Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style)

I am now in Austin, TX!  I have talked so much about my move and it finally happened this past Monday. I am right downtown on W 3rd St., near to basically everything!  I am loving it!

Moving is hard, but if you are making a conscious decision and you have done your homework then it’s also a lot of fun. I always need to have a challenge in my life to keep me going.  When everything is just “status quo” that I feel that I just stop evolving…And we must evolve lol!

Since I was moving, I decided to upgrade some of my furniture and I also did a lot of decluttering.  When I first moved out of my parents’ house I didn’t have a lot of money and I didn’t care that much about decoration.  Now, I realize how much living in a beautiful, well organized, clean space is important and inspiring. Just like dressing up makes you feel great, having a good looking pad also feels really good.

I like the idea of opening my house to friends and having people over, so this time around I am putting a lot of effort into the decor.  I want to have a place that is nice for me first of all, and then also for all the other people in my life.

From where I am standing, it feels like I always meet friends at restaurants or somewhere else besides my home (or their home), and I want to change that.  I believe you bond a lot more, and at a different level with people, when you invite them over to your house.

For my apartment decor, I did a lot of research into what’s trending now, different styles and efficiency was also at the top of my list.  I tried to find things that are compact and multipurpose for my new home. In Cali, I lived in a house (not huge but about 1800 square feet)  and now I am in a smaller apartment (about 1200 square feet), so space saving is a priority.

Since I am feeling like an “expert” in small apartment decor I want to share some tips and best finds with you all.  Trust me, you may not think that decor is that important but it is! And I am a firm believer that less is more, so don’t worry there is nothing too crazy in this post.  Starting with your kitchen….


Declutter your Kitchen by Investing in Multipurpose Appliances

The kitchen is often one of the rooms that mostly needs decluttering.  We end up buying too much food, too many appliances (zucchini spaghetti maker, coffee maker, sandwich maker, ice-cream maker….etc…) and hardly ever use even half of them.

A lot of those appliances may also look old.  Appliances and dinnerware/silverware are your kitchen decoration!  I know that appliances can be expensive so thats why it’s important to buy the right items.

Invest in One Set of Nice Silverware/Dinnerware 

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

I was one of those people who had forks one style, knives another style and nothing matched…let’s not even mention my plates.  Well, that does not make a good first impression when you are serving food or even serving a drink to your friends.

Invest in one good set of plates, cups, and silverware. It does not have to be expensive but make sure it is stylish and fits your personality.  I like things to be contemporary or, depending on what it is, even really modern.

For my dinnerware, I went with simple black plates and then I went all out with the silverware and bought everything in a gold color. Gold and black look really nice together, especially for decor. For the cups, I went with nice goblets that can be used for wine or water.

Gold and Black looks really nice together…

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

COZA DESIGN 6-Piece Plate Set (Black) $24.99 

This is actually the same one I got!Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Oneida Moda Lux 45-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 8 $249.99

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

As far as appliances, there is a lot that we don’t have control over (if you are renting) like the refrigerator, microwave etc, but one thing that can look really nice and decorative is a nice coffee maker, plus who doesn’t like good coffee?

Get rid of your old college apartment coffee maker and invest in something that looks modern and chic. Also, think about what you like. If you like espressos then buy a nice espresso machine. If you don’t drink coffee but you like tea then buy a nice tea pot and tea cups.  Inviting someone over for coffee is a nice way to begin a friendship!

I personally love cappuccinos and lattes. I am not a black coffee kind of guy at all. So for me, I actually got an AMAZING cappuccino/latte maker, the Lattissima Touch by Nespresso. I really love Nespresso!I went to one of their coffee tasting events and it was so much fun. I learned a lot about coffee back then.  And I have been in love with everything Nespresso since.

About the Lattissima Touch Nespresso Single Serve Espresso Maker, Silver

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  | It makes great espressos if you like that. For me, its the cappuccino that I love. The cappuccino comes out just as if you bought it at a real coffee shop. It is super practical, only takes a couple minutes (if that) and it is so much cheaper!

I have a Vertuo coffee maker by Nespresso that I got a few years ago and it still works perfectly. So I trust the brand. It might be an investment for you but it will last a long time and like I said you end up saving money.

Back to Decor…

As I said appliances are your kitchen decor.  A nice coffee maker on your countertop looks really nice!

For the kitchen, again, there is not a whole lot that you need.   Just make sure things look clean, declutter and invest in nice appliances and nice items for when you are entertaining guests (silverware, plates etc).

The Living Room

In a small apartment, the less is more rule applies even more!  So for your living room make sure that you keep it simple and classy.

Pay attention to your Color Palette – Gold, Black and Silver Tones are Hot Now!!

Gold, black, and silver tones are trending so much now. For your living room use those colors to create a chic feeling. A black or gray sofa always looks nice and creates a neutral background for the rest of the decor.

For your small pad make the best use of your space!  If you are buying a new sofa, then buy a sofa bed so you can save space.  A sofa bed is great because you can open it up for when you have family and friends spending the night, you can open it up to watch a game with friends, to watch a movie with your girl and the list goes on. But the main point is that it saves space!

Lately, I have seen a lot of the wall beds, the ones that are a shelf and you can bring it down and make it a bed. The problem I have with that is that if you truly use it as a shelf, like a book shelf for example, then it becomes such a hassle when you need to use it.

Thus my preference is for the sofa bed always!

Best Sleeper Sofa

A sofa bed is not just a piece of decor. You need to remember that you are going to sleep on it or someone else will, which means it needs to not only look good but it has to be comfortable.

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  | https://www.royalfashionist.comChoosing the right sofa bed or choosing the right mattress can be so difficult.  Among the many things I had to buy, I bought a new mattress.  When I was looking for info on the best mattress, I came across a review site that I highly recommend to you guys. The site is called Sleep Judge. It reviews everything sleep related, including sofa beds.

I love review sites like Sleep Judge.  They give you lots of information on all aspects of a sofa bed, regular bed or whatever it is you are looking for. It’s really unbiased and just gives you pure information, the good and the bed.

They are good also because it’s not just one reviewer’s perspective. They work with a few reviewers, so you really get an in depth honest review.

They have entire reviews on a bunch of sofa beds, so I suggest you first check out this sofa sleeper review:

After you figure out which sofa bed you think will be comfortable for you then buy it in the black or gray color.

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

This is a good article to look at:

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |


Based on Sleep Judge’s Review I would recommend you buy this sofa bed:

RHETT MODULAR LOVESEAT & OTTOMAN SLEEPER $569.99 ON SALE Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

This style is super adaptable and perfect for a small space….Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |


Invest in Nice Pillows that Look Expensive 

Keeping the same color scheme in mind, buy some nice pillows that look expensive. This can make or break your living room. There is one store that sells really nice pillows at a great price that I love. It’s called Arhaus. 

To match your gray sofa bed choose these:


Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |


Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

And last, add a pillow that has some sort of pattern in a similar color palette…

BOHO BLACK APPLIQUE SQUARE PILLOW $62Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

The end product with the pillows should be something like this: Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |


Add a Little Flavor…

Cowhide Rugs are also really trending right now and it adds such personality to your home. It shows boldness!  If you are not ready for a pattern then just choose a solid black like the one below that I found on Amazon.

Solid Black Cowhide Rugs – Natural & Gaucho Cowhides $190 


Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Use Gold for the Details

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

So here is where the gold comes into play.   Use gold for your living room details, such as for your lamps, side table and wall decor (frames for example).  You can also use black in this decoration to contrast with the gray sofa.

Here are some great ideas:

Roya Coffee Table $969

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

SUNPAN  Ikon Liv Side Table $629 

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

I love this side table because not only does it have the gold but it also has marble, which is so chic.

Noir Home Aria Side Table $929

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Gold Lamps

Gabby Home Aurora Table Lamp $399

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Instead of having a table you can opt for just having some bar stools at your kitchen table.  If you decide to do that then here is another opportunity to add some black and gold.

Nuevo Chi Stainless Steel Counter Stool $369


Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Bedroom Decor

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  | Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Create a very inviting and comfortable vibe in your bedroom. The best way I know how to do that is with a killer king bed (and mattress) and lots of nice blankets and pillows lol.

As I mentioned earlier, I bought a new mattress from Sleep Number in a king size and bought a new bed too, since I had a queen bed before.

The Sleep Number mattress was a little bit of an investment. I paid about $4,000 for just the mattress, but I have to say it’s worth it. The mattress is super comfortable and you can adjust the softness/firmness with a remote control, or even with the app on your phone, for each side of the mattress.  Plus they have a 25-year warranty in case something happens.

Sleeping well is just as important as your diet and exercise regime.  

If you need advice on mattresses you can visit the same review site I recommended for the sofa bed, Speep Judge.  So you got the nice mattress…now you need a nice modern bed to go with it.

Again stick with grays and blacks…


Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  | https://www.royalfashionist.comYou can find luxury bedding like Duvets, pillow cases etc for a great price on, that’s where I usually buy stuff like that.

MATTEO Vintage Cotton Duvet Set $195

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Add some wall decor and a nice little side table and you are done!  You don’t need much for the bedroom, especially when working with a small space. For the wall decor I really like black and white and lately, I am obsessed with horse paintings lol.

Horse Painting   $36.49

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Men’s Small Bachelor Pad Decor Ideas (Luxury Style) : Lifestyle  |

Last Comment

Alright, guys hope you will take my advice and invest some time and money in creating a hot bachelor pad for yourself! It’s worth every penny! Take care.

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