Attending weddings used to be a solely summer habit, but with more and more weddings now popping up all-year round, you may well be struggling to decide what to wear when you want to look sharp and stay warm at the same time.

Don’t worry, as always, we’ve got your back! Here are some top tips on how to dress for a winter wedding:

Staying Warm

As well as looking sharp, one of your primary concerns for a winter wedding is probably how you’re going to stay warm. Luckily, super-smart suiting is perfect for layering to promote heat retention.

As well as wearing your usual suit with a shirt and tie, why not add an extra layer in the form of a waistcoat? Not only will this add extra protection from the cold, it will also look slick, formal and thoroughly wedding appropriate.

Don’t own a three piece suit complete with waistcoat? Don’t worry! Contrasting fabrics and patterns can look just as smart, and this kind of mish-mashed vintage feel is bang on trend! Why not experiment with warmer winter fabrics, such as a rich tweed or brocade?

Carefully Consider Fabrics

Tweed will give you the look and feel of an old-fashioned country gent, whilst rich brocade has a much luxe and high end (even Hollywood) feel! Choose the right pattern or shade and either can be paired perfectly with your regular slim fitting black, blue or grey suit.

In the market for a new three-piece suit completely? Then consider the fabrics that you choose carefully. If you’re looking for something classic and versatile then heavy cotton or wool suiting is best for a winter wedding.

To pattern or not to pattern is a very personal choice, but we just love tweed suits for winter. Warm, fashion-forward, and incredibly stylish it is hard to think of a better choice for an informal winter wedding.

Looking for something darker and more formal? Suiting options are so versatile nowadays that you could opt for a formal tuxedo but in a warmer wool texture, giving you the elegant and classic style of a tuxe without shivering your way through an outdoors cocktail hour!

Beyond the Suit

Facing a wedding in sub-zero temperatures, and don’t feel that adding a waistcoat will give you enough protection from the cold? Then what you need to do is think beyond the suit. And that means investing in an elegant overcoat.

We love full length wool overcoats, which are an incredibly versatile garment that every man should have in his wardrobe.

Perfect for smartening up jeans and sneakers, elevating your formal work wear, and of course wearing to winter parties of all levels of formality, including winter weddings.

Like all modern garments, the possibilities for colors, patterns and fabrics for your overcoat are near endless. But if you’re looking for the most versatile piece possible that you can wear season after season, choose a simple wool overcoat in either black or tan.

If you attend a lot of formal evening events during the winter months then we would suggest you choose a black overcoat, if you’re only going to choose one formal piece.

The amount you will wear this versatile piece over the years means that it is well worth significant financial investment: choose a piece that fits you well and in the highest quality you can afford.

All About the Shoes

Once you have all the other components of your outfit in place, the last thing you choose should be the shoes. Traditionally the shoes you wear to a wedding should always be black, but for modern and more informal weddings anything goes.

The only real rule is that the color of your shoes should always match your belt. We also don’t like the look of brown shoes with formal black tie suiting but, in reality, this is a personal preference and a look that many gents are able to pull off.

Of course it should go without saying, but we’ll say it just in case, that sneakers are never ever appropriate attire for a wedding. It doesn’t matter whether you like to challenge the ever-popular sports luxe style. Leave this for another occasion and conform a little be choosing appropriate footwear!

Oh and don’t forget that you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes! So choose yours wisely and, if nothing else, keep them clean and well polished. Nothing ruins a well thought out outfit faster than a dirty or untidy shoe.

Attention to Detail

Finally, it is often the smallest details that make the biggest impact. Choosing the right accessories is what will make or break your outfit: from the tie pin to the cufflinks. From the tie to the pocket square.

Consider the accessories that you choose carefully, and choose them after you have chosen the suit you want to wear. They should enhance and embrace the look and style of the shirt you have chosen rather than work against it.

What does that mean in practical terms? Well if the suit has a strong pattern (houndstooth or checked for example) then you should choose a simple and elegant tie in a low key block color.

Chosen a plan wool suit in a block grey, black or blue? Then your accessories can be used to really pep up what is a relatively workaday suit and make it shine! Think colored shirts, patterned ties, and why not also consider a coordinating pocket square?

Brighter and lighter colors are advisable over darker ones, particularly if you’re looking to add warmth and interest to a cold winters day. But it is important to ensure that your tie is always darker than your shirt, unless you want to look like you’ve just jumped out of a time machine from the ’90s!

And when it comes to accessories, less is certainly more. Unless you are looking for an affected and over the top high fashion feel, you really don’t need to wear cufflinks, a tie clip, a tie and a pocket square all in the same outfit. Just one accessory will have much more visual impact than cluttering your outfit with several pieces.


Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular, and it’s easy to see why. Who wouldn’t want to get married in a snowy winter wonderland? The weather becomes your decor, and everything looks more beautiful when covered with a frosting of snow (yes, including the bride).

Of course, the reality is that this can be hard work for wedding guests who want to celebrate with their loved ones but don’t want to be cold in the process! However, you never have to compromise style for warmth.

Choose the fabrics that you wear carefully, make layering a priority, and don’t underestimate the power of a decent overcoat for almost every occasion. We highly recommend using texture and subtle pattern to add detail and depth to your outfits and to help you really stand out from the crowd.

It is often assumed that it is much easier for men to dress for weddings than women, but don’t just punch it in! Putting a little time and effort into choosing an interesting outfit will really pay dividends and create an outfit that will show off your style credentials.

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