers are currently the best. After all, we want nothing but the best for our precious fathers.

Evolution of Men’s Jewelry Designs

If you think that men are just now finding out the joys of wearing jewelry, you’re wrong. One of the most famous monarchs, Henry VIII, was known for his fabulous portraits. If you look at any of his portraits, you’ll be amazed at how many pieces of jewelry he wore, even back in the 16th century.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Throughout history, jewelry symbolized wealth and elegance. Many great rulers expressed their power by wearing enormous necklaces, bracelets and rings.

During the 40s and 50s watches became very popular. Men who had great jobs and who were wealthy spent large amounts of money on fashionable watches.

After so many years of men’s jewelry evolution, today’s men have endless choices. Good thing is that wearing unique and experimental jewelry pieces is now socially accepted. It’s not just about fancy watches and big chain necklaces anymore.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Nowadays, men have different preferences when it comes to their jewelry. Some love simplicity, so they opt for simple yet fashionable chain necklaces. Some men enjoy looking sharp so they wear multiple rings. Of course, there are a lot of men who are not afraid to add some crazy jewelry pieces to their everyday looks.

Here are some of the best designers that set this decade’s men’s jewelry trends.

Marcos de Andrade

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Marcos de Andrade is a rising star in the jewelry industry. In this industry it’s rare to see such big success so early in a career. It usually takes at least a decade for an artist to be recognized by the clients as a trustworthy artist. This is what makes Marcos de Andrade a true inspiration to all of us.

His interest in fashion was evident throughout his teenage years. However, it took one trip to Italy for him to become immersed in the men’s fashion. He was inspired to create a blog Royal Fashionist which was very well received by the public. People can recognize talent easily when they see it. He taught his readers how about fashion, grooming, and most importantly, men’s fashion accessories.

He was fascinated by the high-quality men’s jewelry pieces and accessories, so he started to create his very first collection.

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Men’s Jewelry Designs by Marcos de Andrade

Marcos de Andrade is a man who draws inspiration from many sources, which makes his pieces unique and authentic. His biggest source of inspiration are art and history, especially of places such as Greece, France and native Brazil.

This jewelry and accessories designer is known for being very involved during the whole creative process. He always makes sure to control the process during which an initial sketch becomes a finished piece.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Marcos de Andrade creates gorgeous bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets and various fashionable accessories. These items can be found on


His bracelets have a rustic feel. They are crafted so that you can see the influence of the old cultures. He’s not afraid to create bold pieces of jewelry such as necklaces with ancient axe or ancient shield details. One of his most famous rings has a little owl, or “Athena Noctua” detail.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

It’s truly wonderful to see these ancient symbols and paintings come to life in a modern jewelry collection. These ancient details with a modern twist create timeless pieces.

What Sets Him Apart From Other Men’s Jewelry Designers?

Marcos de Andrade’s jewelry and accessories pieces are made out of gold, silver or onyx. All of them look just as elegant. Marcos is able to add small changes to well-known jewelry and accessories pieces and make them into something completely new.


David Yurman

David Yurman has a private jewelry company that has boutiques all over the world. They are most famous in New York. Yurman’s jewelry is practical yet very luxurious. His pieces are great for those who want to spice up their everyday clothing items.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Yurman wasn’t always a men’s jewelry designer. Before that he worked as a sculptor. That explains the gorgeous shapes of his jewelry pieces. When he created thematic jewelry pieces he became one of the most widely known jewelry collections.

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Men’s Jewelry Designs by David Yurman

His most famous collections are gold jewelry collections. However, his silver pieces are just as gorgeous. This is mainly because he adds stunning diamonds to silver jewelry. So, if you think that silver jewelry with tiny diamonds isn’t for you, think again. Brad Pitt and Kanye West have both worn his silver pieces and everyone loved it.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Yurman also loves experimenting with large masculine jewerly pieces. His famous bracelets are great for men who like wearing simple bracelets which draw attention despite their simplicity.

Men who love engraving initials into their rings choose Yurman’s rings. Also, if you’re a fan of gemstones, this is also one men’s jewelry designer that you should check out. His designs celebrate nature’s most gorgeous metals and breathtaking gemstones.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Yurman’s watches are known to be very long lasting. It’s not rare to see a younger man who is wearing his dad’s old Yurman watch. It’s something that brings them closer together. His watches come in various designs, from leather to silver. His focus on details is truly fascinating and it’s best noticeable on his watches.

What Sets Him Apart From Other Men’s Jewelry Designers?

David Yurman’s signature piece is a cable bracelet. The inspiration clearly came from the Renaissance style. This is a twisted helix with added gemstones. This cable design is unique to him and when people see pieces like that, they immediately recognize the designer.

John Hardy

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

John Hardy is a Balinese jewelry designer whose pieces have very interesting symbolism. Those pieces have a purpose which is to spread the creative energy from the artist to the man who wears them. Even at first glance, you can see the amazing influence of various eastern cultures.

He handcrafts his silver and gold pieces using traditional Balinese jewelry-making techniques that have been known for hundreds of years.

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Men’s Jewelry Designs by John Hardy

Hardy didn’t make a single piece of his jewelry with a machine. This is an amazing fact especially when we look at the amazing number of his pieces and collections.

One of his most famous collections is the Naga collection which was inspired by the legend of Naga dragon. The legend says that this dragon lives on a Balinese mountain and that he sometimes comes down to swim with his love, a pearl. It’s absolutely beautiful to see this story be portrayed through a jewelry collection.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Because Hardy wants to promote good values and the love for nature, he gives a part of his proceeds to help plant bamboo plants. If you look inside his rings, you can see how many bamboo trees have been planted because of your purchase.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

His other pieces are inspired by various animals that can be seen in Bali. His most famous animal-inspired jewelry piece is a Modern Chain Bracelet that resembles a snake. The model includes both silver and gold parts. It can be worn with stylish jeans.


What Sets Him Apart From Other Men’s Jewelry Designers?

Hardy’s businesses send an inspiring message to his beloved clients. They promote good values such as caring for the community, artisanship and Earth sustainability. John Hardy is very environmentally and socially conscious which is mainly seen by his efforts to have a “green” company.

For every piece of his jewelry that is sold, he gives a donation to the program for planting bamboos on Bali and Nusa Penida. His pieces promote the message of unity with the nature. This is why so many men who are inspired by the nature wear his pieces.


Stephen Webster

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Stephen Webster is one of the most famous British jewelry designers. He established his own brand back in the 80s and now their jewelry pieces can be found in over 200 stores. Because of his amazing talent and his wonderful jewelry designs, he became a member of the Order of the British Empire.

Webster’s brand focuses on creating fine contemporary jewelry. The inspiration for the designs comes from literature, art, fashion and music. Stephen Webster uses traditional craftsmanship to create jewelry that is made from environmentally friendly sources. During his four decade long career he never failed to surprise and impress jewelry lovers.

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Men’s Jewelry Designs by Stephen Webster

Webster’s jewelry is inspired by unique stories, visual experiences and architecture. Just like many other men’s jewelry designers, he is fascinated by nature. Webster has his own way of representing nature in his jewelry pieces.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comIn his works, he’s able to capture the restlessness of the ocean and the energy of the wildlife. One of his biggest collections is Jewels Verne, which draws the inspiration from his favorite book, 20.000 Leagues under the Sea. It is pieces like these that make adventurous men admire his work.

His clients are people who aren’t afraid to break the confines of what fine jewelry is. A lot of his works can be considered as refined traditional pieces. Webster’s jewelry is made from high quality materials and with amazing craftsmanship. Attention to details is one of the most interesting features of Webster’s jewelry pieces.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion | https://www.royalfashionist.comFamous men such as Sir Elton John and Mickey Rourke have worn Webster’s jewelry pieces for their most iconic looks. Nobody can capture a wild man’s nature in a jewelry piece better than Webster.


What Sets Him Apart From Other Men’s Jewelry Designers?

He’s best known for creating very bold and innovative jewelry pieces. It’s amazing to see such a wide range of different designs coming from one single brand. This is what Webster’s clients love the most, the fact that they never know what’s coming next. He’s also one of the most well-known jewelry designers who worked on dramatic glam-rock jewelry pieces.


Luis Morais

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Louis Morais is an interesting high-end jewelry designer. Despite his relatively short career, his jewelry pieces are known worldwide. He started making jewelry after he saw a gorgeous bracelet in a magazine. He realized that he could use his creativity to make bracelets like that one.

Morais wants to provide his clients jewelry pieces with a perfect unity of two characteristics. The first one is playfulness and lightheartedness, while the second one is all about darkness and wilderness.

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Men’s Jewelry Designs by Luis Morais

Luis Morais is known for always creating jewelry from the high quality materials such as gold, diamonds, and crocodile skin. His best known pieces are skulls and crosses, which makes his designs perfect for men who have a rebellious side. However, these rebellious elements never compromise the overall luxurious and sophisticated appearance of his pieces.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

Morais’ jewelry pieces often have a Gothic edge which is why many rock and roll stars enjoy wearing his pieces. He loves playing with contrasts such as light and dark, diamonds and skulls, hard and soft.

Materials that Morais prefers are Brazilian ebony, woven hemp, crocodile and lizard skins. Of course, he also loves precious stones and metals.

Men's Jewelry Designers Of The Decade : Fashion |

If you look at one of his most famous pieces such as Ostrich Eggshell Bead Bracelet, you can get a better glimpse into his jewelry style. The bracelet is hand-crafted and looks very stylish. The modern look stems from simple yet elegant combination of black and white elements. Of course, this piece has a spider as the main feature.


What Sets Him Apart From Other Men’s Jewelry Designers?

Louis Morais is known for the dualities in his pieces. People who want to be surprised when they look at the details of a jewelry piece are those who will enjoy his designs the most. His jewelry is witty and sophisticated, which makes it perfect for smart men.



During this decade, we’ve witnessed and enjoyed incredible jewelry pieces by various different jewelry designers. Some of the most popular men’s jewelry designers of this decade are Marcos de Andrade, David Yurman, John Hardy, Stephen Webster, and Luis Morais.

Jewelry pieces made by these contemporary designers are luxurious and high-end. Some men are not ready to spend large amounts of money on jewelry. This is why these pieces are perfect gifts for men in our lives who deserve to feel loved. Father’s day is approaching, so this is a great time to explore jewelry pieces that are perfect for your father.

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