I have told you before, the Chelsea boot is the shoe of the year and I am all into this trend.

What I like about this boot is that it is very versatile and it comes in different shapes and formats that you can use from a casual look to a dressy look with a shirt or jacket for example.

Some have a more pointy toe and others more rounded, like this one here in the picture. The one I am wearing is better for a casual outfit, so I don’t believe it would look good with an elegant look. You can totally rock this boot with a casual button shirt though.

In the photos here you will see that I am wearing a long sleeve and then a short sleeve t-shirt, so you can see how easily you can create different outfits with this boot.

Also, I got this light weight jacket from North Face, which I am in love with. I am usually pretty warm myself and I rarely feel cold, so this jacket is awesome for those windy days.


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